Elysium M Spa This is a VERIFIED massage spa business by Manila Touch.

Business Type:Spa & Wellness Center
Spa Address:478 Unit 15 Quedza Plaza Parking, Quezon Avenue corner Edsa, Quezon City
Operating Hours:Mondays thru Sundays, 10:00AM to 11:00PM

Contact Numbers

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Male Therapists Available

Elysium M Spa Features

Home / Hotel Services (Outcall)

Open 24 Hours

Credit Card Payments

Salon + Beauty

Wi-Fi Access

Elysium M Spa Amenities

Parking Area

Shower Area


Food & Dining

Sauna Room

Steam Room

Swimming Pool

Fitness Center / Gym

Elysium M Spa: In Detail

Service Specialty:Unknown
Treatment Area:Cubicles Only
Price Range:P350.00 - P800.00
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  1. Don’t go to this place. Owner basically threatened to expose my identity and personal information on public because I complained that I didn’t get what I wanted and requested a refund. Guy already took my money and when he found out I got him reported on paypal he then threatened to report me to other fc groups so they would avoid me. Absolutely disgusting.

  2. medyo dirty place tas yun masseurs after agad sa es yung napunta saken is kyle sabe bata pa pero i think nasa 40sh na sya humagod hagod lan then es na and siempre tip may mga okay naman na mukhan yummy talaga

  3. To Amante, Fred and RSMM lahat ng sinabi niyo ay real

    i tried romeo and he offers me ES
    he is a handsome guy with his tattoo on his arms
    Small guy but massage was completely amazing.
    i had a blow job for 1500. Sa galing ko chumupa nilabasan na pala siya.

  4. it’s my third time and i tried marvin.

    massage not good – below average. after just 25 minutes he offered es i declined. after 5 more minutes of massage he said time is up. i demanded it’s been less than an hour. he asked if i want head massage i said yes. total massage 45-50 minutes. he asked for a tip of course i did not bother.

  5. Entering a dark driveway ,its located at the back of a 3-4 story building. got parking at the inside compound. Great selection for everyone’s wishes. Muscular, lean or TWINK.. Its a one story structure as you drive in to the right side corner. 6 cubicles, one stinky bathroom and a place for the roman bathe. Thin plywood with curtains as doors separate each cubicle. Foam thin mattress on the floor with a wood table/stool to put your things and a flashlight.

    The staff are very well trained,, they know what to do and say to you. “ES” sir….then you negotiate amount depending what the performance is.

  6. chose a guy name enzo. his massage is really nice quite different from the first one i had. he is polite and initiated small talks. but when he discovered i wont be availing an es after some minutes he said time is up yet i noted it’s been just 40 mins since he started. i guess he was pissed of. like my first time, enzo also explicitly asked for a tip saying they don’t have regular salary.

  7. just had my first visit at around 8 pm. was greeted when i entered. then the friendly “receptionist” introduced the therapists face to face. each therapist introduced their names and gave firm handshakes. it was actually awkward for me, was expecting an aquarium type selection. i did not choose and asked the receptionist to give me a one that is really good in massage.

    the overall facility badly needs improvement. the smell inside the massage rooms is questionable. the ac is working fine.

    i did not bother to get my therapist name. when he entered he was already wearing boxer brief and sando. his strokes are fast making it less relaxed. but i liked the pressure it was exactly what i want. i timed the massage and it was about 50-60 mins. then the inevitable, the therapist asked if i want an es and i declined. not really surprised he asked for a tip.

  8. if u want a legit spa. I recommend Amistad Spa. some masseurs do sensual massage, kumbaga patitigasin lang. but they’re not offering ES. sa steam room nagaganap ang kamunduhan kasama ibang clients.

  9. I already been there last month and now i just want to ask if you saw my Tin ID Named Romar D. Sanmocte Thanks. Text me at 09269177400

  10. yesterday i came this Spa Elysium Male Spa I Get Red The Name Of The MASSEUR magaling siya mag mag massage nakaka adik sila mag massage lalo na ang lingam massage P500 not bad

  11. I felt so relaxed and pampered on my first time to visit this spa. Though the room was Big, it was clean and decent. My male therapist i tried romeo, but i really like also red,jeric,angelo,melvin,marvin sobrang dami kasi nila

  12. it could be if you could stomach the state of the premises. i thought it was inside the building. instead, it’s a wooden shanty constructed inside the compound.
    really wanted to try their services a few weeks back, but the lack of aircon (it was afternoon) and the dirty/dingy look of the place had me running back out.

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