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  1. Fbluster

    Jason Spa Manila

    Operating pa ba to? Lols. Mga bagets lang available?
  2. Fbluster

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Magkano na po rate now sa HM?
  3. Fbluster

    Waterleaf Spa - QC

    Open po sila paps. Nandoon po ako kagabi. Meron po sila signage sa pinto po nila.
  4. Fbluster

    Waterleaf Spa - QC

    Hi. What time ka nandon nung 25?
  5. Fbluster

    Waterleaf Spa - QC

    Katakot namn. Satingin nyo okay na ulit dito? By the way. What time walang tao at matao para namn alam ko what time ako babalik next time. Thanks
  6. Fbluster

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Haha. I was there 5 minutes before my appointment this afternoon. Infairness kakaiba ung massage. Ewan ko pero d ako nalibugan sa massage. Hahaha. Ang sarap tumambay sa steam room. Kaka relax
  7. Fbluster

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Thanks po. Done booking na. How early do you think ahould i come before my appointment?
  8. Fbluster

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Anyone who knows the current price list here? That would really be helpful. Thanks
  9. Fbluster

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Anyone who knows hopemed mobile number?
  10. Fbluster

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    And ano ang best service na iavail. Thanks sa recommendation
  11. Fbluster

    HOPEMED Medical Spa

    Ano po ba services offered nila here and pricelist? Thanks
  12. Fbluster

    Waterleaf Spa - QC

    Had my first massage here last night. Parang unfriendly nung nanay sa reception. Okay yung massage. Enjoy sya kaso malambot kamay ni kuya. Mas okay sana kung mas hard. If i will rate 8.5/10