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  1. Happy Birthday Kingdenz!

  2. Sir good day any update with regard to my concern?

  3. Sir good day I have a pm for you please check your inbox.

  4. Happy Birthday carmina_han!

  5. Happy Birthday claudinereyes!

  6. Thread trasnferred to spa owner. Enjoy!
  7. nagpunta ako ng hopemed for lomi massage.. okey ang reception and okey naman ang massage. the only thing na medyo disappointed aq is ung oras 1 hour ung massage ko. I started 10:20pm na then natapos ng 11pm. so anu lees than an hour lng ung massage ko..  disappointed ako sobra..

  8. Hi, just sent FB message to register as a Spa Representative. Kindly verify. Thanks!

  9. Hear ye hear ye! We have an announcement so have a look! 

  10. Changing official author to the spa representative.
  11. Recently opened @Jeripecs and looking forward to everyone's reviews :)
  12. HAPPY NEW YEAR SPANATICOS! More threads to come here in Manila Touch Forum soon!

  13. Hi Jeff anong spa meron ang cavite na part ng site na to

  14. ACCENT SPA LAS PINAS Stressed? Want to relax? Book now! LOCATION AND HOURS Address: Diego Cera Avenue, Las Pinas City Landmarks: Bamboo Organ Church Operating Hours: Mondays thru Sundays, 4:00PM to 4:00AM CONTACT NUMBERS Landline Number(s): (02)573-1681 Mobile Number(s): (0997)450-2124, (0948)645-9519
  15. Good morning Spanatics! How was the ASEAN holiday? San napadpad? Share!!

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