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Spa Name: Homme Spa and Wellness Center
Operational Status: OPEN
Location / Address: 100 Kamuning Road, Quezon City
Landmarks: In front of BPI Bank
Contact Numbers:
Landline: (02)414-6377
Mobile: (0906)327-5335, (0918)578-7461
Operating Hours: Mondays thru Sundays, 10:00AM to 10:00PM
Membership: None
Shower: Yes
Steam Room / Sauna: No
Parking: Yes
Home Service: No
Other Features:
Masseur Type: Male only.
Specialty: Unknown
Treatment Area: Divisions, Cubicles
Price Range: P300.00 – P800.00
My Experience: None yet.
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Parking: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Ambiance: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Services/Treatments Offered: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Facilities: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Attention to Detail: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Skill: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Value for Money: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Feeling of Rest & Relaxation: [rating:0/10] (unrated)

Business Type:Spa & Wellness Center

Contact Numbers

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Home / Hotel Services (Outcall)

Open 24 Hours

Credit Card Payments

Salon + Beauty

Wi-Fi Access


Parking Area

Shower Area


Food & Dining

Sauna Room

Steam Room

Swimming Pool

Fitness Center / Gym

: In Detail

Treatment Area:
Price Range:
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  1. Totoo mApapamura ka talsga kaya di na sko bumalik at sa epitome z spa at jenyan touch ns sko nagpapammasahe

  2. Hello. I just now visited the Homme Spa this morning around 11.30 am. The receptionist didn’t give my change of PHP 250, so i asked from my masseur. The receptionist just left without telling me anything. That time i was given 5 guys, i like Andrew, straight-look guy because he is not as tall as Josh but he has fair skin and looks clean and well educated. So the massage started at 12.02 pm and he told me to put all my clothes off includong the undies. Then after 1 hour, he finished the massage ( grade for the massage for me is 5 of 10 ), he offered me an ES and i said yes. I asked about the price and i said 750 PHP same with the massage price and he declined because too low. So i increased to 1000 PHP and he said to me normally his price is 3000 PHP but i insisted on 1000 PHP so he did linggam massage only without allowing me to touch his body, but i insisted on touching him, so i increased to 1500 PHP but he said “come on, mas mataas 500 lang?” Then i said yes. Then he replied “ok po, pero hanggang eto lang po tayo” so linggam massage without body contact costs 1000 PHP but i wanted to have body contact with him so he told me 2000 PHP would be good. At first i declined and kept my price on 1500 PHP and again he declined and kept doing masturbation on me only. So i agreed 2000 PHP then he agreed to have body contact with me without fucking because it is not allowed here by any masseur(s). Body contact, body kissing (not lip kissing), sucking (blow job) and hand job would cost 2000 PHP if your masseur is Andrew. He is handsome and the most handsome of 5 guys i met previously. No Axel at that time. Andrew looks very man and that’s why i love it. And he looks like Spanish-Filipino also. He was friendly and we talked about other things after. Even he asked me where i stay and why i was at QC. Finally i took a shower at 1.30 pm, 90 min exactly after the massage. So the duration of the massage was only 60 min and the ES was 30 min. So 90 min you saw in the menu includes all of it. Not like 90 min massage and additional for the ES. Not like that. I gave him 1750 PHP because they still had my change of 250 PHP. He shoke my hand before i left and introduced ourselves by our names. The price was kinda pricey but i like him and he’s really enchanted… my overall grade is 7 of 10 because i “released” mine 2x because of him. That time, only me as their customer and no others after me as i observed. That’s why he asked me that much because not so many customers. That’s ok, i hope he could use the money well and for good things. The place was a lil bit small but it’s ok naman. Many decorations like i saw in my place, Thailand. Will go back there again ^^ suggestions : should decrease the price. Thailand is a gay place with hi-quality men but affordable price. The Philippines must learn from Thailand in the term of gay places ^^

  3. Tried this spa for first time on 28Nov2015 around 10:30pm. Chose from a masseur line-up and selected “Prince,” a 7-month old experience at the spa. Claims to be a newbie to the scene. Massage was decent, some parts good, some portions were just forced, but overall ok. Bought the 90-minute session for P750. Received a massage for about 55 mins then “Prince” offered ES. Agreed to ES, negotiated to P1.5k. ES was just some caressing, and nipple play. The rest was me doing the work. He looked good, claimed he was straight, I was fairly into him. ES was also just so so. Had better gay massage experiences in Phuket and Taipei. But place is good enough for a once- or twice- visit.

  4. Never coming back. Lakas tumaga dito. Bad bad experience with Vincent. Wala pang 30 mins tapos na ang masahe tapos walang kwenta ang ES and yet ang mahal maningil. Bwisit talaga. And nung nadisappoint ako sa ES nya, nagmaktol pa at ansama na ng pakikitungo.

  5. Trulalu ba na bigla na lang daw may kakalembang sa behind the scene mo habang minamasahe ka?

    I mean akala mo nakaboxers pa pero wala na pala at yung note nung umaalog alog at nadadampi sa pwetan mo?

    At ang ang guash ng chopopo daw ng mga masseurs dito at talk pa. Sinong best bet sa kanila at magkano damage sa ES?

    Pahelp naman mga ateng.

  6. I agree with Mico and Isko. Magaling si Axel a.k.a. Ronnie. Masarap ng magmasahe, magaling pa sa romansa. Gagawin ka nyang babae. At ang tigas nya. Monthly ko syang kinukuha.

  7. I went to Homme Spa last week. Most of their masseurs were bayawak! The one that I got, was the only one who seemed to be straight, I forgot his name but his arms and shoulders were covered with tattoos. The massage was just so-so, he doesnt know how to massage properly and he doesnt have any streching style. After 45 minutes of the so-so massage. He offered ES for 2k. I declined and I told him that my extra funds left is only 500. He asked me if I can borrow 500php from my friend and then the ES will be a done deal (handjob only). I declined again. The massage itself is 500php and I guess its not worth it. My rating for this spa in terms of the massage that was given to me is 4 out of 10. Overall experience 4 out of 10.

  8. I have been there once and tried Myrion, not satisfied even with the ES. Axel now works there as Ronnie, dati ko syang therapist sa Nature’s Spa, di ko lang sya nakilala nong nasa Homme ako kaya di ko kinuha. Mabait si Ronnie o Axel, sya I recommend dahil nasa Homme na say. Masarap sa ES si Axel-much much better than anybody else in QC!

    • Totoo ka Ateng Mico, Ronnie or Axel is very good. Magaling sa massage and of course sa lahat lahat pa. Super sa ES at di nagmamadali. Sarap pa humalik. Keep him Homme, asset yan nga spa maski nong dating pa sya sa Nature’s Green.

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