Our vision is to bring high quality service with very affordable rates. Ahavia is also derived from the Hebrew word AHAVA which means to love or to care.

Ahavia Lounge Spa

Business Type:Spa & Wellness Center
Spa Address:579 Mariano Marcos St., San Juan
Operating Hours:Mondays thru Sundays, 12:00PM to 4:00AM

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Ahavia Lounge Spa Features

Home / Hotel Services (Outcall)

Open 24 Hours

Credit Card Payments

Salon + Beauty

Wi-Fi Access

Ahavia Lounge Spa Amenities

Parking Area

Shower Area


Food & Dining

Sauna Room

Steam Room

Swimming Pool

Fitness Center / Gym

Ahavia Lounge Spa: In Detail

Service Specialty:Oriental Ritual, Western Blend, Point Pressure, and Ahavia Signature Massage
Treatment Area:Private & VIP Rooms
Price Range:P350.00 - P800.00
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  1. Panalo comments ni Paul. I tried them all. Si kill matagal na wala. But i tried him before he left. Lol. Rod is pricey kaya wala na kumukuha sa kanya. Lol

  2. i do believe that ahavia only offers clean massages but my friends told me that there were therapists here offering extra services at night inside the small rooms on the second floor. not only for gay men but also for straight men. i want to bring my gay and straight friends here for my birthday. pls update me.

  3. Went to Ahavia Lounge Spa in San Juan on April 19, 2014 to have a massage. I got the 90-min Western Blend priced at Php 499 and was expecting to have a relaxing massage that everyone was talking about. Before getting this, I read initially that this was supposed to be a combination of Swedish Massage and Shiatsu.

    Shiatsu was very evident at the beginning as pressure points were the main focus. But My therapist was pressing my body VERY LIGHTLY at first and so I thought this was part of the whole therapy were he would start light pressures and move on with the hard ones. UNFORTUNATELY, the hard pressures NEVER CAME!

    For the Swedish part, Unfortunately, it felt like there was little or NO Swedish massage at all!

    Like many other Spa’s or Massage place I went to, the therapist should be asking if the pressure is OK with the Client all throughout the entire therapy.

    I asked for a MALE THERAPIST so the pressure would be good enough for me to have a relaxing massage. The therapist’s name was Nicky (male) since I inquired this with the receptionist.

    My initial observation was that he was he lacked experience or he was feeling LAZY! There were times when he stopped while doing the massage. I thought he was feeling sleepy or he fell asleep at times during the entire session. If this is the case, I could have gotten a similar massage at a small time spa where the therapy is priced at Php 200.

    Please note, there are many customers who find it hard to complain on the spot. So the best thing that a therapist could do is ask the client , time and again if he is feeling ok. I raised my complaint after the session, and instead of being consoled or doing something about the complain, I was just told that “THE CUSTOMER SHOULD HAVE TOLD THE THERAPIST IF THE PRESSURE IS NOT OK.” Not very good at handling customer complaints.

    Overall instead of being relaxed, I FELT VERY STRESSED!

  4. I want to believe its CLEAN but I’ve been hearing some of my gay friends saying that some of their masseurs start doing extra to them… Hope the management can warm them.

  5. I’ve been a frequent visitor of Ahavia for some years now and my visits have always been satisfactory. But my last visit was just so horrible, I cant get myself to forget and come back.
    Last December, my friend made reservations for herself, her mom, me, my mom and my sister. We had a reservation for 5 at 11pm. My mother, sister and I arrived at around 10:30pm. Of course, it was understandable that we had to wait. We didn’t mind since my friend hadn’t arrived yet. 10 minutes to 11pm my friend arrives and the receptionist asked us what type of massage we wanted (etc, you know how it works). Four of us picked the signature massage and my mother wanted to get the hot stone massage. The receptionist then informs us that the room available is only for 4 persons and one had to be separated from the group. If we wanted to be in one room together, we have to wait 30 minutes. We opted to wait. 30 minutes passed… 40 mins… Eventually, it turned into an hour. Some time past 12, we were finally escorted to our room. Turns out all our waiting was for nothing cos either way, the hot stone massage had to be done in a well-lit room. I was pretty fuming at this point but I just wanted to get over it now. I’ve already paid, I’ve already waited, what else could go wrong?
    During my session, my massage therapist started playing hiphop music from her phone.. DURING THE SESSION. I had to tell her to “lower the volume”. I know it was quite passive aggressive but I was trying so hard to relax. Im glad she got a hint. Even my friend who was on the other side of the curtain was bothered by it. That was icing on the sh*tty cake… The massage wasn’t memorably good just in case you were wondering.
    Oh yeah, the therapist who did the hot stone burned my mom’s leg. I guess that’s the cherry on top of the icing of the sh*tty cake.
    Ahavia– Never again!

  6. Ahavia is by far the cleanest and coziest spa in San Juan I’ve ever been.the masseurs are all respectful and they really know what they are doing…and it’s the kind of spa that the masseurs will not whisper something before the massage ends….that’s quite a relief because they do not take advantage of not only their clients but they see to it that the place is not a venue for something that many wouldn’t like,,,,thank heavens…

    • yeah it’s true the masseurs are respectful but sorry to say they have 5 males named Rod, Sam, Kill, Nickie, and Bill.. Only Rod is not doing extra service… the rest they did to me in private room…. if the price is right…

  7. Customer service here is bad!!!!! super t***a mga tao nila… Kaya pala ung boss ng friend ko na neighbor ng may ari ng spa di na bumalik dun dahil sa kat***han nila. Dapat kasi orient nila ng maige ang mga tao nila, pati sa accounting nila masyadong nagmamarunong di rin pala alam pinagsasasabi. I don’t recommend this place lalo na kung commute ka lang kasi mahirap ang taxi, wala masyado dumadaan, imbes na relaxed ka na, napagod ka pa ulit. Massage and the place is great but It would be better if nasa magandang location ang san juan branch. If ever papa massage ako ulit, di na sa Ahavia lounge spa. Wensha nalang ako ulit or Citylifestyle…..

  8. I was desperately looking for a spa that’s still open today (Maundy Thursday) as I have very limited vacation time and I wanted to relax and ease my aching body. I wanted something that’s close by and I checked Manila touch to see anything within the vicinity. Ahavia was featured on the website and it was close by! It was the first time a heard of this spa so I checked the details of the spa and there were no comments yet made. I don’t usually try any spa if they don’t have any comments or feedback. But since I was pressed for time and worried that there won’t be any spa left open, I still called them. They were open! But then I was told they were fully booked and that they can’t accommodate me until 10PM in the evening. I felt bad and just decided to check on other spas. None of the usual were open. So I just went to dinner and rested. At 8PM in the evening, I decided to call them back, since it’s only 2 hours till 10PM and they might be freed up. Sad to say, they were still fully booked and now they can only accommodate me by 1AM. So I said OK and made my reservations. I was there 15 mins before 1AM. The spa was off the main street of Wilson, but not too hard to find. It was along a quiet street among residential houses which is a good thing. This means it’s quiet inside. They were really fully booked. Upon arriving I saw maybe ten or 15 cars parked outside and around the building. They have a guard outside to secure the parking spaces along the side of the building and the street. The building was like an old house converted into a spa. Really good interiors. Dim lighting, no “serenity” music like other spas. But it was good. It felt homey. It felt good. No odors of oils or scents. Just plain, clean smell. Was greeted by attentive receptionists. There were couches for you to sit. They immediately asked about my reservation and after paying they ask if I want tea. I waited for about 15 mins or so and was called in by the masseur. The cubicles are separated by stylish and thick curtains. Even though they were curtains, when your inside the cubicle, you’ll still feel very private. Of course very dim lighting but enough to see things around you. Still no music, but it was quite refreshing that they didn’t have that. It was quiet, very relaxing, no murmurs of therapists laughing. It was simply…quiet. And to think, they were fully booked. Good AC control as well. Not too cold, just the right amount. Now, the massage part. IT WAS EXCELLENT! No kidding! Just to be clear I am not a paid advertiser. I’m just a simple customer who had gone to a lot of spas already. This was by far the BEST I have experienced. The masseur had technique! Imagine that! It was the first time I really felt that I was getting an authentic Swedish massage! He made strokes that I have never seen in other masseurs or masseuse for that matter! He took his time and really reached those problem areas. He also knew by the way he made his strokes that I have a lower back problem and left leg alignment issues without even saying anything. He didn’t speak of it, but I felt the difference in the pressure and extra attention he made on those parts. And then there was the STRETCHING! IT WAS EXCELLENT! I was amazed by the different stretching techniques. I have never experienced them in my life! 🙂 By the way during the entire massage, you are fully covered by towels. So towards the end of the massage you’re not freezing to death. Don’t you hate it when you’re getting a massage and there are not enough towels and when you’re asked to flip over after a few minutes you’ll be freezing and spastic and won’t enjoy the rest of the massage. Overall I was pleased. And to top it all off, I only paid 400+ for an hour and a half of massage. They’re basic is 299 for an hour but if you want to make it 1 1/2 hours then they just add a percentage of the basic fee. It doesn’t matter what type of massage it is. Unlike other spas that have specific prices for different massage types. It depends on the number of hours or at least, that’s how I understand it, hehehe. This is the first time I have ever commented on a spa on this website or any other website. I took the time to write this comment because that’s how much I enjoyed my experience here. KUDOS to AHAVIA for getting well trained staff. I’m not going to invite anyone nor convince anyone to go there, but if you do visit them, they’re service will speak for itself. By the way, even if the fee starts at 299, the place looks upscale and high end. CLEAN massage. Even though I’m a gay guy, I highly appreciate that this establishment is clean. Unlike others. So to AHAVIA, I hope you keep what you have and still improve on what you think would be best. Thanks for a night and money well spent. Will visit you soon. Thanks Rod (the masseur who was assigned to me).

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