1. we tried this spa last night at si Daniel ang gumawa sakin and thor sa kasama ko..pareho gwapo at gymfit.. sulit ang bayad . madami sila bago dapat matry lahat:)

  2. kkpamassage ko lang try nyo si jun if your looking for a good massage and your money’s worth.65min masahe p lng.san k p..di sya gwapo di nmn panget.

  3. complete waste of money
    therapist for es, not even decent massage
    receptionist is rude
    massage table is moist even wet, don’t remove your underwear, the itch from the dirty damp linen will cling into your skin.that a guarantee

  4. been here a while ago.. all i can say is look for JACOB he’s the most trained among the others.

    mabait,magalang,malinis,mabango,gwapo,matangkad at higit sa lahat CONSISTENT ANG MASSAGE AT PRESSURE..

  5. Finally nakita ko din ang Zamara kagabe ang galing ng therapist ko inferness Macky name niya.. sa 2 hours na massage ko halos nakatulog ako sa sobrang sarap.. the last time kasi hinanap ko with my officemate kaso di ko nakita ending dun kame sa menatwork napunta ang mga binigay samen na therapist mukhang kargador puru pawis at may amoy at di pa ganun kagaling magmassage worst eperience ever.

  6. very accomodating receptionist and the masseurs are polite and well trained , gusto ko yung combination massage nila kakarelax

  7. naligaw ako kakahanap last night sa zamara manila sarado na pala yun ending natuloy ako sa makati nila lahat ng mga therapist nila bago na wala na yung mga date pero okay magaling yung nagmassage saken ang sarap magmasahe nakakarelax ang yung place now mas relaxing compare before.

  8. May Zamara Spa na sa Pasong Tamo sa tabi ng Philipppine Daily Inquirer. dinaanan ko lang maganda ang place malinis at malaki compared sa Kamagong.kaso maaga ako dumaan kaya wala na daw masseur.closed na sila ng 6am pala.

  9. Small, dirty and cramp. Never again.

    If your looking for a massage, this is NOT the place.

    If your looking for ES, this is the place for you.

  10. kagaling ako kagabe na try ko si justine the best ang massage maliit lang ang spa pero marerelax ka dahil sa therapist.. siya nalang kukunin ko palage.

  11. Tried this one recently. They transferred to Kamagong St. in San Antonio Village. Apparently, new batch of therapists. The place is small and only has a few cubicles (5 or 6 I think). I had their signature massage plus body scrub.
    Massage is satisfactory, depends really on what pressure you want.
    Scrub is good. The therapist will scrub every inch of your body, asking permission for the “sensitive and private” parts.
    Their toilet is typical, don’t expect too much, if at all. There is just the sink, the toilet and the shower. AND you would have to rinse off the scrub solution yourself. The therapist will not do it for you.
    As for the “curiosity-seekers”, I guess it’s up for you to explore something more than the massage.
    Over-all, I would say I left a little satisfied. Will I go back? Maybe.. just to try the other therapists.

  12. @LAOS from St. Scho. Pablo Ocampo mga 4 na blocks pa. basta along ablo ocampo lang deretcho lang yun walang lilikuin..makikita naman agad dahil maliwanag ang signage sa labas tabi ng mlhuiller.


    nasubukan q dyan ilan beses na…magagaling ang mga masahista dyan..talagang SULIT lalo na ung ZAMARA SIGNATURE MASSAGE…. 300pesos relax na relax kana ..

  14. I tried Akiles already magaling siya sa streching the best! si Apollo naman magaling mag sensual. any comments about Ares? magaling ba siya???:P

  15. try nyo si Allen the last nyt na check ko ng blog. agad me pumunta sa spa nila d2 lng ako sa pedro gil. grbe ang galing nya mag massage ang cute pa nya. πŸ™‚
    balikbalkan nyo mga therapist ng Zamara sa cute at gwapo nila. at maggaling magmassge
    tnx jhosep tan here:)

    Allen one of the best

  16. APOLLO, AKILES, ARES and Ian.
    U must try them Guys! sila lang ang kinukuha ko pag nagpupunta ako ng Zamara Spa.
    I always recommend them sa lahat ng mga kakilala kong mahilig sa massage dahil hindi talaga ako mapapahiya.

  17. Galing kame dito last night …Ares ang gumawa saken he is really good. galing niya magmassage at gwapo. i was expecting na imamassage lang ako and then okay pero siya the best he give me a good service na hindi ko pa natry .. dahil sa kanaya baka mapadalas ako sa spa.

  18. OMG, It was a rainy day in this place in Pablo Ocampo, i was stranded outside this Spa gettin a bit wet, much to my surprise i was offered to stay inside by the courteous receptionist and was offered a green tea, This maybe a little thing pero i wasnt even in my corporate attire but the staffs was genuinely helpful then i began , to notice the stylish design of their cute reception area which was very cozy, that was the only time i realized i was really in a SPA and being attended by cute therapists as well pag ganito kaganda customer service di ka makakatangi, i chose this therapist named RICHARD The massage was superb the rest was really PANALO! From head to toe! More power to your SPA guys !!

  19. I tried Zamara kahapon sa may Vito Cruz. Ok naman ang Service at mabango naman ang spa at Magaling ang Masahista his name is Archie. pero may nakita akong gwapo Jay at Mateo daw ang Name babalikan ko yun..

  20. kinda unhygeinic. the bed which i was placed was moist and smells bad. it smells like a sweaty armpit….swear! the therapist looks so-so, massage is average.

  21. Guys, I went here expecting that I would get a quality massage at the least! It turned out that I was robbed and the service is extremely poor. First, a lady at the receptionist texting, I have to call her attention that I will avail of their massage service. Second, no therapists daw lahat “daw” may gawa so I was left with one. When we went up the room and unclothed myself I discovered that a different therapist will have to cater to me, I did not protest simply because I did not want to get irritated even further. Third, the therapist has been going out of the room, thrice as I counted. Pretending na “nasilam” ng oil! Lastly, asked for an es not worth for a hj. Guys, please I am very sincere here so kindly think twice before going. May not commensurate or reach your expectations.

  22. I think this mp has been renamed to FRANKSTONE SPA and its not in Ponte St. I forgot the name of the street but it just along Chino Roces Ave just near Shopwise.

  23. @looker

    e-mail me. [email protected]. we can discuss places to try. Im new to manila but I’ve been to a few places.

    Also Zamara Spa is not near shopwise. I circled the area numerous times and didnt find it. Is it even around?

  24. @allen

    I read your other post about Green Palm. I had the same series of events occur to me on my first and LAST visit to that place. I dont remember the name of my masseuss but man oh man was the “procedure” exactly the same. He lowered it down to 300 for me though. I still declined. Just wanted to give him a hard time. πŸ™‚

    Do the guys you mention here do massages for home service as well? how much? Is it legit?

  25. OMG! what a weird thing to be pleased about! a girl therapist just asked your boyfriend to sleep in his place and you are amazed with the bond they made. WEIRD!

  26. one of their therapist asked my boyfriend if she can sleep in their place. Her name is daisy and I am so amazed with the bond that they made with their clients, I have to try this spa soon for my self!

  27. I can’t find this spa. Turned out I was robbed in the nearby Green Palm Spa. Bwisit na yun! Please view related post on the thread of Green Palm Spa.


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