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  1. When i was there, tinanggal yung 1 divider. I dont know kung ibabalik.
  2. June 13, Wednesday, 5-7pm Locker#14. If you are posting/reading here, your big co ck caught my attention. Grabe lang sa laki. I wonder how big it is if it gets hard...hehe. Wala na kasi yung divider sa shower room kaya kitang kita.
  3. I tried Spa Manoli once. Ok naman sulit na sa P330. Yung shower/lounge nila parang sa Waterleaf, open area ang shower that can accomodate 4-5 persons. Unlike Waterleaf, they allow you to stay there until any time you want.
  4. Mag isa ka lang kanina? I was thinking of going there sana around 7pm. Went to Spa Manoli instead.
  5. The last time i was there was door's shower area was under repair. They would only limit your stay there for few minutes.
  6. How was it? Yung girl pa din ba yung receptionist dun?
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