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Nuat Thai Foot & Body Massage

Business Type:Spa & Wellness Center
Spa Address:Branch 1: Makati Ave Branch
Makati Finance Bldg, Makati Ave., Makati City
Branch 2: Legaspi-Makati Branch
Unit 12-B Century Plaza Condo, 120 Perea St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
Branch 3: Salcedo-Makati Branch
Bautista St, Salcedo Vill, Makati City
Branch 4: Magallanes-Makati Branch
G/F Unit 5, Maga Centre, Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City
Operating Hours:Mondays thru Sundays, 12:00NM to 12:00MN

Contact Numbers

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Male Therapists Available
Female Therapists Available

Nuat Thai Foot & Body Massage Features

Home / Hotel Services (Outcall)

Open 24 Hours


Wi-Fi Access

Nuat Thai Foot & Body Massage Amenities

Parking Area

Shower Area

Sauna Room

Steam Room

Nuat Thai Foot & Body Massage: In Detail

Service Specialty:Thai Body Massage
Treatment Area:Cubicles Only
Price Range:P350.00 - P800.00

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Booked a 1.5 hour massage at 11:50pm
They accepted, arrive before midnight as close.
Refused to do the massage as staff tired despite closing at 2:00am
Waste of time.
I can imagine the owner being very happy with staff refusing custom for the last 2 hours of a shift
Chino Roces Avenue, Makati branch


This is the worst Nuat Thai I’ve ever been to. I’m a loyal Nuat Thai (Libis) client so I went into this Nuat Thai expecting the same standard and service. Here’s a list of things that made my experience so horrible:

1. While waiting for my massage therapist, I was beside a guy who just finished with his massage. When my therapist arrived, she took of the guy’s slippers and gave them to me to wear. No sanitation or shame whatsoever. Plus the whole area was dirty. I let it slide thinking that they must have ran out of slippers already.

2. When I got to the foot wash area, she washed my feet with cold water and watered down hand soap. Compared to Nuat Thai Libis’ foot cream with exfoliating beads soap and hot water, this is completely different. The soap didn’t even bubble!

3. When I got to the foot massage area, there was a male massage therapist inside playing a game on his phone and was talking very loudly saying “bro pasok tayo diyan bro” “patayin mo yung kalaban bro” “let’s go bro” “iwanan mo na yan bro” “bro painkillers ka bro para tumaas life mo bro”. He didn’t even care if a client was inside.

4. During the massage, I asked if they had the warm pads that they put behind your back, she said they didn’t have that in that branch. After 45 minutes into the massage, I was waiting for them to bring out the wooden stick they use for pressure points (which is my favorite part of the thai foot massage. They have it in Thailand and in Nuat Thai Libis), the massage therapist said that the thai foot massage does not have that kind of stick for massages. That irked me already because it’s a Thai foot massage! That is one of the standards and one of the few things that separate them from a regular foot massage. I was paying P50 more than a regular Nuat Thai (their prices are much more expensive) and I wasn’t even getting the Thai Foot Massage that I paid for!

5. During the whole massage, the massage therapists kept talking to each other and some of them were laughing and talking very loudly outside the room.

6. After the massage, I went out and saw that my shoes and my friend’s shoes were outside where we left them except they were much dirtier and had so many footprint marks on them! That was the last straw for me. I went the cashier and showed them that our shoes were left out and they were very dirty because people stepped on them. The massage therapist simply replied “Ma’am, tinulak ko naman yan sa ilalim ng upuan. Madumi lang talaga sapatos mo.”. I was wearing my brand new suede sneakers that I wore out for the first time that day! The cashier asked the massage therapist why she didn’t put them in the shoe rack and the massage therapist said that they’ve never done it that way.

7. When I talked to the cashier and asked her why they didn’t have the wooden stick for pressure points and the hot pads, her excuse was “ninakaw ng dating mga massage therapist.”. Well, okay.

8. I asked the cashier why their service was so different when they are so much more expensive and she said “Ma’am kami po pinakamura. Yung sa Libis nga po sobrang mahal eh.” (she didn’t know I was a loyal Libis client yet), I simply showed her my Libis loyalty card and said “Ate, hindi totoo sinasabi mo, P250 lang doon so don’t tell me na mas mura kayo.” She looked at me dumb founded.

9. I asked the cashier if I can speak with the manager or owner just to give my feedback and she told me “Ma’am bago lang po ako dito. Di ko pa po sila kilala.” So I just gave my number and told her to tell them to give me a call.

10. Finally my friend went out and we found out that she had 5 mins left for her massage (I went in for my massage a couple of minutes earlier), the cashier simply looked at us and said “So paano, Ma’am?” We simply gave her the payment and walked away and left them yelling and blaming each other for their mistakes. Take note that during the whole time, I was very polite and the massage therapist was the one who had the audacity to raise her voice when I stated my observations.

I know it’s only a P300 Foot Massage and I shouldn’t expect a lot but it’s a Nuat Thai! They have standards and comparing them to my P250 Nuat Thai Libis Thai Foot Massage, they are a big ZERO. Rude, unprofessional, and the massage wasn’t even that good. Save your money and go somewhere else.


They are not really Authentic Thai Massage. Towels are always wet n there are one smell!! People who were there are aware of these too. Not really professionals at all. Massage?? What is about the masseuse just touch here n there!! Talking to the next door Masseuse?? Some even showed faces to clients?? Are they really trained?? There is one at Market Market . Really Authentic Thai. Me n my Husband loved it so much. Very cleaned. Even Towels. … It’s always packed for the Appts. Good luck guys .


are they really open 24hours?


Can I have Makati Avenue branch contact number now please.. Thanks..