What a better way to relax is to be treated like a Pharaoh. Be Pampered like a Queen. Feel like a Royalty.

Cleopatra Spa

Business Type:Home & Hotel Massage Service

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Home and Hotel Service (On-Call)

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Service Specialty:Unknown
Treatment Area:Home & Hotel Services Only
Price Range:P350.00 - P800.00

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  1. I went here just now. It was like an adventure for me. Why? You could easily get lost since they don’t have any large signage of the spa’s name. I had to ask from the village tanods if they knew Cleopatra spa.

    Got King. He looks okay. Not really the artistahin type but may itsura. He was wearing sando and underwear all throughout the course of the massage. He took his time and I would say his strokes are passable. It was relaxing.

    Then came the inevitable offer. I asked how much. He quoted me 1k – massage included. I asked what’s included on that and he told me it included linggam, a bit of romansa, and touching his member. I asked how much if I will be blowing him. He said it’s going to be 2k because it’s included in his “all the way” service. Just for the heck of it, I said ok for the 1k quote.

    He planted soft kisses all over my body while letting me touch his rod. His tool was ok. Nothing special. Reggie, I could say if I will be following FRcentral-set labels.

    King’s overall demeanor was okay.

    The experience was nothing spectacular, but for 1k massage included, who am I to complain?

    Overall Rating 5/10. Average.

    • Pinakamadalas ko irequest si King. Massage is really good (for Php300). Ang tagal ng back massage and napakadaming dry humping moments while getting the massage. Minsan naka sando and manipis na shorts and madalas shirtless na naka-underwear lang. ES – not the hard core ES pero napaka-sensual pa din.

      Their therapists are not as good looking as the Class A models pero they look good enough and they can really show their massage skills. I usually spend 1000-1200, massage included- and paglabas ko, I always feel like Im walking on air πŸ™‚ try King & Jake πŸ™‚


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