1. Hi Madam ,

    Please erase your CP no. in your streamer advertisement with Globe no. 09178499557 as seen on this website below.


    Marami po kasing tumatawag sa akin about your business. Ako po ang nag may ari sa SIM number na yan from Globe postpaid. Masyado kasing disturbo at na mislead din yung customers nyo. Better kung palitan nyo yan with other Globe CP no.

    Salamat po.


  2. Adt’l PHP200 para sa private room na sobrang dumi at ang liit. 600 para sa massage na walang kwenta. Hindi na nga maayos ang masahe, ES agad ang pakay para sa halagang 2k, hindi pa maayos ang room. Napuntahan ko dati ang samaya malapit sa SM bacoor and mas maayos dun. Sa price nyo pwede na kong mag Wensha, Amistad or New York Spa.

  3. Tried here once, mga 5PM. Kakabukas pa lang at hindi bukas yung aircon. OK nmn yung massage pero pinagkakakagat ako ng lamok. :/

    Massage: 7/10
    Place: 4/10

  4. my favorite therapist never failed to deliver an unforgettable massage experience. im a fan of the in*p*t style! after a good massage, i crave for that extra routine and the therapist delivers. the therapist would still linger on top even after cl*max, doing few more ip*t and squeezes between thighs until all residue comes out. what a blissful experience!

  5. i went to this place.. was ok.. had a girl there who was nice and kinda cute.. didnt know was a ES spa.. she offered ES.. i was like.. mmm ok.. cuz i never tired b4.. she sucked good cept im big so she bit my dick.. so she said ok lets add a 1/2 hr more totaling 850p.. no big deal.. but she was asking 2k at the end for a bj.. i laughed.. and left.. without paying her anything.. not even a tip.. paid for massage.. and gone.. next time.. lower your price.. and leave ur bullshit at the door.. if u offer.. keep it low and let them know wat they will get.. if i wouldnt have got the foreigner price.. i woulda came back.. since i live near by..

  6. Should have relied on the comments here. Dissatisfied the first time I went. P400 is still P400. Combination of Shiatsu and Swedish you say? I don’t think so. My therapist was the worst I had. Para lang syang nagpapahid ng lotion sa dingding. Tapos puro tap sa likod at binti ko. The nerve na mag-offer ng ES… this spa definitely is not a good place to visit. Gawin nio na lang motel yan mas kapani-paniwala pa.

  7. I’ve tries it twice.
    1st.. I definitely don’t like their Massage service… Ok lang sana bago mag request ng extra service na satisfy ka sa massage.. Lugi talaga..
    Then after few months. I decides to try their other therapist. In the end, i have concluded to not ever go for the 3rd time ever!!!
    To those who have tried, i know u would agree with confidence..
    Im not telling u to not to try. I recommend that u also try so atleast u could personally experience what a WASTE OF TIME & MONEY!!.
    Especially when u hear their boss AKIO treat his staff like an IDIOT!! What the heck!!

  8. ..sa rate na 400 php sa 1 hr full body massage ay super disappointed ako. i had jerimiah , malaki nga katawan pero poor ang ibinigay nitong masahe sakin..hindi talaga ako satisfied:(

    OA din ang e.s rate niya na 2.5 k pero sa huli nasa client padin namn un:)

    sa lahat ng spa na natry ko, blue room spa ang the best:) mura at my quality ang massage:)

  9. The massage was so-so. I’ve been there about 10 times and was only satisfied 3 times. You are probably asking why do I go back when I’m not satisfied. The answer is location. I usually go to the South Bay City Spa in Paranaque but since I live in Cavite, it is the most convenient for me to go drop-by here instead. I know they could improve their service. I already love the look of the place. Just train you therapist more and add a sauna probably? Good luck Samaya.

  10. Basta po sir ang landmark would be bpi panapaan we are just across the bank 2nd floor. Or just get in touch with us if ur in the area… Our contact nums are posted here.

  11. ask ko lang po kung saan po ito located? saan po ito malapit.. hinahanap ko po kasi ito kahapon, pero di ko nakita. thanks po…

  12. satisfied costumer here..
    i recommend for the guys na naghahanap ng female masseur si anne
    nagpunta ako dito kahapon
    kahit naghantay ako ng 1 and half hour sulit ang paghihintay
    kasi may client ang nagiisang female masseur nila na si anne
    pero sweet and masarap magmasahe
    masarap din kakwentuhan
    i wanna try her..if hindi siya available kung pwede itry ibang female
    sino ba ang available pang female masseur nyo dyan??

    points for this spa

  13. The lighting in the massage area needs to be improved. Is it too bright? Not that relaxing. The curtain dividers are very thin that you can identify who is on the adjacent cubicle.

  14. Akio, the owner, is a friend and a neighbor. I have tried their services back in the old location. Even if the spa is just new, you can see that the owner is trying to improve their services. I will not be surprised if they have improved way way better than when they first started.

    Good job Akio! Continue the culture of NOT shortchanging customers.

  15. Hi Sir Japordy,
    Thanks a lot for the wonderful comment regarding how are spa treated during your treatment with us. We strive to excel in our chosen field for us to continue the legacy we have started out two years ago. We came across different customers some has not so good comments/observation regarding our spa but we took it as a challenge for us to improve in our spa services. We hope that you can drop by again and try our different spa services that will truly rejuvenate your body and soul.

    To Our Valued Customers:
    Samaya Spa has relocated to a bigger better place to ensure the safety of our clients. We hope that you should try it out by yourself and experience one of a kind spa services treatment only here at Samaya Spa…

  16. ok yung service ng samaya, the masseur nila well trained talagang durog ang lamig sa katawan ko, alam nila ang tamang technique in massaging muscle. hindi sila bara-bara kung mag massage ng client meron pang TLC factor ( tender loving care ) sa client nila. unlike other spa after ng theraphy papabayaan kana magpunas ng sarili mo kahit braso mo hindi nila magawang punasan, unlike samaya pinunasan at tinuyo yung mga braso at binti ko ng theraphist nila. i like the way he treat a client, if have a time again to have a great massage i’ll choose samaya to have my body pampered by their great hands!! samaya keep your legacy of giving a great and relaxing massage to your client regular/future… if a hotel have a 5 star category your institution for me have a 5 star category when it comes to spa…

  17. [@haucky papa’s]naithan his gud therapst samaya spa, client aq nila cmula ng open yng samaya, isa lng ang therapst q jan c naithan lng hngng ngayn ky kilala kilala q c naithan. mtagal n cia s samaya at c n lng ang origel n therapst ng samaya ang dami n umalis at dumating n therapst s samaya pero c naithan anjan pa, gudluck naitha keep up the god work. pls respect my commet

  18. tnx samaya spa sa magnda service sobra n relax aq sa massage ni naithan…. tangal lahat ng sak8 ng katawan q, galing kz aq cebu ky stress aq that time. his recomend my frnd magaling dw c naithan ky try q. gwapo at cute hehehe……

  19. i actually went there(samaya) twice… first was so nice because i have a great time with the massage service they actually offered. Its clean massage and i got exactly what a massage is all about… Pero nung second time grabe worse ang nangyari imagine ang liit ng katawan ko inapak apakan ako sa likod… i tried to call his attention but wala he give hes all weight on my back. Grabe instead n ma relax ka wala grabe. But in all fairness never ko naman na encounter yung ES thing here. Idont know kung babalik pa ako or any other spa around cavite that you guys recommend ?

  20. kahit pa di ako natuwa sa serbisyo nila…i still give tip…mukha kasing nag eexpect ng tip yung therapist na walang kwentang magmasahe

  21. siguro my tama kayo dyan kasi sobra ang ingay ng owner ng spa d ako maka relax masyado syang mabunganga di makapag relax kasi maririnig mo yung bibig nya…

  22. so funny… what a nice name.Beki spa.. sa lahat naman ng ayaw ko beki na ko beki pa masseurs ko ahahah… pero teh… ramdam nga,,, puro beki sila… from bosing to masseurs bekibelles…

  23. I’ve been on this spa i think three times already….. very inconsistent services, like one time im not really contented with the massage of a tiny masseur…..

  24. i finally had the chance to try this spa the other day… and just like ryu’s recommendation, to “just announce your arrival and you’ll be treated like a prince when you’re there! “… i did text the owner that i intended to go there that night and i requested a therapist whose picture i saw in their FB account… na-intriga ako sa “treated like a prince” factor, and who wouldn’t want to be a royalty even for an hour?

    but it turns out that i won’t be a prince william that night.. more of a prince harry — as in PRINCE-IN-WAITING… since traffic going to bacoor that night was relatively light, i got there about 10 minutes ahead of my scheduled arrival… when i got there, Karlo (the therapist i requested) was behind the counter, so i introduced myself as the one who texted earlier and requested for him… i asked for the owner, sabi nya “nasa loob po”…he was very pleasant alright, so i didn’t mind at all when he said “sir, have a seat first… maya maya pong konti tayo…” — there was another vehicle parked outside, so i assumed there were clients inside, and perhaps there were no available cubicles… so i went ahead and sat at their waiting area…

    there were an assortment of magazines in the nearby rack and i got one about digital photography… after a while, karlo asked if i wanted something to drink, sabi ko just a glass of water would be fine… he offered tea instead, which was better…

    after about 10 minutes, i asked, “wala pa tayong available cubicle?”… he said, “hindi sir, wala po kasing maiwan dito sa counter pag umalis ako, medyo konti po kasi kami ngayon”, i asked if all the other therapists have clients at the moment, he said yes… apparently wala silang tao na talagang receptionist lang ang duty — which is not uncommon in some other spas i tried, so, ok… i went back to my magazine and tea…

    natapos ang magazine (after about another 10 minutes), naisip kong tanungin, “si akio, he doesn’t man the reception desk?”… “nasa loob po sya, sa massage”… “may client din sya?” (naisip ko tuloy, sobrang konti ba nila at pati ang owner, nag-ma-massage na rin?… “hindi po, sya ang nagpapa-massage”… uh ok… stood up to get another magazine… by this time, meron na ring dumating na isa pang client, who opted to stay outside to wait sa outdoor sitting area…

    5 minutes into my 2nd magazine, somebody came out and went directly behind the counter, sinabi ni karlo that he has a client waiting… “bakit di nyo ako tinawag? demo massage lang naman….(didn’t catch the last part)”… nagpaalam si karlo that he’ll prepare the cubilce so i was left to wait — some more… hindi naman ako kinibo nung bagong tao sa reception, so ako na ang nagtanong “are you akio? the owner?”… busy sya sa computer so he just said “yes” without looking at me, ewan kung epekto lang ng matagal na paghihintay, but he sounded a bit dismissive to me… so i went back to my magazine…

    after a while, on his way out, he asked me “ok lang kayo sir, binigyan ba kayo ni karlo ng tea?”… without looking at him, i said “yes”… “sige sir, si karlo nang bahala sa inyo”… then he went out… paglabas, medyo malakas na ang boses nya at mas machika na sya when he approached to other client outside — so i guess, may pinipili syang i-chika na client, at hindi ako yun…

    after the preliminary foot wash, karlo directed me to the cubicle that’s perpendicular to all the other ones in the room… i was asked to go behind the curtained partition to prepare… nung ready na ako and was lying face down on the mattress — i waited for another 5 minutes before he finally got inside to start my massage, sa tagal ng paghihintay, konti na lang talaga makakatulog na ako dun….

    so when i thought that i got there 10 minutes ahead of time because traffic was unusually light, i ended up waiting a full half hour before i got my massage…. so, no… i did not feel like a prince at all…

    in fairness to Karlo, his massage was quite good… i asked for a hard massage (which i really thought he couldn’t deliver considering his light frame)… but he did deliver, and his pressure was consistent and very thorough ang massage, all bases covered… but i would have wanted a slower pace — hindi ko alam if he was trying to compensate for making me wait so long kaya medyo mabilis ang rhythm ng strokes nya, or talagang ganun kabilis ang mga strokes nya… ako kasi mas gusto ko yung mas mabagal, mas nakaka-relax…

    the cubicle assigned to me was quite small, the mattress was already against the wall on one side, and the curtain partition on the other side did not even manage to take in my slippers… sa bandang itaas ko naman, the curtain that covers the glass window didn;t quite cover the window, pag hinahangin, medyo bumubukas at nakikita ko yung veranda sa labas…. lumabas pa si karlo to get something to pin the curtain to the insulation sheet that covers the adjacent window… at dahil ganun kaliit ang space, he had to ask me to scoot to one side of the mattress while he work on an arm and one side, then scoot back to the other side so he can work on the other arm and side…

    i have no idea how princes are suppose to be treated, but i definitely did not feel like a royalty at all…

    • Sir I would highly suggest a very good therapists try to look for Joross, Naithan, JC, Anton, Brandon Ryan and Karlo. Most requested sila… I cant deny the fact there are some flaws but we are tying to improve our service by asking each customers regarding the spa experience they had…

      If u have want you can look for me… Akio

      These are our new numbers… (02) 359-9301 / (0917) 849-9557

    • @kkkd, its quite good. depende cguro sa mag mamasahe sau. but i would also recomend “bamboo spa in las piñas, place is near bamboo church. try their morrocan bathroom its very relaxing.

  25. i was experienced already what service they have for this particular spa, its quite good but i was not totally satisfied when it comes to massage.. pra kcng hinahaplos lang ang katwan basta lang malagyan ng oil at di mo mararamdaman ang “diin” ng kamay. suggest ko lang is more improvement on your service kc para di luge ang customer..

  26. ^from sm bacoor, anu directions?? going north deeper into cavite?? o r going south direction palabas ng cavite (zapote, coastal)

    • @juju from sm bacoor going south direction palabas ng cavite.from sm bacoor malapit na sya…yung street going to mariche apartelle at marina…dun sya…yung harap ng buidling ay may leo’s gym..madali lang po sya mahanap

      • tried going there last night, hindi ko sya nakita…. paglabas mo ng daang-hari, if you turn left papuntang SM bacoor… pag, andun ka na, san sya banda? kaliwa o kanan? tagal kong paikot-ikot… i even drove the other way (going right from daang hari) … kung may lilikuan pa, ano landmark sa corner?

  27. @muna from alabang you can ride a van going to sm bacoor then from sm bacoor it’s just a walking distance around one block away from sm bacoor…it’s near pc express and Padi’s point bacoor..

  28. I tried Samaya once but i didn’t like it. VERY DISAPPOINTING
    massage was very amateur and the oil is like grease of pork from adobo, it stinks.

    and there was this thin masseur who asked for extra service for 1K. LUGI!!!!

    i saw him outside he was totally ugly and ang baho ng hininga. ako pa nga dapat niya bayadan.

    0/10 rate ko

  29. samaya spa is the first of its kind in cavite. get yourself a body scrub or body wash and a massage and you get to be handled by two different therapists. get more services and you get to get more therapists!

    the spa’s ambiance is simply next to nature’s own. the owner and his staff are very accommodating, warm, polite and will really attend to all your needs. they will even let you mix and match the available services to your liking or to suit your needs. and their services are very good. just announce your arrival and you’ll be treated like a prince when you’re there!

    so, if you’re in the cavite area, drop by this spa and enjoy the touch of their therapists. they’ll take you to heaven (while here on earth)!

  30. A very legit spa that you can be relaxed. The only for men spa in Cavite. At first i was hesitant to drop by but of course I really to try it and experience by myself. It was superb. the owner was so friendly and accommodating. The staffs were very courteous and of course kind of giving the special treatments and services. Gwapo indeed and very true massage. They have a variety of experienced therapists from Brunei and Kuwait and other spas in the Metro. I will truly recommend this spa to all of you. Look for the owner and he will give you the right one for you needs. I think if I’m not mistakes its Akio…


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