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Kemosabe Spa This is a VERIFIED massage spa business by Manila Touch.

Business Type:Spa & Wellness Center
Spa Address:Ground Floor, Makati Executive Suites Don Bosco Street, Pasong Tamo, Makati, Metro Manila
Operating Hours:Mondays thru Sundays, 10:00AM to 1:00AM

Contact Numbers

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Female Therapists Available

Kemosabe Spa Features

Home / Hotel Services (Outcall)

Open 24 Hours


Wi-Fi Access

Kemosabe Spa Amenities

Parking Area

Shower Area

Sauna Room

Steam Room

Kemosabe Spa: In Detail

Service Specialty:Full Body Massage
Treatment Area:Private & VIP Rooms
Price Range:P350.00 - P1,500.00

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Kemosabe Spa

Posted Wednesday at 09:33 PM
My First Kemosabe Experience with Rovie
It was my first time making a trip towards Kemosabe, figured I would give it a go after doing some errands.
Ease of Booking: It’s an incall spa, so you just have to get there when your thera is available. The admin is responsive. I got Rovie.
FV & BV: She is slim, sports a small frame that is nicely balanced. Looks good — great when she smiles/laughs.
AV: Getting to know Rovie isn’t difficult. She initiates conversations and responds well. She’s quite playful too. We talked for most of the session.
Hygiene: Feels and smells fresh. She also requested to take a quick shower in the middle of the session after a few somethings
MV & PI: Weird to put these together. The massage was relaxing, but the before & after made this so fun. I got a lot more than I thought I would. Basta happy ako hahaha
This was a great first visit. Would be happy to be back when the opportunity arises.


FR for Nash

Kemosabe had been my only go-to spa since 2018. I never went anywhere else since I have been spoiled by their very exceptional service quality and their very clean environment.

Then at some point, I was able to have a session with Nash and she had been my go-to thera since then. In fact, we had already become very good friends since we had known each other for a long time already.

This FR for Nash had been long overdue but is very well-deserved given all the times she gave me great service.

Ease of Booking (20/10): It is an exclusively in-call spa. It’s easy to get in touch with for booking and scheduling. Just contact their reception and everything will be easy-peasy from there.

Face Value (10/10): Nash is very pretty. She has a very fair skin, cute face, and has a very good fashion sense.

Body Value (9/10): Aside from her very good hygiene, she has a good body with great proportions.

Attitude Value (20/10): Rather than GFE, it feels like a “very good girl barkada (with some benefits)” experience. This is what I like about her the most. She is very easy to get along with and since we have already become good friends, para na kaming barkada as I am already at ease when I am with her and I get to talk to her comfortably even though I am very very shy and introverted guy/

Massage Value (9/10). She gives a good massage. Very relaxing after a very long day at work.

Thanks for always giving me an enjoyable and relaxing time on my visits, Nash! See you soon.

-Your favorite client

Kemosabe Spa

Community Regular

Posted Wednesday at 09:33 PM

My First Kemosabe Experience with Rovie

It was my first time making a trip towards Kemosabe, figured I would give it a go after doing some errands.

Ease of Booking: It’s an incall spa, so you just have to get there when your thera is available. The admin is responsive. I got Rovie.

FV & BV: She is slim, sports a small frame that is nicely balanced. Looks good — great when she smiles/laughs.

AV: Getting to know Rovie isn’t difficult. She initiates conversations and responds well. She’s quite playful too. We talked for most of the session.

Hygiene: Feels and smells fresh. She also requested to take a quick shower in the middle of the session after a few somethings 😉

MV & PI: Weird to put these together. The massage was relaxing, but the before & after made this so fun. I got a lot more than I thought I would. Basta happy ako hahaha

This was a great first visit. Would be happy to be back when the opportunity arises.

Kemosabe Spa

Post by jojolas69 » Thu Sep 14, 2023 6:12 pm

I promised Nash I would give an FR for her excellent work last week.

Face: Very attractive and always smiles.
Body: I was surprised because it was normal when she was in her uniform, but when the action started, wow! Stealthy, hindi halata but wait for it and it was worth it.

Massage: I loved the massage, and gave me the relaxation I needed.

Personality: As it turned out, you seem to have known her a long time. Parang ka-tropa. Game na game sa kulitan.

Value for money: Worth every buck – hindi nagmamadali. 😉

Thanks Nash!

Kemosabe Spa


Posted 10 hours ago

FR for @Callieeee

She’s like your girl next door who you haven’t seen in years and she suddenly grew up. Very sweet and very easy to get along with. She was afraid of massaging me at first but I fell asleep three times during the service.
FV: 10. Definitely cuter in person.
BV: 8. Others would probably give her a 10 and I wouldn’t blame them. She’s slim and tight. It’s just a personal preference for me I like a bit more laman.
MV: 11. I fell asleep thrice. Enough said. Very surprising how such a tiny girl can pack a punch.

Kemosabe Spa


Posted 11 hours ago

Review for Raffy 09/14/2023 (2 1/2 hrs ago)

FV: 10x prettier sa personal kesa sa pic.
BV: hindi payat. Hindi mataba. Saktong sakto ang katawan. Sexy. Kinis. Malinis. Mabango.
AV: medyo mahiyain. GFE. Sobrang maasikaso.
MV: 30/10. Sobrang quality ng massage. Solid. Sulit.

thank you Raffy! Sa uulitin

Kemosabe Spa


Posted 16 hours ago

Review for Anne Curtis looking @Noelleeeee5

FV: Cute and pretty. May konting hawig kay Anne Curtis.
BV: Petite na malaman ng konti. Certified NMILF body just like teenager. Sabi niya chubby daw siya pero sabi ko naman mas masarap siyang kachubbycomment image
AV: No dull moments. Easy to get along with and very willing to please. Always attentive and very caring.
MV: For me, she’s excellent in her own ways and technique in providing soft to moderate pressure.

To @Noelleeeee5, thank you for the excellent service. Unang chat pa lang natin, alam ko na.

Kemosabe Spa

Capt. Cardo Dalisay

Posted Wednesday at 12:38 PM

FR for ADAM:

Like a Lady Rider magaling magdrive hahacomment image
FV: 10/10 – Mabait, komportable kausap, natural walang halong kemikalcomment image
BV: 10/10 – Chubby sa picture pero sa personal sexy especially yung tattoo asset niyacomment image
MV: 10/10 – Magaling magmassage tanggal lamig ko sa katawan pati init ng katawan ko nailabas ko haha

Thanks Adam

Kemosabe Spa


Posted Tuesday at 09:52 PM

FR for Callie

From time to time, I head to Manila Tonight to glance at spas, parlors, and I almost never go to one. It’s different with Kemosabe spa because of its comfortable and cozy ambience. And it’s different with Callie.
Callie is sweet, courteous, and has that college cutie aura. She’s super pretty. Especially if you like slim, tight, and petite girls with a model body. I know because it’s my second time with her. She’s worth my time, and I can’t stop thinking about how pretty she is, especially in person.
MV – 10/10
Personality – Friendliest Thera I know. Super easy to talk to and be friends with.
FV – 10/10 Pretty face, can actually be a commercial model.
BV- 10/10 My favorite part. Haha sorry not sorry. Ultra slim and tight model body.

Kemosabe Spa

First time to drop by Kemosabe. The place is tucked in one of the streets of Makati which is quite convenient for people who wants a quick refreshing spa service. The staff is accommodating and courteous.

Pag pasok plang you will feel welcomed and they even offered me something to drink (iced tea, apllejuice etc.).

Kemosabe Spa


Posted 11 hours ago

FR for RHAD Last Night

I haven’ been back to any MP inawhile and decided to drop by kemo. Had to reserve rhad and it was just a pleasant time thank you kemo

FV – 10/10

BV – 10/10 Sexy and just my type

MV – Best among all of the spas ive been to easily 11/10 if you want a really good massage go for rhad i promise you it is worthit

Kemosabe Spa


Was able to trop by few days ago.

my targets are in night shift so i just decided to get kristoff, and di naman ako nag sisi. Massage was so good and relaxing.

Kemosabe Spa

FR for Rae

Availed her yesterday, May 31. It’s my 2nd time availing her services. Her massage skills improved a lot since the last time I got her. You can tell that they have been well-trained to provide therapeutic massages.

She’s also really cute and friendly. Overall, I highly recommend Rae

by nickyv » Mon Jun 05, 2023 10:26 pm

FR for Rae (long overdue)

Actually naka 3 times na ko kay Rae. Sobrang maalaga and you’ll immediately feel comfortable especially if you’re a newbie in the place. Massage is great, tanggal lahat ng knots and lamig ko while everything else… is excellent and you’ll want more haha.

Facewise, trip na trip ko. Welcoming and smile at mga mata paktay ka diha.

Bodywise, I’m more of a fan of curvy girls but yung pagka slim and petite frame ni Rae, binabalikan ko talaga.

Will be back for more, medyo naging busy lang ang koya mo.

Kemosabe Spa

On 6/15/2023 at 8:50 AM, polgascruise said:

I had the chance to visit last tuesday and had the pleasure of having the company of Ms. Blake.

Again for the spa facility I have nothing to say but good things, from Kuya who guided me to the parking slot to the top notch amenities.

For Ms. Blake she is very cute and petite in person but gentlemen get ready for a surprise She was very accommodating and willing to please.

She is very well trained in the art of the massage. Each and every sore muscles were relieved with every stroke. Even her hands were meant for massaging because it was so warm. The massage was so relaxing that after, both of us could use a nap

Definitely will come back for her.

Kudos to Kemosabe for another great experience.

and for Ms. Blake, remember there are beautiful ladies with your namesake…na search mo na ba si Blake Lively?

Kemosabe Spa

On 6/24/2023 at 12:48 AM, jayr218 said:

Napadpad sa area malapit sa makati, kaya nagtry ako dumaan sa kemo. Great experience for my first time here.

FR for Nash, thanks for accomodating me.

Communication was great mabilis sila magreply sa viber.
Massage is great, di ka manghihinayang sa binayad mo na entrance, relaxing yung massage, nakakaantok in some point.

Pleasure impact 9/10. Buti na lang di nya ko nalumpo. Next time gagamitin ko na yung password.

Kemosabe Spa

21 hours ago, digongbigboy said:

First time trying Kemosabe and I got Nash. Sobrang worth it sirs. Super bubbly and super saya kausap, parang matagal na kaming mag tropa. Magaling din sya sa massage, legit na legit. Got hard massage and nararamdaman ko pa ngayon sa likod ko haha. Sa appearances di rin papatalo si Nash. Cute face and hot body.

Thanks for accomodating me earlier Nash, ito yung babyboy mo hahaha

Kemosabe Spa


Just finished my session with calie, and I have to say the password today perfectly describes our session tonight “good vibes”
from start to finish we were just laughing and having a good time. Probably one of the most fun sessions I had in a long while.
for the numericals:

FV: 9/10 a real looker, lovely cute smile.

BV: 8/10 sexy slim and toned she’s tall too which accentuates her body even more, if she gains a little weight 10/10 na

MV: 8/10 even though she had back to back bookings she showed no signs of fatigue and was able to give a relaxing massage. Even with a small frame she’s able to exert a good amount of pressure.

AV: 10/10 this is her strength, she’s able to connect with you in a smooth and fun way.

Thanks Calie!

Kemosabe Spa


Bro dagdagan ko pa. @KyleJenner at the weekend. My weekend is not complete until I visit Kyle. It was a cold and rainy evening. Kyle has this technique of warming her hands by rubbing them and massaging my back with them. Ang sarap ang soothing. Kyle always looks fresh and ready to please. Ang dali kausapin.

All 10/10 for a star of Kemosabe. Thank you to the prettiest and sweetest smelling Thera in the best spa in Metro Manila.

Kemosabe Spa


Posted August 28

FR for Adam

Nagmessage ako via WhatsApp, then isa siya sa apat na available. Curious ako kasi wala masyado FR nung nagsearch ako. Pero isa pala siya sa gem ng Kemosabe, yung feeling eh tipong naka-chamba ka bigtime. Nakwento nya din na ayaw nya masyadong magpa-FR sa GMs pero ako na mismo nagsabi sakanya na gagawan ko siya .

Mas maganda siya in-person and panalo yung body. Kolehiyala looking at alam mo’ng alagang alaga siya sa katawan. I would say nasa Top 5 thera ko siya sa looks, body value (which is way beyond average), and attitude. Smooth talker pa.
Kakaiba yung technique nya na tipong babalikan mo talaga. And kaya nya mag-hard massage, relaxing din.

Although naka-ilang visit na ko sa Kemosabe and sobrang okay palagi ng experience ko, nakahanap na ako ng magiging regular ko.

Thank you Adam!

Kemosabe Spa

Posted August 20

I just got Raffy earlier today. Was about to try Toni or Kyle pero parehas hindi available, medj ginabi na kasi

FR for Raffy

FV: 9/10 – She’s prettier in person, maputi, I like her eyes

BV: 10/10 – Did not expect that she’s a bombshell. Ang sexy and soft ang skin.

AV: 10/10 – Very courteous and engaging. Sobrang bait.

MV: 10/10 – Legit massage, maayos ang sequence, she always ask if okay ba yung pressure. Definitely worth every penny.

Thank you Raffy! Next time ulit.

Yes. I can attest.

Massage skills raffy just doesnt put normal pressure – – – she puts on hard, piercing pressure. Tatagos talaga sa in between ligaments ung heat and pambasag ng lamig. may elbow technique sya na panalo and yes may itinatagong gifts ang scrubsuit na yan

-Duel of Fate

Kemosabe Spa


Posted July 31

FR for @Kelly13 (damn, may hangover pa rin ako sa service nya)

FV: 10/10 – Gorgeous, sobra, lalo na sa personal. Wag kang makikipag-eye to eye, matutunaw ka.

BV: 10/10 – She’s slim, kinda tall, big damn bumpers

MV: 10/10 – Her massage is definitely legit, masarap ang hagod, perfect ang moderate pressure nya for me.

AV: 100/10 – Sobrang bubbly, felt like we’ve known each other for a while, no dull moment, sobrang palabiro and makwento nabitin pa nga kami sa daldalan namin haha

Thanks Kemo and @Kelly13! Sa susunod ulit!

Spa: Facilities are better than most. Hot shower with soap and shampoo are a plus. Beds are good. Rooms have enough space and had adequate ventilation and lighting.

Kemosabe Spa


Posted July 27

FR for Ceejay:

Date of visit – July 26, 2023

I reserved Ceejay because she looked so pretty in the pictures posted here. In real life, she’s much prettier!

As to the massage, wow. Haha. Nakuha niya lahat ng pleasure points ng katawan ko. Muntik akong mapasigaw sa sarap. Haha. Lahat ng pressure sa buhay, nawala for one hour dahil sa kanya.

Overall service, I’d give her a 10 out of 10. I will be her regular from this point on.
Make sure to treat her well, Gents!

See you very soon Ceejay my bb

Kemosabe Spa

FR on Zion:

Not really a fan of giving reviews by numbers, so here’s my FR based on my experience:

Since my regular, Nash, is on night shift, and my only available time for massage is on daytime, I have to pick someone else. Then comes Zion.
She’s more than what meets the eye.

All my bodyaches that accumulated over the past few months suddenly disappeared thanks to her massage.

As for the other part, magkahalong relax and saya. I feel great, overall. Sa uulitin

Kemosabe Spa


Posted Sunday at 10:41 PM

Another biglaang visit kanina hehe

I was aiming to get Toni or Kelly, sadly, reserved sila nung dumating ako, but good thing @Noelleeeee5 is available

Never talaga nagfail ang massage nitong si Noelle, super sarap ng hagod, makwento din haha kaya di ka mabobore during the session.

Namiss ko tong small but terrible na to eh kaya sinulit ko.

Definitely one of the hidden gems of Kemo

Salamat ulit Kemo and Noelle, sa uulitin!

Kemosabe Spa


Posted Sunday at 11:25 PM

A really overdue FR for Toni

Just had a session with her earlier, and as expected, she delivered it flawlessly yet again. It was a twin session, and I had her pick another thera whom she could partner with (sayang wala yung BFF niyang si Kyle haha) and she introduced me to Allison (first time to try her). It was also my first time to do twin, and it definitely did not disappoint. They were able to perform the massage very efficiently and were able to end on a very sensual (and explosive) note.

Toni has been always my go-to regular thera ever since one of the greats left (Eli and Zac) for quite some time now. I don’t think giving out a numeric rating would give justice to the great value she brings through her superb customer service and GFE, as many of her clients here would agree.

She is definitely one of Kemo’s classic gems.

Kemosabe Spa

Posted 21 hours ago

Thank you Noah for the excellent massage.

You hit the right spots. Great feeling and relaxing vibes.

The place was still awesome. Very clean and home comfy.


Kemosabe Spa


Posted 21 hours ago

Another review for Barbie Imperial looking Alison.

Gold Standard service. Her massage skills is getting better and better.
At siyempre habang tumatagal, lalong gumaganda at nagiging maalaga at malambing.

Great place with a great feel good at home vibes.

Kemosabe Spa


FR for Rovie,

Had a meeting in the south, minsan lang ako napapadaan sa makati so I decided to pass by kemosabe. First timer ako rito so nagpashowup nalang ako sa reception. Rovie really caught my eye as sakto talaga siya sa type ko.

Face/Body: 10/10 – Type ko talaga siya, cute and petite. Definitely prettier in person.

Massage: 9/10 – Kahit petite di ako nabitin sa pressure. I came into the session with a lot of built up knots in my back and shoulder area, She was definitely able to work them out, very focused ang strokes niya.

Overall: Great first session, I’ll definitely come back when I’m in Makati!

Kemosabe Spa


Went to kemosabe yesterday, it was unplanned but worth it. Akala ko 11 am ang opening but when i messaged them around 10am sabi thye are already open so i booked right away. In my previous visits i usually go for Toni or Nash. Simply because tested ko na sila. Di ako umuwing luhaan pag sila ang thera ko. Every sessions i had with them is worth remembering. So i was quite hesitant to have other thera aside from them. But this time i had the courage to try another thera to see if kemo really lived up to thier standards as other GM’s claimed. So i asked for the picture of the theras on duty. I saw the pretty smile of Timmy. I booked for her. 
At the spa, some thera at the reception area greeted me. When Timmy arrived she rightaway showed me her sweet side by caressing my arms while asking what drinks do i like. She accompanied me to the room with the same endearing attitude. 
before the massage session she asked me if my massage is hard because she said she wont be able to give a hard massage. But that is ok for me no need for a hard massage to get mine get hard hehehe. I also liked how she work through my back i was on the brink of sleeping soundly when she said massage is over and we are about to begin for the second phase. 
it was a great session. Definitely would get her again.


Kemosabe Spa

(Since 2009)

Ground Floor, Makati Executive Suites, Don Bosco Street,
Pasong Tamo, Makati City 1233

-The building is before the Gate 1 of Ecology Village.
-Near the dead end street of Don Bosco Street.
-Beside Don Bosco Technical School.
-At the back of Ziebart
-Near Citimotors

Monday to Sunday
10am to 1am

For reservations and inquiries:
Landline.: (02) 8519-33-11
Mobile No: (0910) 462-4040 (Viber, WhatsApp, and Telegram)

FOOT SPA Php 450.00

(For other services please dial our contact information)

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