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Verde Royale Spa

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  2. * Provides relief from pain The massage releases tension from your muscles stimulating the release of the body’s natural painkillers (endorphins). * Heightens the Erotic Sensitivity The massage can be the solution to your desire to make love to your partner fading away. It greatly heightens your erotic sensitivity levels making you more sensitive to erotic touches from your partner. It is a great way for men to increase their libido when making love. * It reduces tension Further studies have proven that the massage can help alleviate symptoms of depression. * Strengthens the immune system By feeling well and relaxed after a good Japanese slippery massage, your immune system is boosted reducing your susceptibility to illness. * Promotes recovery and healing The Japanese Slippery Massage has been proven to reduce the time it takes for one to recuperate after some illness. This is made possible by making you feel at ease and relaxed. * Improves blood circulation The temperature in the massage room and the massage hugely improves the flow of blood in the body. This puts your blood pressure within normal levels and makes the heart function properly. Go ahead and try the Japanese Slippery Massage today to experience some of the benefits above. There are more reasons to try the japanese slippery massage as it remains one of the best forms of massage in the world. The massage originated in Japan using a slippery gel made out of seaweed EXTRACT.The gel contains natural antioxidants that stimulate, tantalize and teases the muscles as you move along. During the massage, both partners are naked and the entire body is used to glide, slide and stroke along the recipient’s body.Go ahead and try the Japanese slippery massage today to experience some of the benefits above.
  3. SHARE THE LOVE,SHARE THE EXPERIENCE ONLY AT VERDE ROYALE SPA!! February Promo!!! Spend Time with your Buddy this February with Our BUY 1 TAKE 1 PROMO!! Bring a BUDDY and Avail 1500 Entrance for Two People!! hurry up!! hurry up!! Promo Includes VIP ROOMS + SHOWER TOGETHER 2x B 2 B SENSUAL NURU MASSAGE + STANDARD ESperience 90mins SERVICE. PROMO; NOW ENTRANCE; 1500 ONLY!!! PRESENT ANY PHOTO ADVERTISEMENT OF #VERDEROYALESPA AND AVAIL LESS 500 ON YOUR ENTRANCE. Experience the ROYAL nuru massage only at #SpaVerdeRoyale #RoyalServiceforRoyalGuests
  4. February Promo!!! (2,500) Package-Tip Included Shower Together 2x Nuru Massage B-2-B sensual Massage Standard ES KEN SKY NICO HIRO ZUES MIKIO JONAS MARK GRAY JOHN KENZO DANIEL PHILIP ALDRIN MARVIN JORDAN JINSEI JEMSON JUSTIN HAROLD SEBASTIAN Spa Verde Royale Address: Block 13 Lot 17 Vignet Center Bldg. E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. Bagumbayan, Quezon, City (Eastwood Libis) Landline: 02-688-93-07 Globe: 0916-934-2948
  5. We have an option for alternative parking in the morning during office hours. Seoul Barbecue Kitchen parking lot (pay parking P100) is the nearest and most convenient. In the evening around 8pm we have room for 4 cars (8 if double parked) with a guard on duty to look after your automobiles.
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