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Admin Jeff

Papa Jack's Spa

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What you need to know first:

1. Where is Papa Jack's Spa located?
#172E D. Tuazon coner NS. Amoranto, Barangay Maharlika, Quezon City

Nearest Landmarks are Unison Bike Shop, Goldilocks, Mang Inasal and Shell in D. Tuazon
(Please refer to the map below the direction)

2. What is our hours of operations?
We open from 12:00pm to 12:00am - 7days week

3. What is your hotline?
You may contact us at (+63) 0917.150.4223 or (02) 968.7750

4. Do you have a Parking Space for your guests?
Yes - Atleast 4-5 cars can fit. If the parking is full, you can park at the side street, just make sure it is along our vicinity so we can see it.

5. Do you have VIP/Private Rooms?
Yes - We have 1 VIP room with shower room and 7 regular cubicles. We do have 2 Toilets and Baths available for the common rooms too.

6. What are Papa Jack's Massage and Room Rates?

P600 for regular rooms
P1000 for the VIP room

7. What is the intended minimum tip?
The minimum tip of our therapists is P500. We prohibit them to haggle with the price.

8. What are the available promos?

Birthday Promo 50% Off
Twin Massage Promo P1000 (tip inclusive)

9. What is our mode of payments?
We only accept cash payment.



Papa Jack's Spa 09171504223 / (02) 968-77-50

172 E, D. Tuazon Cor NS. Amoranto, Brgy. Maharlika, Quezon City.

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What kind of massage do they offer?  All male thera?  Regarding the Birthday Promo, pde ba sya avail kahit lampas na but still within the month?

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Oh, d ko napansin un.  Papa kasi so i thought puro male thera haha.  Parang bagong bukas din yata to.

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