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Bay Leaf Spa is a unique facility where quality and satisfaction are our main priority. We offer a full range of spa services tailored to your own needs. Come and enjoy a relaxing massage with our registered massage therapist.


Our spa services are guaranteed to deliver comfort as well as workmanship. Designed for both women and men, we specialize in the latest rejuvenation treatments. Rejuvenate your body and mind with our complete spa services that delivers superior face and body treatments for Him and Her in an atmosphere of tranquility.

Relax and revitalize your body. Smooth your skin gently and effectively with proven techniques aimed to please. We welcome you to indulge and pamper yourself within our serene and pleasant environment that will leave you in heavenly bliss.

Spa Name: BayLeaf Spa
Operational Status: OPEN
Location / Address: 1157-E Quezon Avenue Brgy. Sta. Cruz, Quezon City
Contact Numbers:
Landline: (02)624-9713
Mobile: (0917)884-0488, (0908)866-8565
Operating Hours: Mondays thru Sundays, 1:00AM to 7:00AM
Membership: None
Shower: Yes
Steam Room / Sauna: No
Parking: Yes
Home Service: No
Other Features:
Masseur Type: Male & Female
Specialty: Unknown
Treatment Area: Divisions, Cubicles
Price Range: P400.00 รขโ‚ฌโ€œ P1,500.00
My Experience: None yet.
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Ambiance: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
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  1. I got Kim in werehousecoolspa in makati . His massage was one of the best I have experienced..

    His seductive massage
    His service can be considered one of the best. 0917 559 9929
    2421B morse st san isidro makati

  2. to bayleaf management,
    pls update your webcite so we customer can check if you are offering any new promo’s and if you have new female therapist , see if you can post them.

  3. Bukas pa ba ito. Twice i tried to go here pero close sila. I mean nakalagay sa pinto eh ‘open’ pero nakalock ata. Tried knocking but no one is answering. If they are still operating mali ba ung nakalagay sa fb na 24 hrs sila? I’m going there every sunday morning before 12, coz thats the only time i’m free

  4. At last na try ko na ang spa na ito. 800 pesos massage is not worth it. Masyadong mahal compared sa ibang spa na 650 lang plus unli use of their facilities. Although medyo goodlooking ung mga male thera, pero massage wise, 2 thumbs down, alang kwenta din pala ung sensual massage. Kikilitiin ka lang tapos bubulungan nga, “extra service po?”.

  5. sir therapist cyra nasa facebook nila, then cyra would be one of their best therapist.
    kaya very professional ang ginawa niya na full body massage and sensual massage sa akin. pero hindi ko sure kung siya yung gumawa sa akin na compare sa picture dahil medyo madilim sa loob ng bathing room and darker sa massage cubicles.
    pero sulit na yung 800 ko. tapos tip ko sa kanya 300.

  6. my last visit was a good experience one because I was not always satisfy with a 45 minutes massage duration.
    my therapist was czra or sera, she gave me a 1-full hour body and sensual massage and it was done professionally eventhough the massage was only moderate.
    she was my eight or ninth therapist that I tried .
    I was relaxed the whole hour and this I would say a true sensual massage I have experience so far. the previous therapist that I tried were not good in giving me a sensual massage that last only less than 10 minutes.
    czra is pretty and tall.
    I can also recommend jade but she ‘s not that pretty. but also good in sensual.
    both of them have different styles .

    • yes sir open pa yan.
      parang mas concentrate nila yung mga customer na kumukuha ng male therapist.
      base on my experience puro moderate pa rin ang massage nila.

  7. no more regular massage of 400 or 500 pesos.
    cheapest service start at 800 pesos not cheap .
    include body wash, back body massage and sensual massage.
    choice of male or female therapist.
    not all therapist are good in giving you a relaxing sensual massage.
    i always request a lady therapist.
    most of the time after the massage i always take a quick shower before i leave. (nothing unusual)
    my last two visits recently i noticed that there are new batch of therapist.
    and at the end of the sensual massage in this 2 visits ,i was surprise that my therapist ask me gently if i want to have a RELEASE. you say what! i understood when i visited this spa for several times already that this is a legit ones.
    maybe there are some customers wants to have a release after their massage and the management have instructed their therapist as s.o.p. to ask their customers about this.
    well this therapist surely would earn a larger tip from the customers.
    but this kind of practice may look bad for this spa in the future.
    well not all customers wants this and atleast the therapist will ask you nicely , its up to you if you want to try it or not but be ready to answer yes or no to your assign therapist.
    cause on my last two visits this new batch of therapist were very insisting of wanting to give me a release extra service or you might call it a hj service.
    but i turn their offer down.
    well i would still visit this place once in a while hoping that their quality massage would improve soon. because most of this lady therapist massage me in a moderate to mild stroke only.
    i don’t know about their male therapist regarding their massage quality.
    maybe if I’m a gay customer i would surely request for a male therapist but not me.

  8. its me again. visited bayleaf angeles in the mint hotel. experience with a male therapist is cloud 9… grabe talga… 2thumps up

  9. Tried san fernando brance, my first experience is dis appointing with that bukbukan therapist, 2nd visit with other therapist was a heavenly experience….

  10. to those who wants to try this spa, my advice is try the regular massage first, then if you already have a regular therapist then that’s when you avail the signature massage.
    800 pesos is not cheap .

  11. their regular massage of 400 pesos is now 500 pesos,
    expect light to moderate massage less than an hour.
    I tried 5 therapists last year,i would rated them as 1 thera as a good moderate thera, the next 2 as a semi-moderate thera, and the last 2 as a light massage thera.
    eventhough I told the reception to give me their best hard massage thera.
    I don’t know if I would try their male therapist if they are good in massage.
    that’s all for now.

  12. i tough 1 and 1/2 hour…. bath and massage were only 1 hour…. i mean no offend, pero walang kabuhay buhay … sayang pera… tsk

  13. I am satisfied with the service at Bayleaf. I got make therapist, and I didn’t expect that he’ll do more than sensual massage for 800 signature massage. He did hj and finger at the same time.

  14. regarding the comment of shon orthodontist,
    sir the 800 package you avail included the therapist will give you a quick bath.
    which the female therapist didn’t do it.
    base on my experiences on my visits, the reception will handed to you a service offer form for you to choose and its printed the services they offer under the 800 pesos package specify a quick bath that the therapist will give you before the regular massge and follow the sensual massage.
    base on your experience , they didn’t do it the way they should have done.
    even on my past experience I always remind my therapist to finish the massage in the hour even if its just a moderate pressure massage.
    thanks for your comments.

  15. to bayleaf management,
    i just want to say that i have nothing against your spa but we customer have the right to inform our fellow customer about the competition .
    your massage quality is still under par with the other spa’s but with a lighter budget.
    sure you have your sensual massage which is your trademark but you have to provide a thera that can deliver hard stroke massage to us customers.
    i like your present ambiance but increasing the regular massage from 400 to 500 which i haven’t notice to where the extra cost will go to where?
    i hope to go back to your spa to provide us better services.
    just my 2 cents !

  16. to all customers that are not satisfied with bayleaf service , you may wanna try NOZOMI health spa infront of ccp along roxas blvd, pasay.
    its a legit spa and its standard package is 920 pesos , yes that’s expensive but hear me out for a minute.
    the packages include the following:
    -personal locker
    -wet area
    – a beautiful /gorgeous lady known as “the washer” wearing a white shirt/shorts will guide you to
    – to a quick shower by yourself
    – to take a sauna as long as you want
    – to a hot Jacuzzi as long as you want
    – to a cold Jacuzzi as long as you want
    – and the last part in the wet area is that the lady washer will wash you top to bottom , better than the bayleaf signature package wherein the thera will give you a quick wash. the wash is longer and very relaxing especially with beautiful lady washing all angles of your body.
    – the final stage is a one full hour of massage at the common area which you can request for hard or soft pressure from the thera. by the way their thera are not that beautiful but delivers quality massage to you.
    they have a higher package which is the executive cost 1350 , same at the wet area but you will be in a private room for one or two person and a 90 minutes massage .

    well you can try it out. get luck !

  17. yung 400 na regular moderate massage for 1-hr ngayon 500 na , hindi na ito affordable. walang tip pa yang. for female therapist only.
    i can get a good legit hard massage at babylon with shower and steam for 380 only.
    the all day spa na try ko dati ok din for 380 .

  18. receptionist – not well mannered
    price – too steep, masyadong mahal
    massage – not well worth it for the price
    masseurs – not great
    recommendation: dameng massage place na affordable with better service and better receptionist. training training din ha,

  19. I tried this spa again. Sa tatlong beses ko pumunta eh wala ako mapili na ok. All of their massage techniques are below ave. parang pindot pindot at himas lng. ๐Ÿ™ i stopped goong na since wLa ako mapili na regular sna.

    Will look nlng sa ibang spa. Lagi png me nakatambay sa harap ng spa. Kakahiya tuloy pumasok.

    • I agree with you dennis. My last visit was awful. The therapist was sleeping almost half of the time, and when I mean sleeping, massage was frozen also….

  20. i like this place its comfortable but i would be much happier if they have female therapist that can provide me a good hard massage same quality like i get at new york spa, holiday spa, babylon spa or even ginza spa.
    i like this spa to be my regular spa in qc.

  21. moderate massage only and comforting especially if you just want to relax.
    base from 4 female therapist that I tried.
    I don’t know if their male therapist can do hard massage.

  22. nag-promo sila from june 15-30 , i went there june 29.
    50 percent off sa signature massage nila kaya from 800 naging 400 eh sulit , i was given a bath , massage and sensual.
    i always request for a female thera . atleast i feel comfortable with a female therapist touching my private parts rather a male thera doing it to me.
    but most of their therapist follow a strict massage policy only.

  23. tried their regular massage 400 for one hour.
    I requested a female therapist and don’t expect to get a hard massage.
    their therapist are accommodating and will assist you in going to your cubicle, shower room, or toilet eventhough its just a compact place. cause its very dark when you enter their facilities.
    I did got my one hour massage and was relaxed by my therapist moderate massage..
    you can also request for 2-4 pcs of face towel(hot) to rub off the excess massage oil of your body.
    not bad and will go there again soon.

  24. tried their signature package 800 pesos the therapist will give you a simple bath, back massage , and sensual massage .
    sometimes you’ll get lucky if the therapist include the pocket massage as well.

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