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Girth Brooks

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  1. Girth Brooks

    Japan Spa Yamachu

    Anong bago sa yamachu? Nagtaas baba kayo ng rate? May male therapist na ba kayo?
  2. Girth Brooks

    Amistad Spa

    Magkano rates nila dito?
  3. Girth Brooks

    Japan Spa Yamachu

  4. Girth Brooks

    Japan Spa Yamachu

    Ngak! Mukang napabayaan na nga. Pati shower tinitipid na. Haha Siguro pag may nag reklamong Japanese or Chinese guest tsaka pa lang nila aayusin.
  5. Girth Brooks

    Japan Spa Yamachu

    Aaah ok. Pinoy naman mga staff at nasa front desk, I'm sure maiintindihan ka nila... For sure di hindi ka na babalik ulit sa Yamachu.
  6. Girth Brooks

    Japan Spa Yamachu

    Bat parang galit na galit ka? Dapat sinabi mo sa manager on-duty. Para mabawi mo bayad mo. Hehe
  7. Girth Brooks

    Japan Spa Yamachu

    Yikes. Baka nag cost cutting na sila sa maintenance.
  8. Girth Brooks

    Japan Spa Yamachu

    Under new management na ba sila?
  9. Girth Brooks

    Al Almirah

    Treatment is for the whole body, therapist will not touch your privates though.
  10. Girth Brooks

    Japan Spa Yamachu

    Thanks for this public service announcement. Makapunta na nga ulit!
  11. Girth Brooks

    Al Almirah

    Kasing kinis mo na si Ellen Adarna after the Moroccan Bath. Hehe
  12. Girth Brooks

    Al Almirah

    P1600 ang morrocan bath + P699 24K Gold Massage or P399 Swedish massage. Basic 2k kaagad. Magti-tip ka pa.
  13. Girth Brooks

    SM Kenko Spa

    P1600 ang Moroccan Bath + P399 swedish massage. 2K na yun. Mag tip ka pa.
  14. Girth Brooks

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Mukang dumadami reklamo sa HM thread. Hehe
  15. Girth Brooks

    Japan Spa Yamachu

    Wow may SiomaiBoy na din na character.