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  1. Been here for 3 times now. For me super ok naman ang service at facilities. Ung mga exena di naman nawawala. Even had someone with me inside the shower room lol You just have to be on the right place and at the right time
  2. love the comment!. Parang gusto ko pumunta dito bukas makapag relax lang
  3. So paalis ka na pala when I was there. Not even sure if we even saw each other. Meron pa naman next time.
  4. Hongkyut ng pet name "Kuya Kalbo"! Kaw siguro ung magisa dun sa Dry Sauna with a necklace (if my mind serves me right)??? Ung lang kc nakita kong kalbo (pls dont get offended sa pet name ) that time
  5. Was there around 11-ish. Went home by 4am
  6. Was here last night & t'was my 1st time. they were cleaning up the pools. Nakapagdip din naman eventually. Just had a relaxing stay. Ok rin ung female thera na nagmassage (was initially hesitant to avail it bcoz of the previous feedback) Ung wet sauna ganon n b talaga un? Was it defective or just not properly configured? Wala kc mist n lumalabas. Will definitely go back
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