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  2. Sir good day! I have a pm for you please check your inbox.

  3. Sir good day I have a pm for you please check your inbox.

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  6. AtomicOJ

    Baguio City

    I know a few. Feel free to email me for the whole review of each spa. Note: Baguio City is small hence, most, if not all, of the spas are quaint and not that spacious. Rated from Good to Not that Good (to probably mediocre, facilities wise) 1. Himaya Spa 2. Dearest Me Wellness Spa 3. Hemaza Spa 4. El Minero Spa 5. Dearest Me Wellness Spa Branch 2 (From this point on the massage spas are tiny but therapists are still okay - ish) 6. Good Care Massage Center (Blind Masseurs) 7. He/She Beauty Massage
  7. Happy Birthday carmina_han!

  8. Happy Birthday claudinereyes!

  9. ATM after massage ginutom. Tara nat Kumain.

  10. Amistad amistad Done my relaxing and a bit sensual massage thanks to my masseur. Hi Sa nakasagian ko kanina ha ha ha im kinikilig
  11. yes bro. Na visit mo na? Hows your experience
  12. Sarap pamasahe

  13. Open sya for homeservice im with my friend that day nagtext and offer sya for massage. naging regular thera nya din kaya cguro na tangal dahil bawal sa HM.
  14. Feel Refresh 😂

  15. Ha ha ha nope un isa natangal na naabutan ko talaga nag mimilagro bro
  16. open pa ba ang waterleaf spa? if yes, ok ba ang service nila? plan to visit here
  17. Did you heard about Japanese slippery massage? It’s Japanese erotic Body to body massage using hot nuru gel. For more details just pm or contact me: 09652175925 / Viber: 09165032998 ..
  18. Sobrang mahal na ng spa.
  19. Hi lalabs catch me [email protected] star stripes spa..  Starbelle VERMONT here @ur service..  Seeyou😘😯

  20. Was there earlier before 12nn. First time so I didn know who to choose and let the receptionist do it for me. His name was Sonny. Excellent service.
  21. Wala na ba nag hohopemed? Wala na comments ahhhh...
  22. Wala na huminto na c jordan
  23. I was here last night. I liked the amenities, although the containers for the shower gels were odd. The masseuse (I forgot her name) was very professional and really gave a good massage.
  24. Wanna indulge and pamper yourself after a tiring work? Wanna experience a real GentleMAN's touch; the tranquil, soothing massage that's sure to dissolve your stresses away,,, experience rubbing, kneading, patting,,, releasing tensions and stimulate circulation... treated like a ROYALTY by handsome and conservative gentlemen...  Your dream escape from the hustle and bustle of the city... 1764 Health spa Where YOU are treated as BOSS !!!
  25. Feeling tired at work? Bored? or need to RELAX ... C*mm and Visit us here at 1764 HEALTH SPA Feel the warm bodies .. (All in Package) -Entrance &Tip included- VIP Room rate: 1,000 Standard tip: 1,000 Standard EService INCLUSIVES: Shower Together W/ Masseur NURU Massages and Swedish Massage with STANDARD ES (0977-206-8510) (0977-206-8510)
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