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Blissful Spa

Business Type:Home & Hotel Massage Service
Outcall Service Areas:Paranaque areas only.
Operating Hours:Mondays thru Sundays, 2:00PM to 12:00AM

Contact Numbers

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Female Therapists Available

Outcall Massage Service Features

Open 24 Hours Reservations

Services and Rates

Service Specialty:Unknown
Price Range:P250.00 - P600.00
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  1. I had written a message to them and they never replied. so I gave them a chance, but they didn’t think it was important to reply to feed back.

    I was sent a “therapist” — i use quotation marks because I don’t think she should be called it — that told me herself that she had only been with them for two weeks. and only got those two weeks of “training.”

    She went through the motions, probably imitating someone or her mentor, but didn’t know to apply the pressure needed. She’d press on shoulder and buttocks but didn’t apply enough pressure to actually stretch you out!

    She also couldn’t keep her phone away. She would disengage and thinking she was looking for her oil bottle but can’t find it, only to see the light of her phone was on, she was obviously on it. I had to ask twice if she wanted to stop and respond to that message.

    She had also lost track of time and used up close to two hours on my back alone. I could have reminded her but its her job, and my job is to relax as she massaged me, not keep track of time.

    She was also chatty. Being new, i guess it wasn’t drilled into her that unless the client initiates conversations to work quietly. She also couldn’t take cues that i was done talking after i’d answer her questions. What she told me will be hearsay so I wont repeat them but the experiences listed above are all first hand experiences.

    It’s not her fault and i don’t blame her. they should have just made sure that those they send out are not going out untrained.

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