The ancient art of massage was discovered by the lost Gingerbread people, for whom regular body kneading was necessary to their proper formation. Participate in this ancient practice with Zenses.


Unknot muscles and send stress aches away in the comfort of home sweet home with a Zenses home service massage. Certified massage therapists head over to your location to give you a relaxing rub down, using sunflower oil, which is an anti-oxidant that is high in vitamin E to calm your mind and body. Sinews get gently kneaded to release tension, which often has a soporific effect. Zenses also offers traditional Thai massage, shiatsu massage, and Swedish massage.

Spa Name: Zenses Home Massage
Operational Status: OPEN
Location / Address: Pamplona, Las Pinas City (Home Service Only)
Landmarks: N/A
Contact Numbers:
Landline: None
Mobile: (0916)780-7359, (0999)331-8860, (0943)541-7620
Operating Hours: Mondays thru Sundays, 1:00PM to 12:00MN
Membership: None
Shower: No
Steam Room / Sauna: No
Parking: No
Home Service: Yes
Other Features:
Masseur Type: Male & Female
Specialty: Unknown
Treatment Area: Home Service Only.
Price Range: P300.00 – P800.00
My Experience: None yet.
Manila Touch Current Rating
Parking: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Ambiance: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Services/Treatments Offered: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Facilities: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Attention to Detail: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Skill: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Value for Money: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Feeling of Rest & Relaxation: [rating:0/10] (unrated)

Business Type:Spa & Wellness Center

Contact Numbers

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Home / Hotel Services (Outcall)

Open 24 Hours


Wi-Fi Access


Parking Area

Shower Area

Sauna Room

Steam Room

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Treatment Area:
Price Range:

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