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  3. Happy Birthday Admin Jeff!

  4. Happy Birthday XxAlexxX!

  5. Happy Birthday TotalRelaxationSpa!

  6. Happy Birthday kingalxsupremo!

  7. Happy Birthday Khaye Elysium!

  8. Stress or Tired?Relax and Rejuvinate our Mind,Body and Soul.. Aromatherapy massage is a Combination of Swedish and Shiatsu massage therapy using massage oil that contains essential oils (highly concentrated plant oils). During an aromatherapy massage, you inhale these essential oil molecules or absorb them through the skin. Trt it now! Infinity Touch Massage And Spa Service are willing to serve anytime :) Taguig - Makati - Pasay - Malate - Manila STRICTLY MASSAGE ONLY! https://m.facebook.com/infinitytouchmassageservices
  9. Finally got back after abt half a year (more or less). Enjoyed my sesh with Noel. Friendly, makwento, magalang. Nothing bastos. Just a relaxing hard massage. He knows what he’a doing.
  10. Went to Hopemed last Saturday, It's my 2nd time and this time i requested for Mj per my friends suggestion, ayun i gave him an excellent rating. at dumating ako 10 mins before my sched pero sinobrahan pa ng oras ni Mj yung massage ko. Though cramped lang talaga yung locker and wet area nila...
  11. Hi, Who knows an affordable but good massage place that offers yoni (sensual massage for female) ? Thanks
  12. Hapyspa massage center in Dubai offers best full body massage, deep tissue massage therapy & European massage at best prices. Get your appointment today!!

  13. Happy Birthday Kingdenz!

  14. Sir good day any update with regard to my concern?

  15. Sir good day! I have a pm for you please check your inbox.

  16. Sir good day I have a pm for you please check your inbox.

  17. AtomicOJ

    Baguio City

    I know a few. Feel free to email me for the whole review of each spa. Note: Baguio City is small hence, most, if not all, of the spas are quaint and not that spacious. Rated from Good to Not that Good (to probably mediocre, facilities wise) 1. Himaya Spa 2. Dearest Me Wellness Spa 3. Hemaza Spa 4. El Minero Spa 5. Dearest Me Wellness Spa Branch 2 (From this point on the massage spas are tiny but therapists are still okay - ish) 6. Good Care Massage Center (Blind Masseurs) 7. He/She Beauty Massage
  18. Happy Birthday carmina_han!

  19. Happy Birthday claudinereyes!

  20. ATM after massage ginutom. Tara nat Kumain.

  21. Amistad amistad Done my relaxing and a bit sensual massage thanks to my masseur. Hi Sa nakasagian ko kanina ha ha ha im kinikilig
  22. yes bro. Na visit mo na? Hows your experience
  23. Sarap pamasahe

  24. Open sya for homeservice im with my friend that day nagtext and offer sya for massage. naging regular thera nya din kaya cguro na tangal dahil bawal sa HM.
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