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  1. Experienced poor service here…
    1. What I notice was that customer service. No person in charge who can help with you concern if there are any…i encountered this once when i had complains with facilities (aircon not working) and the person there was not even apologizing even though they know the aircon was not working they placed us there anyways…also another time with another customer, she was compalining bec her skin got burned from a the cupping they use, also nothing happened.

    Conclusion: everything ok until something goes wrong. Dont expect a decent service.

    2. Inconsistent quality of massage. I’d say half the time the therapist are good and the other half just terrible ( as my wife says they are like robots who were programed the routine of massaging). Note it’s not authentic traditional massage for me. My personal thought is that they are not trained ( which i think is common in a lot of massage place)


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