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Spa Name: King Jetas Spa
Operational Status: OPEN
Location / Address: 21-C1 URCI Townhomes, Alabang Zapote Road, Pamplona 3, Las Pinas City
Landmarks: Near Jollibee Casimiro, in front of KIA Motors
Contact Numbers:
Landline: (02)556-2313
Mobile: (0921)773-1913
Operating Hours: Mondays thru Sundays, 24/7
Membership: None
Shower: Yes
Steam Room / Sauna: No
Parking: Yes
Home Service: Yes
Other Features: Free Body Wash, Coffee, Iced Tea, or Hot Tea
Masseur Type: Male & Female
Specialty: Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai Combination
Treatment Area: * Private Rooms
Price Range: P690.00
My Experience: None yet.
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Parking: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Ambiance: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Services/Treatments Offered: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Facilities: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Attention to Detail: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Skill: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Value for Money: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Feeling of Rest & Relaxation: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
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Business Type:Spa & Wellness Center
Spa Address:21-C1 URCI Townhomes, Alabang Zapote Road, Pamplona 3, Las Pinas City
Operating Hours:Mondays thru Sundays, 10:00AM to 11:00PM

Contact Numbers

Male Therapists Available
Female Therapists Available


Home / Hotel Services (Outcall)

Open 24 Hours


Wi-Fi Access


Parking Area

Shower Area

Sauna Room

Steam Room

: In Detail

Service Specialty:Unknown
Treatment Area:Cubicles Only
Price Range:P350.00 - P800.00

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Your service is great


I hope i could experience your service

Hans Gruber

I was unimpressed of the massage, which, to me was overpriced. It was good, though. There was a body was, which felt fantastic. The problem I had was with the therapist. I forgot her name. But she prodded me with many questions. I did not want to be rude, so I answered them. The es was unimpressive. I was not able to reach the point and had to do it myself. It was annoying. Not a spa I would recommend. But If you’re willing to spend tons of money, then it’s okay. I guess…


how much is the damage here and es? 🙂


All female ba dito or mixed na male and female?.. thanks..


just got home from jetas, i got therapist monique. massage was good enough e.s was better! i will surely comeback for more..