It’s time for another debate for this year!

Spa lovers, thank you for your continued support! With over 2000+ spagoers checking out our page DAILY last 2012, we are still indeed the number one spa listing and directory in the Philippines! We can’t thank you enough actually.

And as March opens, we are sure for the past 2 months, more spas have opened and even more spa addicts are more than willing to try them out. As we were strolling around the Metro, we’ve seen a lot of spas closed, but even more spas opened! So with that, we would like to open a new thread for this year!


Let us know where you’ve been and how your experience went, good or bad. If you missed the post for the previous years:

Let the conversation begin! Oh, and please watch your words okay? Or else we won’t let that comment posted here.

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grabe, na-try ko si Tristan twice na. legit nga and awesome experience. unlike yung experience ko sa isang spa sa QC na hindi marunong, gusto pa ako fuck