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The Manila Touch Writer

My name is Jeff and I used to live in Las Pinas City, Philippines. But now I am residing at a condominium in Mandaluyong. One of my favorite hobby is going for a spa, massage or reflexology session whenever I have the inclination and time. I really enjoy the peace and calm that a spa or massage session can bring to the body after a hard day’s work. In my opinion, nothing in life beats putting your body under the skilled and soothing hands of a well-trained massage therapist!

After years of visiting spas and massage boutiques, I have long realized that it is not how big or how well advertised a spa is for the quality of its service, masseurs or facilities. Oftentimes, the smaller or obscure spa may provide even better service and quality.

Why hide your face?

This is pretty simple, I don’t want the spa owners to know who I am, how I look like. It’s like mystery shopping. I want to experience their service as a typical spa goer and not as an owner of a spa directory, guide and review site. That way, spas won’t prepare for my coming. They won’t give the best service, and they won’t treat me like a VIP. I want to review a spa on how they typically cater to people.

Hence, one of the purpose of my spa, massage and wellness blog is to discover the small and obscure spa and massage boutique palor as I make my way around discovering the best of Philippine’s spa and massage experiences!

All my articles are original (credited where not original) and I give my views and opinions as fairly as possible and will not hesitate to pass negative comments if I feel a service is not up to mark. Many spa reviews in magazines and websites are really advertorials in other words, the spa owners paid the magazines or websites for a non-partisan review. I want my blog to reflect the real consumer angle stripped of any form of advertising.

You may want to contact me if you have comments or advice. You can also email me at: admin(@)manilatouch.com and remember to take away the brackets.

Do join me as I share my experience and I really hope to hear from you wherever you may be in the world about your own spa and massage experiences as well!

Attention: Spa Owners looking for write-up or review

I will accept complimentary spa or massage treatments and I will write a review in this blog in return. However, I will be fair and neutral in my reviews. That means I will include negative remarks if I feel it is warranted.

If you cannot take a negative review, please do not bother to offer complimentary treatments. However, a long-term looking spa owner should certainly look forward to a fair review, warts and all, in order to improve further! Many reputable large companies will in fact pay mystery shoppers to get honest and un-bias reviews of their shops.

As you are sponsoring the review, you may choose to reject the review if you do not agree. However, you may not ask for any editing or changes if you decide to accept a review for publication. In this way, your business interest is protected and I maintain my editorial rights.

You may download the official advertising price list (this may not be updated!), or simply contact us for further discussions on a spa or massage review.

Attention: Corporate advertisers for health, wellness and spa treatments and products

I will accept advertisements on this blog. There are not many spa or massage blogs/websites on the internet. There are a few large spa websites but their attention is more towards spa owners than consumers. If you are interested in reaching hundreds of targeted spa and massage readers and consumers a day, please talk to me about advertising on this blog.

Advertisements on this blog will not be expensive but I do need to cover some expenses for my own spa and massage sessions. In turn, I can write even more reviews from these sessions which will attract even more readers for your advertisements!

Advertisement formats include: Banners, Link Images, text-links and video links.

Disclaimer to spa or massage parlors that were reviewed

All reviews in this blog are based on actual visits. All reviews are done in good faith and subjected to personal opinion. If you feel that your spa or parlor did not received a fair review, you are welcomed to put in a good defense based on actual facts and I may put in an addendum if I have truly not been accurate or fair. Otherwise, I suggest that you read the review in good faith and spend time improving on weaknesses than getting into a debate with me.