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  1. Love how the spa posts the same crap over and over in order to bury the real reviews. Classy.
  2. Just got back from my first try at this relatively new place. It’s right across from where I work (Eastwood) so I immediately had fantasies of long “lunch break” escapes. That’s not gonna happen! It has so much potential but it was squandered. 1. They make a big deal of saying that 3k is all-inclusive. You pay it upfront and I was happy that it seemed money would never be brought up during the massage. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. The masseur started bringing up extra tips for “special” service during our shower. Ugh. 2. Don’t believe that you’re going to get a 90-minute session. I arrived at the front desk at 2:10pm and left at exactly 3pm and that included two showers! 3000 pesos for 45 minutes?! 3. The receptionist picked my masseur. I won’t let that happen again. Nice enough guy but he gave a bad massage, bad nuru, and was very intent on getting more money. I don’t mean to be petty or shallow, but he just wasn’t very attractive and was far from sensual. It felt like he’d never touched another man intimately before. 4. The place is actually very nice by Manila standards. It seemed clean and the private room had a big bed and was simple but well-done. For me, this place just wasn’t worth the big price tag. If it truly were all-in, I’d gladly pay a premium but I hate being constantly begged for money. I probably won’t go again. If you do, just be aware that it’s not always “what you see is what you get.”
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