Spada’s got a new branch in Las Pinas. So south spa lovers, come and indulge to an experience that will pamper your senses.

Spa Name: Spada Wellness Center
Operational Status: OPEN
Location / Address: Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City
Landmarks: Near Casimiro intersection, walking distance from Jollibee Casimiro
Contact Numbers:
Landline: (02)524-1323, (02)487-6416
Mobile: (0917)456-0655
Operating Hours: Mondays thru Sundays, 24/7
Membership: None
Shower: No
Wet Floor: No
Dry Sauna: No
Parking: Yes
Home Service: Yes
Other Features:
Masseur Type: Men & Women
Specialty: For Him Massage
Treatment Area: Cubicles
Price Range: P250.00 – P600.00
My Experience: Seen the establishment a couple of times already, but never had a chance to try it. I’ll go there sometime soon.
Manila Touch Current Rating
Services: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Facilities: [rating:0/10] (unrated)
Overall: [rating:0/10] (unrated)


  1. the lady that massage me silently blowjob me that time got nothing to do that to allowed her of course on the way she massaging me i can say im too numb if i havent felt any hotness from what she doing there. the thing is it is curtains that devided those foam beds, still she manage to do it silently foreigner here its now im sure hell sure that those filipina doing massage needs to flirt first or to arouse you so they can have a good tip am just a man anyway. and i regreted it cause im with my wife that time my wife dont want any massage so she just wait on the waiting area then.

  2. grabe totoo yang mga comments n yan. yung dti ngmassage s asawa ko grabe at tlagang tinry na best nya n plibugin asawa ko kainis. dpt ppmssage din ako kso bunts ako so d pde ala ako tiwala s mga masahista ng espada ung iba nktmbay s labas ung iba tulog s cubicle iba nmn seductive msyado mkipgusap s mga customers nila. hated it. sna s bar n lng ngwork un iba ngpapaside line jan to be honest lalo n ung offer n #LINGGAM MASSAGE, jusko paano d ttigas ung ari ng minamassage nyo e kulang n lng pglawayin nyo.

  3. My friend insisted on getting a massage last night, so we went to Spada Casimiro at 4am. I waited 10 minutes before my “therapist” came to the cubicle. Cubicle because it was narrow, curtina lang divider, ni hindi man lang nakaelevate yung mga kutson na medyo grainy nung nahiga ako. Swerte ko kasi nasa ilalim ng hagdanan yung cubicle ko diba?? I found a therapist na natutulog sa katabing cubicle kasi nakita ko sapatos nya sa may cubicle ko. Parang wala namang massage na nangyari, Swedish kinuha ko, ewan ko kung ano kinuha ng kaibigan ko, pero may premonition na ako na masasayang lang oras at pera ko dito. Panay hagod lang ginawa nya, like a back rub, literally. very little kneading of muscles, may papindot pindot dito at doon. pati sa arms and legs, mega magod. walang maayos na rhythm or flow, nakakalimutan nya yung ginawa nya sa kaliwang bahagi ng katawan ko kaya d nya naulit sa kanan. I may have come from work pero gising ako at alam ko ginagawa sa akin. Mainggay pa kasi mahapit sa kalye. zero relief felt. itong kaibigan ko, puring puri naman sa massage nya which concentrated sa legs. told him next time he can do his dawn spa run by himself. don’t really care, not spending another P350 there!

  4. pmunta ako dto ds wk ill try nayJIL…nagulat ako sa kanya kc inoferan ako ng sensual massage for just only 1tousand inyawan ko offer nya tpos hndi na nya ako minassage ng maayus iniwan nlang nya ako sa room hahays hndi na tlaga ako bblik dto napaka pangit pa ng massage 🙁

  5. nakakagulat ung kwento ng asawa ko 1st tym nya magpamassage sa spada meron offer na release or not release…. xtra payment ng 500… omg….

  6. Pangit dito mga tol…. peperahan ka lang pero ang service at facilities dugyot na dugyot talaga… walang hot towel kung hindi ka hihingi… 2/10 rate ko dito mga katropa.

  7. nakwento sa akin ng friend ko na may klaseng ganito kalakaran sa casimiro sabi nya bago lng daw ang boyley na nag massage sa kanya winner daw dahil subrang gwapo., if im not mistaken his name is mico., kaya hanapin na sya mga kautaw at sadyang nakka amaze ang boylet na ito.,

  8. I’ll rate this spa as 2/10.
    I got the FHM (for him massage) for 500. Feeling ko it’s not worth it. Ito na yta yung pinaka-worse na napuntahan ko na spa.
    Here is my experience.
    Panget ng rooms, curtains lang ang division. Manipis pa, kaya kita mo yung katabi.
    Yung bed sheets and pillow hindi yata pinapalitan kasi mabaho, amoy mo yung pawis ng last na minasahe nila.
    Maingay yung mga babae na nagkkwentuhan. Bumulong sa akin, “sir i-lingam na natin yan”, kasi tigas na ako nun. Lumabas yung babae na nagmamsahe sa akin tapos rinig mo na pinag-uusapan ka. Sabi “ayaw magpa-lingam massage”. Ayaw ko magpa-lingam, kasi nanghihinayang ako sa ibabayad.
    Wala rin Hot Towel after massage, or tea, or water.

  9. This spa is a mess. Sayang. Napabayaan ng management.

    It is true na bibigyan ka nila ng gamit na towel and the cover of the bed is also used. 🙁 Pilow smells like panis na laway and pawis.

    CR is very dirty. Got molds in it and the smell is bad.. Amoy nd nalilinis. :

    This is both in Cubao and LP branch.

  10. last year I tried having package blossom 5 (LM & BW) in Spada-LP, upon entry you must pay but they have no waiting room and you can be seen through the clear glass wall outside the busy Zapote-Alabang Road, of course it was embarrassing to be seen by people outside, queueing for the next service. I suggested to them to install even a translucent curtain, but they just smiled. Then when my turn came, I was ushered to an old bathroom for a body wash using a tabo and timba and the bathroom walls and floor tiles were kalawang-orange and kadiri to a balikbayan. They gave me a earlier-used bathrobe and I was instructed to lay in a foam bed in the cement floor inside a cubicle with only cloth divider, which you can hear customer’s complaint or orgasmic moaning, and the cover was already previously used and not replaced, i was even hesitant to lay my naked back in that dirty bed. Since it was my first time to try that famous Linggam massage, which was made famous in Cebu, and was very curious and excited, I just went ahead without complaint. Honestly I was satisfied with the service of a cute masseuse which I later befriended and had an independent linggam plus extra service at the EuroHotel-LP before I went back to the States. The place is just suitable to locals and would be a disappoitment to foreigners and tourist because of the unacceptab le amenities. They can improve if they only consider the comments and suggestions of the customers.

  11. Spada spa las piñas 8 one of a kind..very Hospitable spa i’ve been tried 8 is not true all negative feedback dala lang yan nang inggit..yang mga negative feedbak na yan 8’s a part of a bussiness paninira lang yan.on xperience nakakarelax talaga well-trained therapist unlike to others

  12. ok naman ang massage service but when i tried it i asked for 2 hour massage (bloosom 3 – Body/foot/body wash) but it ended up only 1 hour and 20 mins, the therapist told me its already finished, maybe he didnt think that i look at the time before he start. Receptionist Odessa told Masseur Chris that it is two hours and 20 minutes package. I arrived around 8:45 pm, body wash started 9:10 pm. Please check with your supervisor Toffee. Other thing, when I was talking to Odessa, a certain Jovelyn facial expression look like she annoy with my complaint. thats all…. This incident happened at SPADA PASAY.

  13. minsan nagmassage ako..FHM sya kaso nangyari..,regular un ginwa natsugi na ba sya..? ano ba un cherry blossom,,,..mahal pa naman sya..kaso wala lang..!

  14. Paying Php350 for a basic massage (the most expensive in the area), you would expect everything a whole lot better for the extra cost you need to shell out coming to Spada Spa. Sadly, this is not the case.
    Fronting the entrance are chairs where the therapists are sitting and chatting with each other which may intimidate the client especially those who are visiting for the first time.
    Area is well decorated and divisions of cubicles are curtains which although colors are thought of to make it peep-proof somehow these still do not give you a sense of privacy as say, a wooden panel or cemented wall will.
    Therapists are eager to sell their FHM and Linggam Massages. Perhaps due to the bigger commision they will get once a client engages these services. In the times that I have been here, I find it difficult to say the least to pick a therapist I will come back for.
    Ambience, check. Restroom, clean. Therapists and Customer Service,needs major improvement.
    Come on, Spada Las Pinas, you can do better than this.

  15. ay sinubukan naming bumalik last week para itsek kung ok na yung aircon. e di pasok kami, first time namin sa taas. Jusme sa hagdan pa lang me nararamdaman na ako, ang init ever!!!! Sabi ko sa kasama ko alis na lang kami kasi tagaktak na pawis namin di pa nga nakakahiga nyahahaha. pota!

  16. i’ve tried this spa twice… the first time i was given the cubicle downstairs, straight ahead from the entrance, behind their shoe/slippers rack… i’d rate the massage at 6/10… nothing special…

    the second time, i was brought upstairs… it was a bigger room with white curtain partitions… mattress on the floor… nagulat ako at nailang — the partitions have opening in the middle… at ang therapist ko (so forgettable, can’t even remember his name now) kept on peeking through the slit, tanong ko kung bakit — may natutulog daw… ha ha ha… that time i got their FHM (for him massage)… which is more expensive (Php500, yung regular combination is Php300), supposedly because it targets your chest, butt and groin areas… in the first place, hindi ba talaga namang minamasahe dapat ang mga area na yun?? then i tried to recall my first time, parang iniwasan nga mga areas na yun… yun pla, additional bayad yun….

    ngayon, kung tatablan ka sa massage nila sa groin area (but he was careful not to touch me there)… at gusto mo magpa-massage ng ari mo, that’s additional Php700, kasi yun na daw yung Linggam massage nila (Php 1200)… i opted not to have it…

    mag-madaling araw na nun, so as i was leaving the room, i saw therapists sleeping in another room upstairs, door wide open for everyone to see…

    and when i got out, ayun… yung sinasabi sa comment sa taas na nakatambay na mga therapists sa labas… forget about nakakahiyang pumasok — mas nakakahiyang lumabas, kasi may mga maiingay na female therapists na akala yata e saleslady sila ng SM —— “GOOD MORNING SIR !! MABUHAY !! thank you for coming sir, balik po sila !!”

    di na ko bumalik…

  17. oo nga ang papanget ng mga masseurs nila kaya di ako nagpunta ulit haha. Tsaka hello magtatatambay ba sa labas kakahiya tuloy pumasok!

  18. ok naman ang massage service but when i tried it i asked for 2 hour massage but it ended up only 1 hour and 20 mins, the therapist told me its already finished and he said yes, maybe he didnt think that i look at the time before he start. Thats all…Happy new year…


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