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Mooji Spa
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  1. This Spa delivers a really poor Nuru Massage compared to Shogun Spa given that the asking price is 3000 vs Shogun Spa’s 2500 (both rates are tip inclusive) for the ff reasons:

    1. Rooms – the rooms have rather thin dividers so you can hear people in the other rooms; if you’re uncomfortable with this then that’ll make your willy go shy rather quickly. While they have VIP rooms, they only have the shared space or an inflatable bed located in a rather spacious bathroom. Compare this to the Victoria Court rooms offered by Shogun Spa – talo agad.
    2. Shower – the shower is a shared shower for Nuru Massage clients with standard room clients hence you have to go to the shower na naka-tapis ang towel sa waist then walk, rather than have this in the privacy of your own room
    3. Nuru Gel – the gel at Mooji is enlivened by pouring cold water on the guest and then cold Nuru Gel. Shogun Spa premixes their gel in hot water. Mooji Spa delivers the Nuru Massage in a cold airconditioned room. Shogun Spa delivers the massage in a solo room where the guest can turn the aircon off if it is too cold. Cold gel + cold water + cold room = uncomfortable experience
    4. Therapist – I was told at the front counter that the therapist was petite. She was petite – yes – before giving birth. Her excess skin sagged and so did her breasts. These things are forgivable, because she can’t do anything about these. The front desk could’ve at least been honest. What made matters worse was that her breath stank. Just plain awful.
    5. Service – I’ve had 8 or 9 therapists at Shogun Spa and all of them performed all of the movements with great coordination and muscle control. Fascinating – they’re very well trained. At Mooji Spa, the therapist was slipping and laughing at times. Very uncoordinated. Poor massage.

    Add everything up and it was a poor experience.

    Shogun Spa, you’ve gained a very loyal customer. I won’t try others anymore, regardless of the distance.

    Mooji Spa – you’re a second rate trying hard copycat.


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