In the fusion of innovation and spa tradition.


Spaoay, an Ilocos themed wellness spa, which term lay claim to Spa and Ilocos town, Paoay. Spaoay offer time-honored therapies from the Ilocos region that has a strong belief of the healing touch.

Spa Name: Spaoay
Operational Status: OPEN
Location / Address: 33-D Timog Avenue, Quezon City
Landmarks: In front of PNB, BPI and McDonald’s
Contact Numbers:
Landline: (02)709-9041, (02)994-7596
Mobile: (0918)925-6603
Operating Hours: Mondays thru Sundays, 2:00PM to 2:00AM
Membership: None
Shower: Yes
Steam Room / Sauna: No
Parking: Yes
Home Service: No
Other Features: Scrub Room / Facial Rooms
Masseur Type: Male & Female
Specialty: Traditional Ilocano Massage
Treatment Area: Cubicles & Couples’ Rooms
Price Range: P350.00 – P1,850.00
My Experience: None yet.
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Feeling of Rest & Relaxation: [rating:0/10] (unrated)

Business Type:Spa & Wellness Center

Contact Numbers

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Home / Hotel Services (Outcall)

Open 24 Hours

Credit Card Payments

Salon + Beauty

Wi-Fi Access


Parking Area

Shower Area


Food & Dining

Sauna Room

Steam Room

Swimming Pool

Fitness Center / Gym

: In Detail

Treatment Area:
Price Range:
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  1. I am looking for a masseur who is stocky, large built, and bilugan…chubby would be okay as well. Please e-mail me if you have someone to recommend. Thank you.

  2. I hope this place would suit my preference. I’m a straight guy looking for a spa whose female therapists can provide some sort of a sensual massage with or with out the usual happy ending. I also prefer being massage nude with only towels for cover. Would this be allowed here? thanks

  3. hi good day,
    minsan g nagpa-massage ako with my freind last month dati nko nagpapamasahe sa spoay na merong anumalya or spakol,pero nung araw ako nagpamasahe wala ako sa mood,ang name nya is doods ewan ko lang kung totoo ba name nya.pagkatapos nya ako i massage sabi nya sa akin sir gusto nyo ba ng extra service sabi nextym nlang wala ako sa mood,at bigla nalang tumayo at wla nman sya sinabi na tapos na sir yung pala kumuha na ng hot towel naiinis ako.porket wla lang extra service ganun na sobrang bastos talaga..papa-inbistigahan ko yan at papamanmanan para magsara na kyo..

  4. There is spacool being offered then the theraphist will give you a high rate for extra service. I just want to relaxed so I declined.

  5. After a lazy Sunday evening, my friend and I decided to try the 1 hour body massage of Spaoay. Though the whole place looks small in the outside, it has a 2nd floor and 3rd floor to accommodate all there services. The receptionist is pleasant and cheerful and ready to answer all your questions regarding their services. The masseurs were well-mannered and professional, and I would give a high rating for the the intensity and style of the massage itself. The only thing I would say that needs improvement would be the external noise coming from their other staff.

    Cleanliness: They do have a stock of fresh towels and it looks like their bed sheets were replaced after every use. There are slippers and the absence of those loose shorts isn’t something that I would complain of (we don’t really wear those loose shorts anyway)! Don’t expect any foot wash for you prior to the massage, but the quality of the massage compensates for it anyway.


    Ok, I am now used to the dim environment and usual nature sounds playing in the background. The cubicle is a medium sized area for two, but the upper area of the walls isn’t fully enclosed so you can hear almost anyone talking loudly outside or some staff walking or running from their stairs. They can improve on this if they fully cover the upper walls of the cubicle. Beds were cozy, and you can pretty much hang your clothes and put your belongings under the rack of the bed.


    the masseur help me with the sandals and direct me to the room and explained to me where to put my things and belongings, and courteous enough to ask me about anything i want to know or need. In terms of the massage, the oil applied was a general aromatherapy oil – sticky with a faint scent of herbal aroma or im making up a smell. My masseur (his name is paolo) was kind enough to ask me all the time if the pressure he was applying on me was OK, something that I really appreciate because it shows they truly care if you are feeling content or if you are just quietly agonizing in pain. The initial massage started with him pressing the sides of my spine with his thumb, and I was surprised to hear my sore muscles ‘crackling’. It was that intense but pleasurable at the same time. Long strokes, kneading, and applying pressure points were executed very well. With my aching back, I was hoping for a really good massage, and wasn’t disappointed at the results. It felt really good as I felt my back was really just one solid mass and he broke it down very well, the back massage was done very well. From the legs, shoulder, hands and head it was all good. There are a lot more techniques employed here and at least the masseur (paolo) I got was very good at these techniques. So for being such a cheap massage place, it really does not disappoint, the quality of the massage was at par with expensive spas out there, they really train there masseur to be courteous and good in their work. even my friend commended the massage of his masseur and service.


    It’s private enough, but I wish they could cover the entire upper wall ceiling so that no noise can be heard from outside. and i suggest if they could make the room bigger because the masseur will ask you from time to time that he will move the bed because he needs to go to the other side because theres no space for him to walk to.. The light source will be coming from the corridor, so maybe that’s why they designed it this way.

    Value for Money:

    At 350Php per person per hour for a quality massage, I would say to give it a try for anyone who wants to try other spa center. Would I go back for this? Yeah I would, but I might try their other services as well since they have different variety. Good job Spaoay!

  6. I’ve been hearing and reading quite positive reviews about client experiences. As for me, I got my money’s worth. At first, I was hesitant to splurge my hard-earned money to get a mediocre service but my experience was worth every cent.
    Overall, I would say my trip to Spaoay is not only budgeting efficient yet it was beyond my expectation. Its’ Ilocano theme is reflected not only in terms of service and ambiance but also in values set among its attendants. I would definitely recommend my therapist, Cheche. In spite of its distance from my place, for sure, I am definitely visiting Spaoay again.

  7. I visited this spa last night, and all I can say is that I got my money’s worth. It is one of the better spas that I have visited. The ambiance is relaxing, shining clean, and my therapist Jacob, mastered his craft very well. I will surely come back and will encourage members of my family and friends to check out and try the spa.

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