1. I’ve tried the spa last night in Balanga. The male therapist was not even in the regular scrub suit or any uniform. I had the combination package of body scrub and Swedish massage. The reception is at the second floor and I was asked to go upstairs to the third floor. The cubicle was only covered by curtains, the floor was filthy, the bathroom was stinky. The place was not maintained. At first, I thought the receptionist was going to contact any male therapist who is available online cause I heard her asking the boy or assistant if “Rodel” is available. To my surprise, the helper was the one who will be my therapist. He was coughing during the session. I told him to do a hard massage but pressure did not change. He spent most of his time going out of the cubicle. I thought he was going to refill the oil. Over-all, I spent most of the time waiting cause he most of the time he was out at least 4 times. I will not recommend going back to this spa. But I guess, you have to try it yourself.


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