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Palacio Spa and Wellness

Business Type:Spa & Wellness Center
Spa Address:Mega Building, Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna
Operating Hours:Mondays thru Sundays, 3:00PM to 3:00AM

Contact Numbers

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Male Therapists Available
Female Therapists Available

Palacio Spa and Wellness Features

Home / Hotel Services (Outcall)

Open 24 Hours

Credit Card Payments

Salon + Beauty

Wi-Fi Access

Palacio Spa and Wellness Amenities

Parking Area

Shower Area


Food & Dining

Sauna Room

Steam Room

Swimming Pool

Fitness Center / Gym

Palacio Spa and Wellness: In Detail

Service Specialty:Palacio Signature Massage
Treatment Area:Cubicles Only
Price Range:P200.00 - P600.00
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  1. Twice pa lng nman kmi ng nagvisit here. The ambiance in the reception is good as well as the service. Pero yung bed sheet maasim na kumapit sa kin un amoy. Dun lng ako n turn off.

  2. Ive been a spa goer for years now and this one is really legit spa. 1hr massage is really 1hr massage, and they wont offer you es. Very professional therapists.

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