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Kemosabe Spa This is a VERIFIED massage spa business by Manila Touch.

Business Type:Spa & Wellness Center
Spa Address:Ground Floor, Makati Executive Suites Don Bosco Street, Pasong Tamo, Makati, Metro Manila
Operating Hours:Mondays thru Sundays, 10:00AM to 1:00AM

Contact Numbers

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Female Therapists Available

Kemosabe Spa Features

Home / Hotel Services (Outcall)

Open 24 Hours


Wi-Fi Access

Kemosabe Spa Amenities

Parking Area

Shower Area

Sauna Room

Steam Room

Kemosabe Spa: In Detail

Service Specialty:Full Body Massage
Treatment Area:Private & VIP Rooms
Price Range:P350.00 - P1,500.00

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Posted Friday at 06:29 PM

This will be a little bit long . . . .

Kemosabe is a little gem here in Makati. I am a long time patron ng place, more than 10 years na. In all these years, hindi ko na mabilang kung ilang beses na ako nagpa massage at kung ilang thera na na try ko.

There are several reasons why I keep coming back.

Una, admittedly it’s near my place. I can walk from my residence papunta dito.
Second, the facilities is well maintained. Maayos, malinis at tama lang laki. Pag dating mo meron 2 areas kung saan ka puede mag hintay. They have several massage rooms na talagang proper na room at hindi lng partition na kurtina or manipis na plywood. They have a proper bathroom na may how/cold shower. There is also ample parking space at discreet ung lugar. I still find it weird na this place is next to a Catholic run school.
Third, marami thera na mapag pipilian. And all of them are properly trained so lahat maruning mag massage talaga. This is also what makes this place interesting. Bawat thera have something to different to offer. Meron makulet, meron mahiyain, meron kuwento at meron naughty. Iba iba din beauty nila and ibat iba body sizess
To those who plan to visit this place, you can ask the recep to see the theras para makita mo personally bago pumili. Walang ATW dito at kahit ano kulet mo, mahihirapan kang mapapayag mga thera dahil takot sila matanggal. Mahigpit talaga management nila when it comes to this. Pero if you become a regular client of a thera, you will start to realize na kahit walang ATW, you will discover some really “good” massage experience. In my experience, lahat naman sila mababait lalo na kung loyal ka.

Kung pogi ka, sa tingin ko you might have a difference set of mileage. Sadly, wala ako nun. hahaha


(Since 2009)

Ground Floor, Makati Executive Suites, Don Bosco Street,
Pasong Tamo, Makati City 1233

-The building is before the Gate 1 of Ecology Village.
-Near the dead-end street of Don Bosco Street.
-Beside Don Bosco Technical School.
-At the back of Ziebart
-Near Citimotors

Monday to Sunday
10am to 1am

For reservations and inquiries:
Landline.: (02) 8519-33-11
Mobile No: (0910) 462-4040 (Viber, WhatsApp, and Telegram)

Field Report


FR for Noelle

Went to the SPA last night para magpa relax since sobrang pagod sa byahe from south to north. Di ko na matandaan yung last visit ko since matagal tagal na rin akong nakabalik. Same vibes pa rin and may drinks na inoofer na sila (Water or Ice tea) Second time I availed her service and swabe naman yung massage since nakapag relax ako and other experience.

Thanks again Noelle till next time!

BTW Nice haircut Kuya Danny!

Field Report


Posted October 27

Really late FR for toni. Had an explosive session with her a couple of weeks ago

FV: Classy lady. Walks with confidence

BV: Girl next door type

AV: keeps you pleased

MV: good pressure and accurate points

ES: she has some limitations but trust her to give you a pleasant experience

Field Report


Posted October 24

Pass by today, spa looks clean and spacious.

Field Report


Posted October 17

Clean Facilities! Kelly number one!

Field Report


Posted October 15

Fr for ms calie

FVBV: Filipina beauty, parang ramp model. Expect her to be a little bit tall and slender

AV: kind and accomodating

MV: since petite, more on moderate pressure. Moderate pressure still effective in soothing body pains

No numbers. All i can say is its worth it

Field Report

Cola Drinks

Posted October 15

Quick FR for Nash

FV: Sobrang ganda, parang girl next door chick nung college. Nahiya ko sa una

AV: Mabait, sa una nagkakahiyaan pa pero sa last part nagkaka kulitan na

MV: Sobrang sarap, para kong nasa Nuat Thai, legit massage

Try nyo din, worth every penny ang experience.

Babalik pa!

Field Report


Posted October 14

Kakagaling ko lang a few mins ago and I wanna give props to Timmy.

Pressure is tama lang. She knows what pressure to put and hindi rin pisil pisil lang. Alam nya na marami lamig likod ko so she focused on that.

Looking forward to go back and get her.

Field Report

FR for Toni
FV: Maganda, white complexion
BV: Curvy yet slim. Vitals are accurate
AV: Nice personality, willing to accommodate client’s requests during the massage
MV: More than you paid for.
Will visit again if may time.

Field Report


Posted October 11
FR for Erhyl:

Finally met her last Saturday. Was really curious cause she’s a newbie to the industry. Massage still needs some experience and training, but she’s learning from the best peers. Enjoyed our conversation, attentive and eager to please. Caught me by surprise, didn’t expect it from a newbie. Overall, enjoyed my time with her.

Field Report

Posted October 11

Late FR for Rovie (10/01/2023)

Spa Ambiance (10/10) – Very clean bathroom, shower area, massage bed and the room itself.

Ease of booking (10/10) – Walk in and chose Rovie as she’s available that time.

AV (8/10) – Pleasant personality and offered me a drink either water or juice. Initiates convos and hindi ka maiilang sa kanya.

FV (9/10) – She’s beautiful even though the lights are slightly dim.

BV (9/10) – Slim which is my type.

MV (9/10) – Nakakarelax and hindi siya nagmamadali. It is indeed a good full body massage.

Thanks Rovie and sorry sa late short FR haha busy lang these days.


FR for Zion,

I rarely post but this one, I had to.

People say that sometimes you need to explore to discover new things. With Zion, I got more than what I expected.

The massage was superb, she adjusts based on your reaction. Better, be specific and she will oblige cheerfully.

And yes, she is cheerful. It would not be hard to vibe with her. Saying “mabait” is not enough. So very positive.

She reminds me of Yen Durano of you know her.

Thank you Zion!

Kemosabe Spa

by goku » Tue Oct 10, 2023 5:03 am

FR for Rovie.

My favorite thera, kahit payat magaling mag masahe,
Hindi nagmamadali. nawala mga lamig ng katawan ko, ang bait pa. masaya kausap.

FV 10/10, maganda sa personal.
AV 10/10, mabait. hindi suplada
MV 10/10, ok ang pressure, galing magmasahe.

Thank you Rovie!

Kemosabe Spa

by Condor » Sat Oct 07, 2023 10:35 am

FR for Rhad:

This is long overdue. Rhad is my regular and favorite thera and she is always the best. Everytime I went there she always surprise me. I always enjoyed her massage services which is excellent and beyond my expectation. Ang galing nya at tanggal lahat ng pagod at stress mo. Rhad you’re the best!!!

Kemosabe Spa

Post by adam.law » Sun Oct 01, 2023 5:33 pm

I was born just today finding out that Kyle is the one credited for the very nice new pictures for Kemosabe. I’ve been a patron since 2018, though I wish I could pass by more.

I came in looking for Alison and Kristoff but I had to pick from those who were available as the 2 were expecting guests with reservations.

Ang masasabi ko lang ay, yes, gumanda ang mga pics ng mga theras natin, a lot now look prettier and younger, but they are far, far better kapag kaharap mo na. For example, si Frankie. Oh my. Very svelte now, but with the same kilowatt smile and attitude.

I would have felt bad that I couldn’t avail the 2 I was looking for, but there was a very pretty girl among the available theras that had a bright personality and a very lowkey sense of allure. Nahihiya ako kasi nagpa show up si Frankie so I didn’t think twice and picked Noelle. Someone please take a better pic of her and re-measure her VS too. Misrepresented siya at mga ito! hahaha

I really came for the massage due to health and injury issues but I was gently coaxed to achieve the peace of Nirvana in the end.

MV – 10. Great technique. Simple too. Sinabi niya na dudurugin niya mga lamig at sakit ng katawan ko and that she did. I am now a believer.

FV – 10. Very pretty. She told me her age, I do not believe her. She can still pass for someone below 20. Depende sa damit at ayos, she might even easily pass for someone barely legal

BV – 8.5 to 10, depended sa mood. I am a guy who appreciates the lower half more than the top. She has the cutest feet haha.

For a guy who is the other way around, she’s probably a 10. No way are those 32s. If they are, those are probably up there with the best 32s ever.

AV – Maasikaso, mabait, warm and witty, like most theras in this Spa.

Thanks Noelle. I might not always go to you for the after massage, but I will definitely have you on my mind whenever I feel my pains. Take care.

Kemosabe Spa

FR for Rhad

Availed my suki once again last night. Wala padin kupas! Massage was spot on! And as for the other services, can’t complain. Very happy when I got home.

Kudos to Kemosabe for keeping this gem.

Kemosabe Spa


Posted 20 hours ago

Late FR for Rovie (10/01/2023)

Spa Ambiance (10/10) – Very clean bathroom, shower area, massage bed and the room itself.

Ease of booking (10/10) – Walk in and chose Rovie as she’s available that time.

AV (8/10) – Pleasant personality and offered me a drink either water or juice. Initiates convos and hindi ka maiilang sa kanya.

FV (9/10) – She’s beautiful even though the lights are slightly dim.

BV (9/10) – Slim which is my type.

MV (9/10) – Nakakarelax and hindi siya nagmamadali. It is indeed a good full body massage.

PI (10/10) – Had a good time twice.

Thanks Rovie and sorry sa late short FR haha busy lang these days.

Kemosabe Spa


Posted yesterday at 10:02 AM

FR for Rovie – 10/10

Not just a pretty face. She is also quite easy to talk to and very bubbly. Known her for quite some time now and even if she’s very tired, she still tries to give it her best. Very good pressure during massage. Really worth the trip.

Kemosabe Spa


Posted Tuesday at 03:32 PM

FR for Toni – 10/10

Got her last week. Madali kausap, at walang arte, provided within her skills. Legit massage. Went home super satisfied. You’ll never go wrong with her.

Kemosabe Spa


Posted Monday at 07:47 PM

Just this afternoon.

Wanted to have a stop-over massage before going home, but my all-time fave thera Kyle still on leave. So I had to pick somebody else.

I pick…Toni!!! and this decision would go down as one of the best, if not the best, first time with a thera experience for me.

At first, I find her very soft spoken, composed, calm, cool, collected. The FRs are right. Toni is one of the prettier faces at Kemo and her massage is no nonsense. As our conversations went on, I felt we became more comfortable with each other. Toni is a cool girl to be with and to talk to. Madaldal din pala, hahaha. Plus, she is so damn sexy. Everything just right. No more, no less. Parang Coke. Sakto. You’d go crazy.

Also loved that she loved the Versace Red I was wearing. Next time, Prada naman as you requested.

Thanks, Toni. See you again. Sabi ko pa I find her na parang a very young Lady Gaga, which isn’t bad at all.

Kemosabe Spa


Posted Monday at 02:36 PM

First time ko today

Sobrang thank u kay


For the excellent service, nakatulog ako sa sarap ng masahe niya. Thanks for the very happy 1st time

Kemosabe Spa


Posted Monday at 11:31 AM

just returned back to home base after 4 Kemosabe sessions in 2 days:


She is sweet, young and voluptuous. Massage is very decent. After massage is superb. will return back to her


Return bout Timmy immediately after Ehryl session. She gained a few baby fats, but she is still very attractive and voluptuous. She also surprisingly remember our last twin encounter 🙂 still materyales fuertes. massage is moderate and hard. afterwards, she can definitely satisfy.



she matured a lot from our previous encounter. as her very first customer, i noticed the difference in her massage and other skills. she still remember what i taught her and then some. Bombshell.


one of the most mabait na theras. she recommend other theras to help them gain customers. Still sweet and re assuring. she knows my needs by just massaging. the aftermath is still historical. one of the last veterans of the trade.

Naubos powers ko with her as the finale

Kemosabe Spa


Posted Monday at 02:12 AM

Been a while since I was able to book Toni, my go to thera ever since pre-pandemic days.

FR for Toni

FV: 11/10 – Stunningly beautiful, if you’re in to mestiza’s she’s your best bet.

BV: 10/10 – Sexy, slim, silky smooth skin, and assets in the right places.

AV: 11/10 – Never a dull moment with her, she’ll make sure that you won’t feel awkward during the session.

MV: 10/10 – Very professional, Pays great attention to detail in her technique while taking to consideration on the places that need attention the most, doesn’t rush, transition/sequence perfect.

will definitely come back for her again

Kemosabe Spa


Posted Sunday at 12:15 AM

FR for Toni

Just came (no pun intended) from a session with Toni earlier. Never a dull moment with her. The massage was top notch as she hits all the spots.

As for the aftermath, she still got the moves and managed to end on a very sensual note with a whiff of GFE.

Thanks Toni and Kemosabe for accommodating me on such short notice. Will be back again soon!

Kemosabe Spa


Posted Friday at 11:43 PM

FR for Aki

Got her last Sunday. Balita ko pinipilahan kaya nag reserve ako ng maaga.
Prettier in person with a bubbly personality kaya hindi ka magiging awkward sa kanya. Chatty din the whole session kaya feel mo talaga close kayo.
She has a stunning body for a girl her size.
Loved the massage she did sa aking likod. Lahat talaga ng parts mo dadaanan niya. Massage was medium to hard kaya nakakarelax talaga.

Will definitely get her again. Worth every penny 😉

Thanks Kemo and aki 🙂

Kemosabe Spa


Posted October 5

FR for Kristoff


Sobrang sulit pagavail ko sakanya.

legit yung massage mapapaliyad ka sa bawat hagod nya, dagdag pa yung malambot nyang kamay.

Will definitely avail her sa next visit ko sa Kemosabe

Thank you! See you soon Kristoff.

Kemosabe Spa


Posted October 1

For 3 years and during the pandemic, I never been to a spa. Last night, I returned and choose Kemosabe as my comeback stage. Dahil na din masakit likod ko after coming from a reach out program and kakabuhat mga sako ng bigas, I decided to have a back rub. I choose Calie since she has a close resemblance to the legendary Georgina of XX spa.

Service was ok, maasikaso sya. Guided me through. You’ll love her personality since she communicates maski na nagkakahiyaan sa una. The massage was superb for a simple back rub. Buti nalang, slim sya and feather light kaya tama lang ang pressure.

Over all the experience was wonderful 11/10 and it was not a disappointing come back.

Thank you @Callieeee for a wonderful night. Keep safe.

Kemosabe Spa


Posted September 27

FR for Toni

Highly professional. You could really feel her TESDA training through her therapeutic massage skills. She had a very welcoming attitude and made sure I was comfortable the whole time.


Kemosabe Spa

Late Fr for Kristoff.

Highly recommended if you are looking for a good and hard massage that can be compared to therapists from legit resorts and spas.

Never a dull moment with her. Very makulit and makwento. Very cute smile with dimple.

For the main event, i never go home disappointed or without a smile on my face. Just respect her always.