I haven’t wrote event a single blog in this site just yet because I was busy collecting information from the popular spas around the metro. So at least I made a first before the year ends.

As of today, Manila Touch already has 7,744 hits since the launch (December 16, 2010). I can’t thank you enough for the readership.

So, let me share this tiny little info I collected on the stats. Here’s the Top 10 Most Searched Spas and of course, the ones who got the biggest hits on this site:

10. Hilom Spa – The spa located in Quezon City already hit 153 visits in just 15 days.

9. South Bay City Spa – This spa near Uniwide Coastal Mall went big with 162 visits. Heard this spa from a lot of friends, but personally I haven’t tried it. Looking forward to getting a good massage here this coming year!

8. R Oriental Spa – To reach164 hits in less than a month, R Oriental Spa is one sure spa that we should try out!

7. Fifth Sense Spa – This 2nd installment to the Makati Spa Series is the Fifth Sense Spa, getting a hit more than R Oriental.

6. Pearl Sacho Spa – Just a walk away from Fifth Sense, this Makati spa is one sure hit! 167 for this month.

5. Amistad Spa – One of the most-talked spa, and a pioneer in Quezon City, gets 184 visits this December. Two of my friends are actually a regular here.

4. Cicada Spa – With 220 hits this month, Cicada Spa, just a few walks away from Cash and Carry, is a sure hit too!

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3. Spada Las Pinas – This spa, opened just a few months ago, is a highly-searched spa in Las Pinas! With 255 hit in 15 days, this spa sure has a future.

2. Hidden Spa – Getting a huge number of visits, 285 to be exact, Hidden Spa, soon expanding in 3 new locations and free wifi, brings the best of spa services in Las Pinas.

And the spa with most visits so far is….

1. Spada Spa Pasay – Searched for almost 1 time an hour, this very reputable spa got 397 visits in total! Although I don’t have any right to comment on this spa because I haven’t tried it yet personally, this is surely one spa I should really try first this 2011.

Please take note that this does not reflect the quality of the spa. This is only for traffic ranking purposes and does not necesarrily mean a non-ranked spa is a bad spa.

What are your thoughts on this? What spa have you searched lately in the internet? Any spas to try out this 2011? Comment up!

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