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Amistad Spa This is a VERIFIED massage spa business by Manila Touch.

Business Type:Spa & Wellness Center
Operating Hours:Mondays thru Fridays, 3:00 PM to 3:00 AM; Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays, 1:00 PM to 3:00 AM

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Amistad Spa: In Detail

Service Specialty:Amistad Signature Massage - specially and carefully designed from the best techniques found in popular massage styles such as Swedish and Shiatsu, along with carefully modified techniques that our therapists formulated based on our clients’ response to the massages, with some strained areas given more attention or some rigorous techniques taken down a notch, all adjusted to achieve better results.
Treatment Area:Cubicles Only
Price Range:P550.00 - P950.00
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  1. To buff chinito guy na nakatira sa 53 Benitez, fun tyo lge sa amistad at haus mu 6th floor. San kna ? Black pik up car mo. Msg muko 09662144699

  2. Sa toned chinito guy na nakatira sa 53 benitez with black car at nagkita tayo sa trinoma. Bro how are you na? Please text me – 09974678465

  3. To chinito guy na nameet ko then nagkita tayo sa trinoma tas nagroadtrip with your black car and nakatira sa 53 benitez. Bro how are you na? Please text me – 09974678465

  4. Sa chinito guy na nakilala ko dito tas nagkita tayo sa trinoma then nag road trip sa black car mo. And nakatira sa 53 benitez. Bro its me. Please text me – 09651641487

  5. To the chinito guy na nakilala ko dito tas after ilang days nagkita tayo sa trinoma and nagroadtrip sa black car mo and nakatira sa 53 benitez. Please txt me – 09651641487

  6. To the chinito guy na nakatira sa 53 benitez, bro ako to. Nagkakilala tayo dito then after ilang days nagkita tayo sa trinoma then nagroad trip with your black car. Please txt me – 09651641487

  7. its been a while since nagamistad ako or even hopemed. kamusta amistad. MBAY Health Spa has taken my heart for the massage and facilities (wet area) this 2019..mas galing new thera ko sa MBAY and siya na siguro pinakagwapo for me sa lahat na napuntahan ko. Mabait pa parang tropa. its a NoNo for trips doon. only good boys lang pwede

  8. I’m a newbie at these kinds of spa.
    First time I went here was last Saturday, March 9, 2019 around 10PM onwards.

    First impression, unless you’re aware of where you’re supposed to go, you might not realize that there’s a hallway on the right side going up to the spa. Paakyat palang ng hagdanan, maaamoy mo na Yung minty scent ng oil na ginagamit nila.

    The receptionist was okay, not too friendly, not too rude. She was nice. I was just surprised that you have to give your first and last name for the reservation (makes sense naman in a way. Sa dami ba naman ng clients nila, it’s impossible na walang magkakapangalan). The reception area looks bright and cozy. My name was asked and she checked my name on her list, gave me my locker key and a paper (I assume nakalagay Doon Kung sino Yung therapist and Kung what type ng massage Yung IA-avail mo). I availed the combination worth P1,000. You have the option to get a VIP room but since it was my first time, I think okay na muna Yung hindi.

    May cute na muscular guy na lumabas from a hallway separated by a curtain. I felt a bit nervous and excited. I can’t really look much into his face. Di ko rin pa nagagawang makipagtitigan or make eye contact with anyone tapos Alam mo na agad Kung game or hindi (since I have a very low self esteem and I don’t think I’m really much of a good looking guy).

    Pagka cross mo ng curtain from the reception, may room ulit Pero curtain Lang rin Yung separator. Sabi ni Kuyang cute (who I assumed will be my therapist) Doon daw ako maghihintay after ko mag palit. He then led me to a locker/shower/toilet.

    The room was brightly lit. Lockers directly pagkapasok ng room, then may dalawang shower enclosures, and two toilets. Behind that, merong steam room that wasn’t operating at that time. Wala ring Tao sa loob that time so I removed my shoes and clothes, placed them in the locker and took a quick shower. Mabango Yung body wash nila, mukang malinis rin naman Yung shower enclosure. It’s divided by frosted glass Kaya maaninag mo Yung nagsha-shower sa katabing stall. After taking a shower, I dried up and covered myself with the towel and robe the cute guy gave me then proceeded to the room he mentioned pagdaan namin sa hallway.

    Pag pasok ko sa room, locker room rin Pala sya. Mas maraming lockers nga lang compared dun sa locker room where I was assigned. I noticed may ibang mga Naka shorts (mukang partner nung robe). I was a bit confused Kung before or after ba yun binibigay but I decided not to ask for one. Nakakahiya. Sobrang obvious na newbie haha.
    Beyond the locker area, may curtain ulit at mukang dito na nagaganap Yung mga nababasa ko.
    May lavatory sa area na to and toilets. Beyond that, three shower enclosures (Kung Tama tanda ko). May water dispenser rin at sa side nun, Yung steam room nila. Daming guys na nandun sa area na yun. May chubby, may borta, merong Tama Lang, may twink, meron ring mga nakatambay Lang sa may tapat ng lavatory (maybe naghahanap ng makaka eye contact? I have no idea what’s going through their heads)

    Bumalik ako sa tapat ng locker area and decided to wait there for my name to be called. He someone called me by my locker number Pero hindi sya Yung Naka red na cute guy. I then realized na probably, color code/uniform yun ng mga nag aassist.

    I followed the guy to another room, this time separated by a glass door. I was led into a cubicle. Dimly lit Yung cubicle but still a bit bright for my taste. Tinanggal ko na Yung towel and robe ko, then dumapa na ako sa massage table.

    The therapist immediately asked me what pressure I prefer and since busog ako, I told him, moderate Nalang Pero hard sa Upper back. When he started the massage, he also started to bombard me with questions. Kung may Kasama ba ako? Kung first time ko ba magpapamasahe dun? Kung saan ako magpapamasahe dati? Dami nyang tanong and I really tried not to answer and I already started to have a feeling na hindi ko magugustuhan Yung massage. Some prefer to talk to the therapist while they’re doing their job, as for myself, I don’t. I want to enjoy the massage and I want the therapist to focus on his job. Besides, sobrang naririnig mo Yung conversations sa katabing mga cubicles so I assumed naririnig rin kami pag kinakausap nya ako.

    I’ve only ever been to two other spas. The first was at Hopemed and the second one was at Waterleaf.

    At Hopemed, I availed the lomi. Intense, sensual. May pa-singit at pa-ball grab rin but not the shaft but I find it too pricey. At Waterleaf naman, I availed their bestseller promo (combo Massage and scrub). It’s cheaper, masarap rin Yung massage. Sakto Yung mga hagod ni therapist sa mga part ng katawan ko na masakit and I got “way more” than I paid for Kaya sobrang first time ko nag tip ng ganun kalaki. Haha

    At Amistad, medyo di ko masyado nagustuhan Yung massage. (maybe depende rin sa therapist yun?) It’s almost the same routine /sequence at Waterleaf Pero medyo iba Yung hagod. Parang di na satisfy Yung katawan ko. Noong pinaharap na ako ni therapist, pinatay nya Yung Dim light. May teasing strokes sya sa singit, sa lower abdomen, usually I get aroused during this part but that time, walang effect. I did get a bit excited down there for a bit Pero mabilis ring lumalambot.

    After the massage, the therapist asked me Kung magrerest ba muna ako. I decided to go to the lounge area Nalang. He handed over my towel and robed me then led me back to the hallway and showed me where the lounge is.

    For the price I paid, the facilities are really much better than HopeMed. Maganda Yung lounge area nila with a huge TV. (I think Umbrella Academy was playing at that time) may ibang guys na nandun. You can also choose to drink coffee or tea and have cookies (I thought Chips Ahoy kaso hindi Pala haha). A lady assisted me with my tea and cookies and brought them to the table. After finishing, I decided to check out the much talked about steam room so I went back into the rabbit hole for the second time.

    Nakaka-kaba. I have no idea what to do or how to act. Ang daming guys sa loob! And well, since malabo ang mata ko (and I’m really such of a newbie) I have no idea Kung may nakikipag eye contact na ba sakin or wala. I just looked straight. Or hmjust ogled at their bodies.

    I took a shower first to rinse off the oil from the massage. Then I went inside the steam room.
    Grabe. First time ko rin inside a steam room and wala akong maaninag haha puro steam talaga haha (I didn’t enter the steam room at HopeMed so wala akong basehan how it should be) but it was really hot inside! May mga nakatayo sa bungad when you enter the room. Umupo ako sa taas, tapat ng door and steadied my breathing.

    Mostly chubby guys Yung andun sa loob. Some were buffed, muscular. Problem was… I don’t have my eyeglasses and you can’t really wear contact lenses inside a steam room can you? So there I was, just observing Pero nahihiya parin ako makipag eye to eye contact.

    Maraming labas-pasok sa loob ng steam room. Either they can’t take the heat na or just thirsty.
    Merong chubby na nag pasok ng baso na may tubig and Doon sya umiinom. Then may mga hunky and I assume good looking guys rin na pumapasok Pero I’m not sure kung wala Lang bang ganap kasi andun ako or what? So I went out, nag shower saglit sa tapat then drank water.

    Merong guy, maganda katawan and I think cute rin na nasa tapat ng shower. I tried looking at him but he wasn’t looking at me so look down ulit ako. I also noticed this not so tall guy (feeling ko cute sya) na nakatambay parin dun sa may lavatory area. (I wonder what he’s waiting for?) Anyway, Nakakakaba talaga. I asked for a fresh towel kasi sobrang soaked na Yung gamit ko. Dun na rin ako nagpalit sa may lavatory area then I decided to go back inside the steam room.

    When I got back, merong chubby guy na Naka top knot hairstyle. Mag glass of water rin sya Pero medyo nakakatawa kasi nagwiwisik wisik sya ng water sa face nya. I don’t know why I find it funny.

    Anyway, time passed and I think, OK na ako sa steam room (since wala ring ganap, maybe magkakaroon after ko umalis? Who knows?)

    Yung not so tall guy na cute (I think) nawala rin. I decided to take a shower na (where my locker’s at) at least may konting privacy pa then got dressed.
    Si not so short guy Naka bihis na, wearing light blue polo (if I remember correctly). Di ko rin Alam if he was trying to make eye contact kasi nga wala naman akong suot na eyeglasses.

    Will I come back? Maybe. Still undecided and still curious about what really happens in that steam room. (Just checked Twitter and apparently, “di daw maganda ang crowd” haha so I’m guessing I’m included Kaya Baka wala ring ganap?)

    Anyway, hope this helps any other newbies who are planning to go there anytime soon.

    • To the chinito guy na buff na nakatira sa 53 benitez. Bro ako to, nagkakilala tayo sa amistad then after ilang days nagkita tayo sa trinoma. Nagroad trip tayo with your black car. If mabasa mo to plese text me. Eto number ko 09676150488

  9. After ng hopemed at new york spa, gusto ko sana i-try dito… kaso based sa reviews, hayok na hayok yung crowd. HAHAHAHA #kalurks
    Pero baka tumuloy prn kasi, my semi-happy ending daw ung ilan masseurs.

  10. Had Jerrome as my therapist for my first visit to Amistad. Meron bang male therapist na sensual ang massage? Pa-recommend naman…


  11. First time to visit Amistad Tomas Morato.

    I’m afraid to-go-to some place na hindi ako familiar and first time ko lang pupuntahan, like going to spa. Maybe I can call my self a “Spa-ddicted”. Since I tried massage year 2013.

    So here you go…

    September 7, 2018 around 7pm nung dumating ako sa spa. Nag avail lang ako ng combination massage worth 950.00 and I said 8:00pm na ako mag pa-pa massage.

    I tried combination massage and my therapist is Alfred. Ok yung pressure consistent nakatulog ako sa sarap hindi din nya ako inalok for ES (sabi ng iba beki daw siya). In terms of the oil na ginamit, relaxing siya at mabango alam mong aromatherapy oil ang ginamit at hindi baby oil. Ratings: 8/10

    Relaxing, cozy and spacious place compared with other spa’s. Malinis at mabango ang reception area, locker room, massage common room (hindi ko pa na try yung private room) and the steam bath maluwag din and dark ng konti may isang ilaw na yellow light, pero grabe ang init masyado ng steam area nakaka drain kaya panay inom ko ng tubig. Shower area malinis kulang lang sa shower gel. (Hindi ko na try sa lounge (meron din daw dun iced tea and cookies, based sa mga nabasa ko dito).

    Well attended din yung mga staff for the needs ng mga client sa loob.

    Mukha at amoy malinis naman ang robe, towel na ginagamit. Ratings: 8/10

    Last night was a blast and unforgettable experience cute yung mga nakikita ko sa spa less whales and chonda.

    Hopefully ma kabalik and try their other services.

    Over-all ratings ko sa kanila 8/10

    I’m locker 23, September 7, 7-12pm.

    Let me know if you’re here too last night.

  12. First time ko dito nung Sept06, 2pm. Nagtaka ako ang liit nung steam room, female wet area pala un, nirerenovate daw ung male steam room kwento nung masahista ko. Request ko mild massage lang sa legs, at hard na sa upper area, sobrang mild naman ung paghagod sa legs ko, halos walang kapressure2. Buti na lang bumawi sa upper back ko. Nag out din ako ng 430pm, sobrang liit kasi ng steam room pero nakaekesena ako nung dalawa lang kami dun nung daddy type hehehe

  13. First time ko dito last night. Quite fun. Yung facilities okay. Much better than NY. Pero yung massage disappointing. Di consistent yung pressure nung nag massage sakin. Locker #6 here.

  14. Kaway kaway sa mga nandun kagabi july 10, 5pm to 8pm. Sarap ni buff dude, andami pang nilabas na katas. Si cute twink din ang pogi, na nakikipaglaban sa sauna.

  15. Okay. So this was may 1st time in amistad spa. This is a honest review. June 30, 3018 – 8pm to 12mn (saturday)

    Ambiance (5 stars) – duude! Sobrang luwag ng spa massage area. Ung kama, sobrang luwag din. The scent ng area, tagalang mabango. Wqlang bad odor. Ung CR, mabango. Wash room, mabango. Inshort, lahat mabango. Pati therapist, mabango.

    Massage (3 stars) – im a lean guy. So d ko tlga ang hard pressures. The therapist i had is too strong for me. I requested for a moderate massage, pero duude, hard massage ginawa nya ;(( the strokes were very good. Dun lng sumablay sa pressure. Dude, nag ka pasa ako :(( lesson learned na cya sakin na cguro, soft muna haha

    Food ( 5 stars) – duuude,may free food dito. Cookies and iced tea,coffee and hot tea. So sulit tlga visit mo.

    Others ( 5 stars) – may wifi,TV, butler, etc. Sobrang accomodating nila.

    PS. Walang ES dito. Haha. Ithink may mga selected therapists ang nag e-ES. Sino? Ask the loyal customers haha. Never ka nila oofferan ng ES. Thats what they (loyal customers) told me.

    Futher, may mga ganap tlgang nangyayari dito. We were in the wet area, i think 10-12 kami sa sauna. Duuuuuudeee prng orgy tlga. Hahah. May certain area lang sa sauna na ma-tutuka ka. Haha. Ang tawag nila dun is ‘Danger zone’. Kase pag andun ka, ikaw tlga target haha.

    So ayun nga. Isa ako sa mga nabiktima. Nakakahiya kase madaming nakatingin sayo. And take note, hindi lahat ng nag sasauna dun, un ang hanap. So dude ingat lng haha. After nung mangyari sakin , lumabas na ko. Medjo nahihiya kase baka nakita or namukaan nila ako. (Ps madilim sa sauna,minsan may ilaw lng na orange, minsan wala) tapos may lumapit sakin. Sheeeeet ung pinopormahan ko! Haha gwaps dude. Nag usap lng kami na ganun nga,may nangyayari tlgang ganun. Tas kwento kwento lng sa lounge. Nagpapatuka din kase cya,and he enjoy it naman. Tas ayun. The rest is history nlng. Baka andito cya eh haha

    Cno cno nag punta nung june 30!?! Haha

  16. June 30 at 4 to 5pm. Short guy long hair, semikal guy with a red arm tattoo sorry I had to leave early. Hit me up if you read this. -chinky eyed dude locker 3

  17. 28ng gabi -29ng umaga
    Shet yung dalawang guy tska yung bago lang nila nameet ang sasarap pero mas bet ko parin yung chinito sa among the 3 ! Until next time-
    Dm etudiantris if kilala nyo sila

  18. Was here last night from 8pm-12am. May isang cute chinito guy, maputi, sakto lang built ng katawan di masyadong batak sa gym. Pero i like his broad shoulders and fair and flawless skin. Ganda pati kutis niya. Not sure if game din siya pero siguro if trip din niya. To those who were also here last night siguro napansin niyo rin siya, lagi siya nakatayo sa may pintuan ng sauna. Tska bagong gupit ata siya, yung haitcut niya yung nauuso ngayon yung may line sa isang side. Taga bukas at sara ng door. Lol. Lagi din siya nananalamin dun sa mirror harap ng shower. Gustong gusto ko siya pero it seems di niya ako trip kasi everytime tinitingnan ko siya umiiwas siya ng tingin. One time lumabas siya para magshower sinundan ko siya. Nasa 3rd cubicle siya tapos ako naman dun ako sa katabing cubicle. Eh sa mga nakakapansin, may butas pala yung sa glass sa gilid. Yung parang natanggal yung glue. Ayun paraparaan, silip ako ng silip dun sa butas at kunwari nililinis ko paa pra hindi naman masyado halata kasi diba kita silhouette mo. Tadaaaannngggg! Nakita ko buo niyang titi. WOW! Gifted siya. Sarap niya. Haha. Kaya everytime nagkakasalubong kami, kinikindatan ko siya pero hindi ata niya ako feel. Hehe. Ayun nawala na siiya mga 11pm pamassage na ata siya kaya maya maya umalis na rin ako. Wala ng inspiration. Haha. Yun lang. Sana next time makita ko ulit siya at magustuhan na niya ako. Haha

    • May ganap kagabi sa loob. At oo napansin ko yung dinedescribe mo dito. Dun nga siya lagi sa door ng sauna nakatayo. Andun din siya nung may ganap dun sa loob pero dun lang siya sa door di siya nakisali. Napansin ko kinakalabit siya nung katabi niya pero wala lang siyang imik. Andami nga nakatingin sa kanya. Actually ako lagi din ako tingin ng tingin sa kanya. Madami tayong may gusto sa kanya. Hahahah

        • I was there last June 15 evening. I was inside the steam room when the fun started everyone joined in. I did not join since I was still tired just coming from my massage and just quietly stood inside the steam room. Was also surprised at the number of people who joined. Another guy was trying touch me but i did not respond back. Will be back one of these days.

    • Hey guys ive always wanted to try out this spa but was too scared to try it alone can anyone accompany me? I’m chinky eyed dude around 5’8

      • What time to? If mga gabi na to from 9pm, andun ako. Type ko yung chinito guy na sinasabi ni Ian sa taas nitong thread. Haha. Sino ka dun?

    • Grabe, experience ko sa amistad!

      Napapaextend ako ng stay ng Di ko namamalayan, by the way in my last visit puro twink ang game sakin at puro gwapo. Buti nlng di ako mga player ba yun?. Teka gifted kaya ako.

  19. To you, sir, who lives in Project 6, I mistakenly told you an incorrect number. Sorry. Last two digits should be 96 instead of 46. My bad.

  20. To the chinito guy last night (I told you I wasn’t sure if you’re Filipino haha). Too bad you weren’t able to wait for me. Let’s finish the unfinished business next time 🙂

  21. Yahwell is good but not so good. No sensual, no ES. the massage is a bit lame. Alam ko dati siya sa NY Spa.

  22. Nagpunta kami ng partner ko kahapon Sat 230pm. Pagdating namin spa may naglalaro na. Nakijoin kami pero saglit lang kasi may mga pumasok nang hindi ok.

    After massage may 2 cute guys sa loob. Si Mr Chinito at Mr Moreno. Nakipaglaro uli kami. Sarap talaga dito.

  23. April 14– to the guy i kissed and niyaya mag check in, you offered a ride pauwi pero di kita namukhaan so i said no. Sayang, reply ka if u read this.

  24. April 14
    To the guy i kissed. I whispered, check in tyo kaya lang cut off na. U offered a ride palabas ng area, nag dalawang isip lang ako kala ko kasi grab driver ung nag ooffer ng ride. Reply ka here.

  25. Experience ko tonight
    I am trevor di nako naka punta nung fridat kase nag wensha kami ng friend ko but yeah tinuloy ko mag isa tonight
    I met this chinito tall cute guys he was sitting inside the steam room ako naman i was standing infront of him then he was rubbing my arm, bet ko naman sya so i responded everybody in the room stared at us i think until he asked me to sit down and he and ayu may nangyari na pag chchpa para kaming nag live show sa room tapos tinawg nako ng attendant for massage di ko na naask name nya and no. Kase umalis nasya, huhuhu kung sinu ka man dm me sa twitter @etudiantris dm me with your pic and ill reply to you. My 1st time in amistad was a blast the therapist is good also pero di ko natanung name ng therapist ko

  26. Got Xander. Madaya sa oras. Umihi sa kalagitnaan ng massage at around 5mins bago sya bumalik. After the massage I asked the receptionist kung ano oras ako nag start. 55mins lang. ksma na ung pinaghintay at start and end ng massage.

  27. hi guy I’m a new spa goer I’d like to come here sa friday or sat evening who would you recommend na therapist yung magaling ah and gwapo narin and, I would like to have some action in the sauna and wet area remember april 6-7 nandyan ako bagets by the way.

  28. Hello sa locker #1 at #10 kagabi. Sarap!! Apat nlng tayo natira sa steam kagabi. Di ko tanda isa. Nice one mga brader! Next time ulit! @TigasTitiMarc on twitter 🙂

  29. I was here last night, the whole night. Only one guy really caught my attention. He was trying to rub my arm, and I responded. But we both went out of the steam because I am not into playing while others are watching. DI ko napansin andun na pala ulit sya sa loob, playing with 3 others. I had the courage to ask his name when we left the spa, he’is from Katipunan he said. Hope to meet you some other time.

  30. The worst ugali ni MARCO . Huwag ninyo siya kukunin guys walang modo bastos pinag antay pa ko ng 30 min.. iba na lang kunin niyo. Konti nlng muntik ko na tawagan may ari

  31. Ang saya ng crowd tonight (Mar 3, Saturday)!! Ang daming tao sa sauna haha standing ovation :))) Kay locker #4 from 4pm-9pm onwards gwapo mo kaso nahiya ako kausapin ka mukha kang snob haha. Pero ang saraaaap mo nung hinihipuan ka nung iba hehe yum

  32. Share ko lang experience ko mga kalaro sa makitid na playground ng Amistad. Kalerke nakuha ko si Jayson…wafu…soft spoken… muscular.. ideal papa.. kasi nyepangs todamaxum level.. nung iniladtad na nya ang kaniyang sandata wahhhhhhhhhh toothpick pala. wala ako mapala… windang ang beauty ng diche nyo.

  33. Off topic. Panawagan po kay G.A. Villafuerte, tama na po ang mga eksenang namimili sa karnehan, namimili sa 7-Eleven, nag jo-jogging sa loob ng subdivision, nagbabasa ng dyaryo habang nagkakape sa tasang walang kape, naliligo sa banyo, at ibang recycled scenes! Try mo po yung iba naman!

  34. Hi to locker #10 who arrived at around 5pm today. I saw what you did in the last shower cubicle. And the steam room, prior to the shower scene. Lol 🙂

    – Locker #1, braces

  35. Couple ba yung sobrang tangkad na korean/chinese fit older guy at yung kalbo na maliit na gwapo kagabi jan 23 night around 10pm onwards

  36. First time ko dito kanina. Andami palang tao, kala ko may fiesta sa men’s locker room. Medyo maliit lang din ung locker area. Tapos kulang sa ventilation ung shower area kaya prone sa mold and mildew. Medyo malinis naman pero nasa ung liquid soap nila ay nakalagay na lang sa dispenser at di sa lagayan ng ketsup. LOL

    Since maraming tao, di na rin ako nagtagal at tambay na lang sa lounge while waiting for my turn. I like their lounge area, sarap matulog siguro dun. May free hot tea at cookies pa. Nung napalingon ako sa katabi ko, may iced tea sya, hingi rin ako.

    After a few min, tinawag na ako ng masahista ko. Maliit lang sya, mga 5’4″ siguro. Pero maayos naman ang itsura. Medyo matanong ung masahistang naassign sa akin,kala ko may job interview. I like their “common room” private pa rin ang dating. Di ko expect na hubad pala ang massage dito. Then I thought lalabas si masseur pag maghubad ako, pero dun lang sya sa loob since spacious naman.

    I like the bed din, walang amoy, di malangis, di maingay at malapad sya.

    Ok naman ung massage, but feeling ko, di lang siguro sya ung “best” masseur sa amistad (feel free to recommend a good one). I like coz di sya sensual, swabeng massage na medyo hard kasi concentrate sya sa upper back ko. Tinodo nya at nawala naman ung sakit ng likod ko.

    Di na ko nagshower coz i didn’t like their wet area. Dumating din dun ung matangkad na chinito na ganda ng katawan at may astig na tattoo (back, arms, not sure sa harap). Is he a regular sa amistad? Quick shower lang din sya at lumabas na rin agad.

  37. Had a wonderful afternoon. Feeling ko empress ako pampered by two slaves… grabe ang twin popsies ang nakuha ko kanina… parang may dalawang hose na nagdidilig sa akin!!!!!

  38. To the bearded toned guy i played with last night in the steam room Monday Jan 15 around 12:30AM let me know if youre here. You were done with your massage i was about to start mine so had to leave. I think youre a regular too, seen you twice there already.

  39. Hi JP (yan ang sinabi mong name). You hand job me (Jan 14, 2019, mga 9:45pm) and asked if I am uncut. Ang hot mo talaga. Hope I have asked your number. Name lang nakuha ko eh. I feel that you are from Ateneo. Im from DLSU anyway. Can we meet again this end of month? Please reply yes here. I’ll post my email afterwards.

  40. Jan. 11 Thursday 10:00-10:30 pm. dun sa muscled guy na kinausap yung guy na paalis na that time sa may lababo, ako yung nagmmouthash sa tabi.
    You asked him about his course and kung saan sila pupunta nung isang guy.
    You’re interesting. Can you contact me at 0nine17four555one8nine? I would know kung ikaw yun kasi narinig ko kung ano yung course mo.

  41. anyone who went there tonoght Jan 8 1030pm to 1am. ok naman yung crowd. onti lang sayang wasnt able to chat with the 2 bearded guys. if you guys are here pls reply.. see u guys around.

  42. Dec 21 2017 Thursday

    Punta ako tonight. Medyo madami spasm sa back muscles ko.

    Punta ka ba? See you sa steam room.

    From 9pm to 12mn.

    Alvin here

  43. Gusto kong maging masaya kaya sinubukan ko itxt is Jollibee… sumagot at niyaya ko na hotel service. Siyempre konti negosasyon.. pumayag din at nagkita kami sa isang mall malapit sa dating location ng amistad.. sabik diretso na kami sa Saguhan… luwa much ang mata ko ng tumambad ang jumboree ni jolibee… di ko napigil sarili ko at kinain agad ang Champ na tlgang pure beef. Ang matindi pa siya pa nagsabi sa akin na “ready ka na” sabi ko saan “sa sauce ng beef steak” maloka ako… pwesto agad ako sa mesa ng kaligayahan. Tlgang masasabi mong “jolibee tunay ang saya.”

  44. Dec 14 (7-10pm) To the semi kalbo buff guy, ang sarap mo pre! Lalong nakakatakam ang pagiging snobbish mo. I think you’re locker No. 20. Hope we meet agaian and sana pagbigyan mo na ko. Hehe

  45. Sa chinito with locker #12 kagabi (Dec 9) from 8pm to 10pm, hello. Kaso mukhang straight ka kaya di kita makausap. Di ka kasi tumitingin man lang sa mga tao. Sa steam room, nakatayo ka lang din na parang ayaw mo na may kakausap sayo. Anyway, hello uli. Gwapo mo at mukha kang masarap with your tone bod.

    • Locker #12 was there again last night (Dec 29) at same locker number uli sya. Nakita kong may humawak sa pwet nya Sa may water station at napa mura sya. Sa loob naman ng steam room, 2 ang nagparamdam sa kanya, umupo pa mismo sa harap nya ang isa pero snob talaga sya. Mukhang straight ang lolo mo pero hoping pa din ako na mapansin mo ako/ kami.

  46. Ahahah palibhasa hipon kaya nag rereact ang lakas ng tawa ko dito. Hahahaahha

    Awww ang sakit ba? Ampanget tlga..ok lang naman sabihin ko kasi chaka din naman ako..di naman purkit chaka ako wala nako karapatan. Ang taas lang ng expectations ko base sa mga nababasa ko dito
    .may pa hot hot pa kayo nalalaman

    Totoo naman ang super gaganda ng katawan sige pero ung face…di naman…nakaka lowka kayo…may lababo naman dun sa gilid wash muna ng faces para magising… Okaya tambay muna sa loungr and have a coffee. Strong ha.

    Chaka tlga sayang oras..

  47. Sa mga bitter dyan di ka lang nadiligan baka mukha ka ipis o boses ipis siguro. Galing mo manlait e wala naman may gusto sayo. Hanap ka ibang spa pang jellyace and marshmallow tulad mo

  48. Was here the other day. Nasan ba ung mga sinasabi nyong gwapo? Puro may height at maganda ang katawan..true pero ang mga muka ampapanget, ni hindi mo mabigyan ng commercial. My gosh ung isa na tlgang hindi nag stay nag pamasahe lang naligo at umalis… Nakaka tawa pa kasi tila may mag shota don pareho malaki katawan ung isa bukbok naman muka patay tingin sila dun sa isang matangkad na buff na di rin ka gwapuhan..kaka loka ..umalis nat lahat lahat ni hindi sila tinignan mag shota kaka hiya. Kakaloka ang mga hipon inis ko nag lipat ako ny spa..amputa nandun ang mga gwapo..tatlo among the sea of fuglies..

  49. Grabe kagabi! Buffet. Ang daming hot guys!

    Pana panahon lang talaga dito. Depende sa chemistry at mood ng mga tao kung may magaganap o hindi.

  50. Guess what you know last night it was the best. Na chupa ko mga bes ang titing best na best… ang haba ng etits ni “long ranger” badly needed daw ky nakuha sa smooth sailing na negsasyon… VIP naging Victoria Court.

  51. Sa locker 17 kanina, chinito small guy na lean skinny, nice smile kaso umalis ka na nung tinawag na ako for massage. Twitter ClarkRasu

  52. the spa has gone through this thread pls be aware that they are more observant and strict now, avoid any embarrassment, if you can take the fun elsewhere pls do

    • Aaahh… hindi din naman siguro. Tagal na nila tinolerare ang fun-filled activities sa steam, mawawalan sila ng client pag nag inarte sila!

    • Kunwari lang po yun… nakausap ko si ung may-ari si Dennis… takot din sila mawalan ng cliente ky tuloy ang party… yahooo!!!!

  53. Been herr at around 9pm till 11pm. Masaya sana kagabi puro mga toned body .. kaso pamatay ang mga thunders at chobs killer ng kaligayahan..wala tuloy makaporma… sa bad trip ko umalis nalang ako

  54. Damn that steam room was fun. Was a little conscious about people walking in while i was getting a blowjob though haha. I got a handy from one of the masseurs. He had one of the tiniest dicks ive seen in manila but he sure milked me good. Worth the “tip” i gave him!

  55. went last night 05 Nov. good crowd kaso di ako nakascore hehe
    Locker #20 sayang di ko nakuha #mo paalis kana pass midnight pa start palang ako massage. was there when your dressing up na kaso may tao sa tabi natin.. see you around.

  56. SM Kenko spa in Pasay has excellent facilities but so so massage! Lahat ng nasa wet area required maghubo’t hubad sa sobrang liit ng towel na ibibigay syo haha!

  57. Halos lahat ng pogi na crush ko natitkman ko na shet naadik ako lalo sa discrete/ trippers sensya pag ayaw kayo pasalihin kanya kanya wag makulit ah lahat na katrip ko see you around

  58. Scene: 3 of us having fun, one guy is singled out
    Singled out guy: ganun ba ko kapanget
    Three of us: NR
    chill lang guys kung ayaw wag mapilit hanap ka ng papayag sayo , kanya kanyang preference.

  59. I’m married and I dropped by the spa because I wanted to relax after wrapping a client meeting nearby. It was my first time at this spa. The place is clean, fhe facilities are good, and the massage is satisfying.

    Pero nagulat ako sa steam. This guy started to touch the knee of the other guy. Umilag yung tao. Tapos lumapit din xa sakin at hinawakam din tugod ko. Xempre umilag din ako. Nung umalis na xa, tinanong ko yung isang lalaki, “ano yun? Ganun ba tlga dito?” Hindi naman xa sumagot. So I left the steam room and went directly to the massage. Spent around 15 minutes sa steam dahil nagulat.

    After the massage, I went back to the steam room. There was this kid. Lean built. Small waist. Maputi. Medjo mahinhin kumilos. Pero may itsura.

    I kept my eyes closed while in the steam. Then i noticed a hand softly and secretly trying to touch my hand. Si kid lumalandi. Lol.

    I had a feeling this activity is quite normal in this place. But I didn’t expect that because malinis yung facilities and puro manly lahat ng mga pumapasok.

    • To be honest, na curious ako sa bata. He followed me to my car and dun nya ako blnow job. No i wouldn’t dare having him suck me in the steam room or anywhere in that place.

      Might go back. Might not.

    • Nagpamasahe ako kanina… grabe as usual nakuha ko si “j” mukhang sabik din sa akin … inilabas agad ang kanyang mala 8″ inches na alaga. Ipinasubo agad sa akin. Sino ako pr tumanggi. Gusto nya magpaputok sa akin pero tumanggi ako for health reasons. Pero nagpaputok siya sa dibdib ko… saka nya ginawagang oil massage… ang sarap ng feeling. Ung nilabasan na siya saka naman todo sensual ginawa sa akin. Nakakaadik!!

      • How much do you give for es? Do all therapists here offer es? I was once here, I noticed the therapist was quite sensual with his strokes, but i was shy to ask if he could offer more.

        • Jayar ugly n mukhang pera
          Jayson dyuts
          Xander deli
          Simon dahu
          Richard boks
          Jerome tigas
          Braggy *Beki
          Mac deli but dyuts
          Mark sundae
          Alfred beks v.2
          Raymart dyuts v.2
          Kim ah ok
          Geof knorr cubes
          Ung iba di ko n marecalll

          Trial and error lang madami sa kanila mga jumboree

          • *bok as in bokals/kalbo
            *sundae kasi malambot wa kwenta
            *knorr cubes kasi sabi ng manok “pokpok”

            Ung may 8” madami sa kanila pakitaan lang ng magandang anda

          • Idagdag mo dyan si paul keff macmac. All small.
            Sadya ni pwner to hire therapists with small d-cks to dissuade ES

          • Agree much! Mahaba at mataba ang sa G. AT! Hindi mahirap i-convince siya na magpachupis. In fact, pag nasa mood, malamang mala-keps ang ending ng bibig mo. Nga lang, mala-buffet ang isang ito, lahat na yata ng bakla, napagbigyan. Sabi nga sa taas, “knorr cubes”

          • Totoong Beks si Braggy at Alfred. si alfred medyo paminta pa pero lalaki rin ang type nya.
            Si Geof natikman ko na talagang masisinok ka sa laki kaso iwas paminsan minsan…. parang karinderya siyang bukas sa lahat ng gusto kumain hahahah… baka kinakasama na nya si Aida.

            Si Jayson, MacMac at Jayar mga dyutay boys yang mga yan… malaki pa daliri ko hahahaha.. wiz nyo na kunin mga yan… malulugi kayo sa kasayahan hahahah

          • On point ka PP. Sobrang napopogian ako kay Kim. Hindi ako attracted kay Jayar kahit nung una ko pa syang nakita sa spa. Curious ako sa input mo sa mga hindi mo pa nabanggit like Michael, McJoe, Jun, Alvin at JB.

          • Sorry di ko pa sila na try. Ky no comment muna. Butnu gave me an idea kung sino ang isususnod ko…tingnan ko kung umayaw sila sa alindog ko hahaha

        • Kung gayon… the bigger question becomes… paano nalaman ni owner na small-dicked silang lahat.

          Dalawa lang ang dakila dito, si J at si M.

          • Sino ung me itsura na masseur nakalimutan ko name na ang lambing ng boses at mejo malamya, pogi sya mejo daks din. Di ako sure kung kulang ung ngipin nya kasi di sya ngbubuka ng bibig pag nag sasalita

  60. I was here oct 3, 2017 around 5-9pm dun sa chinitong naka j/o ko i wanted to get your no. Pero hindi ko sure kung trip mo din ako. Kung andito ka man let me know 🙂

  61. i come here occasionally to have a good massage and meet and have fun with AVERAGE to GOODLOOKING guys ONLY, its amazing SARAP,i love this place but sometimes its still a hit and miss, not all the time may gwapo,plus if only some of them aren’t super shy. Overall experience is still superb. This is not a place for the faint hearted lol, yung mga tanders and balyenas na mapilit usually umuuwing luhaan unless you have fun with each other. CAUTION: occasionally straight guys are around so be very careful when cruising LOL no body wants to see someone get embarrassed!!!!

  62. Sep 21 (Thursday) 6-9 pm. Dun sa naka-orgy ko sa steam before tayo magpa-massage. Around 7 pm sabay tayo nagpa-massage tapos nun nag-bj ulit ako sayo sa steam room. Ibibigay ko sana number ko sayo para ma-contact mo ko kung kailan ka ulit pupunta sa spa.
    If you’re reading this, email mo number mo sa

  63. Been to this spa at around 1:00pm halos kaka-open palang nila of course nakapag pa book na ako sa therapist ko. kaya on time siya dumating. Before hand sinabihan ko na siya na gusto ko ng Sensual massage. Pagdating sa VIP,, habang ako ay nakababad sa bath tub dumating si Therapist… laking gulat ko ng biglang naghubad at sumama sa akin sa bathtub. pero dahil mainit ung water di niya kinaya kaya sa massage bed nlang kami nagpakasaya. Di ko expected na gagawin nya yun. kaya sa sobrang bait nya naging mabait din ako sa kanya. Description: Muscular at tone ang body ni masahista

  64. To the chinito guy who i had sex knina sa sauna. Sept 23 around 230 to 3pm. Thank you. I had fun. Hope you are here. I didn5 get your number.

  65. Sep 21 (Thursday) 6-9 pm. Dun sa naka-orgy ko sa steam before tayo magpa-massage. Around 7 pm sabay tayo nagpa-massage tapos nun nag-bj ulit ako sayo sa steam room. Ibibigay ko sana number ko sayo para ma-contact mo ko kung kailan ka ulit pupunta sa spa.
    If you’re reading this, email mo number mo sa

  66. Am an average dude still trying to workout more and get fitter since then i have lots of fun in this spa .. this place is inspires me to look and feeler better dami na rin pumapatol minsan hotties pa woohoo.