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  1. ManilaDad

    Baguio City

    Any Baguio City recommendations? The ones in Google are sorely out of date.
  2. ManilaDad

    1764 Health Spa

    Parang closed na.
  3. ManilaDad

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Uy thanks. Madami na din akong di nakikilala sa list
  4. ManilaDad

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Does anyone have an updated list of therapists? Seems all the therapists I’m familiar with are all gone, ‘cept for maybe 2 or 3... ang bilis ng turnover ng thera...
  5. ManilaDad

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Found one of my fave HM theras at a spa near me. He did a lomi on me, no extra charge, instead of the usual swedish. Happy i dnt have to go to Cubao anymore for a lomi that takes forever to book. Hahaha.
  6. ManilaDad

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Two weeks ago, na assign ako kay Jude. Lomi. Hindi nabuo one hour, mga 30 minutes lang. Panay pa ang parinig ng malaking tip. Gusto pa makuha agad-agad! Sabi ko mag stay pa ako sa wet area, sorry. not satisfied.
  7. ManilaDad

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Was there, too, pero from 2:00 to 4:30 only. Yeah, Lomi was great.
  8. ManilaDad

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Hahaha, environment talaga. Nako, di ako mabenta sa steam at sauna kaya di na ako nag fantasize na may magaganap kasama ako. LOL!
  9. ManilaDad

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Para sa akin, hindi na ma-justify ng presyo ang facilities. At nagtaas pa ulit! hayyy, matatagalan na ang balik ko dito. Plus, nawawala na yung mga suki kong thera...
  10. ManilaDad

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Nandun ako kanina 1:30 to 4:30 pm. Grabe sa dami ng tao. Pila sa shower. Mabuti na lang magaling si Jude, nalimutan ko ang stress sa common area. Hahaha
  11. ManilaDad

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Was here yeaterday, 2:30pm to 5:00pm. Andaming tao, grabe. I think sweldo weekend kasi. And all of the therapists of old that you know? Halos wala na lahat. Puro bago na. Was assigned to Jeff. Mabait, magalang, professional. His background as an ex-PTbsa Gold’s was obvious in his stance. Maskulado. Intimidating, but very friendly naman. Sana tumagal sya.
  12. ManilaDad

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Jason did a Lomi on me yesterday. Twas good and relaxing. Naughty hands pero nothing bastos. He kept apologizing bec. he was extra sweaty, i didnt actually mind so much kasi wala naman syang amoy. He was magalang, professional, and maasikaso. Excellent rating.
  13. ManilaDad

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    My regular thera, JB, is gone. Sayang.
  14. ManilaDad

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Will be here later this pm, after almost a month. Hoping for a great massage.
  15. ManilaDad

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Tried annew thera yesterday. Was assigned to Jeff. 1 hour Ocho. Good strokes, but had to remind him every now and then to apply more pressure. Otherwise, he’s thorough and good. Magalang pa. Won’t mind being assigned to him again.