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Zara Wellness Spa

Business Type:
Spa Address:Sct. Lozano cor Tomas Morato, Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City
Operating Hours:Mondays thru Sundays, 24/7

Contact Numbers

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Male Therapists Available
Female Therapists Available

Zara Wellness Spa Features

Home / Hotel Services (Outcall)
Open 24 Hours
Credit Card Payments
Salon + Beauty
Wi-Fi Access

Zara Wellness Spa Amenities

Parking Area
Shower Area
Food & Dining
Sauna Room
Steam Room
Swimming Pool
Fitness Center / Gym

Zara Wellness Spa: In Detail

Service Specialty:Unknown
Treatment Area:Cubicles with Common & Couples' Rooms
Price Range:P299.00 - P1,000.00

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  1. i went here since i was looking for a spa that’s open 24/7 , i found the prices fairly reasonable… let me tell you about my experience… the lady attendant that was assigned to me was sooo sleepy… she was complaining multiple times about sleeping late that night due to the influx of customers.. she asked me a few times what service i availed and how many hours it was.. (you’re supposed to know) anyways.. the body scrub she did was really lousy as she just slathered the scrub all over me for around 5 mins , (whole body scrub for 5 mins? seriously?) and told me to lie there for 25 mins for it to dry… i was sort of annoyed already since when do you have to wait for scrubs to dry?? the massage though was alright.. she was very professional.. must be the nap she took while waiting for the scrub to dry.. personally it was a disappointing experience for me…


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