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  1. saan yung spa okinawa libis?

  2. CynthRyss

    Anong Agwat Ng Edad Mo Sa BF/GF mo???

    Hahahahahaha... Loko ka po..
  3. Valentine's is already over.But we want you to fully enjoy the month of love. 
    Enjoy SpaOkinawa BFF Promo this February. 2,000php entrance fee for 2persons.Inclusions of 90mins slippery massage + VIP Rooms.Visit SpaOkinawa-Libis now. Opens 24/7.

  4. Looking for a fantasy playground? Visit SpaOkinawa-Libis for the ultimate pleasure-seeking experience in a safe, clean and comfortable hotel setting. Open 24/ 7. Lovely,pleasing and sexy Nurupists awaits you here. See yaah. :)

  5. CynthRyss

    Anong Agwat Ng Edad Mo Sa BF/GF mo???

    5yrs older to my ex before.
  6. CynthRyss

    QC Massage Addicts!

    Wow good luck.. :) keep it up..
  7. CynthRyss

    Last Food You Ate!

    Gardenia loaf of bread,
  8. I spit on your grave Movie
  9. Give unique names for girls and boys.
  10. What makes you weird?
  11. There's nothing wrong with having a little bedside manners.Come and visit SpaOkinawa - Libis. 24/7 Lovely and sexy nurupists awaits you here. Pm me for more info. :)

  12. What was the hardest thing you had to do today ?
  13. Any reccomendations? Yung naipalabas na, napanuod na and those banned horror movies.
  14. Golden rule also applies in spa industry. This is not chaotic just like what you expected. There are still people in this industry that deserve to be respected. :)