Bring A New Friend Promo At Spa Manoli

Spa Manoli, located in Quezon City, is giving you a treat! That is, if you can bring a newbie friend.

Bring a ‘New’ Friend Promo at SPA Manoli

Bring a ‘new’ male friend to Spa Manoli and get a 15% discount on your full body massage. A total of 5 ‘new’ male friends that you
bring gives you 1 full body massage at Spa Manoli’s expense.

Bring a ‘new’ female friend to Spa Manoli and get a 20% discount on your full body massage. A total of 4 ‘new’ female friends that
you bring gives you 1 full body massage at Spa Manoli’s expense.

‘New’ Friend should never have experienced Spa Manoli as of yet. Promo begins May 1, 2011

So what are you waiting for? Come to Spa Manoli and treat yourself just by bringing your friends in!

Jobs: Now In Manila Touch

Few weeks ago, we’ve observed a bunch of commentors and emails asking if WE, as Manila Touch, is hiring therapists for our SPA?

Manila Touch is a Spa Directory and not a spa establishment. But then, since we’ve been getting a lot of these misinterpretations anyway, we are officially opening the JOBS category here in our site!

What Is Jobs?

Jobs is the official Manila Touch category for masseur and masseuse jobs! So if you’re a therapists looking for a spa job, this is the category you need to surf on! Who knows, the perfect spa for you is right here!

Spa Establishments Needing Staff

Needing staff and therapists? If you want to post vacancies for your Spa business, contact us and we’llsend you the details on how to avail this exciting new feature of Manila Touch!

So readers, if you want to become a spa therapist, check out this category soon as we post vacancies here! And for spa businesses, we hope you will find this interesting and beneficial for your staffing needs.

Message For Readers Regarding Personal Attacks

Here in Manila Touch, we love to see comments on our directory and its threads, nothing better than going to my ‘Dashboard’ page and seeing that comment button lit up. However, as the moderator of this site, I’ve refrained from posting some comments. The problem is that these comments resort to personal attacks, against other commentors, other individuals, and groups of people in general.

Starting today, May 12, 2011, you may question or argue any ideas but comments that include personal attacks will be removed.

Comment authors are ultimately responsible for the content of their own contributions. We aim for fact based discussion. Conjecture, nonsense, and conspiracy theories may be modified or deleted.

Making personal attacks in place of valid criticism is lazy, mean-spirited and ultimately counterproductive.  I would like this space to be one of personal respect.  Hope you’re OK with this.

If you leave a comment on this site and it does not appear in a reasonable time period, and you know that it does not violate this policy, contact the editors.

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April 2011 Spa of the Month: Bamboo City Spa

Last month… 3 MT readers emerged as winners of three different specialty massage treatments from Touch of Grace Spa & Wellness Center.

This April, we are going back to the south, wherein we are officially featuring the only spa so far that offers Morrocan Bath…

For those who don’t know yet, a Moroccan Bath Treatment is an entire body cleansing ritual for the face, scalp, body and feet. The deep cleansing begins using traditional Moroccan Black cleansing soap, which quickly penetrates the skin breaking up any dead skin cells that accumulate on our bodies over time.

Let’s all welcome, the SPA OF THE MONTH April 2011… Bamboo City Spa!

Bamboo City Spa is giving away Morrocan Bath packages to three (3) lucky winners for this month! This package includes:

  • Steam
  • Body Scrub
  • Body Wash
  • 1 hour Body Massage

As usual, the mechanics will be as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Like Manila Touch on Facebook by clicking “Like” on the sidebar of this site (if you haven’t yet).

2. Like the official Bamboo City Spa Facebook fan page too.

3. Comment only using the COMMENT BOX on this article, say why you want to win a free treatment to BAMBOO CITY SPA.

4. “Recommend” this article! (Click recommend button below this article)

Experience authentic European massage in Las Piñas, don’t miss this opportunity to try it out a no cost! Good luck MT readers!

Bamboo City Spa is located at 077 P. Diego Cera Avenue Manuyo Las Pinas City, near Bamboo Organ Church. You may also visit their website at

MT Request: Cicada Spa Paranaque Details

Hi readers!

This is a quick blog post. I’ve heard there’s a new branch of Cicada Spa in Paranaque.

Can someone comment with their contact details? I can’t wait to write the listing for this branch.

Thank you very much for the support!

Spa Of The Month: Touch Of Grace Winners

After receiving 38 entries for this month, Touch of Grace Spa & Wellness Center has spoken! Here are the winners and their corresponding prize:

Louise Ibanez won the Touch of Swede:

I just recently started with my job. I started on the first day of this month. As we all know, every company requires for their employees to complete their pre-requirements first before they can report for work. My last employment was way back 2007 so most of my papers which were part of the requirements have expired so I had to get a new one. It was quite tedious since I had a short time to complete it and without the help of my boyfriend, I would’ve had a really hard time running back and forth to get everything done. I want to win this contest because my boyfriend deserves to be pampered after going with me almost everyday even though he just came from his night shift. Also, he’ll be celebrating his birthday this month and the prize for your contest will be a perfect gift. It would be great to have the treatment for myself but there’s no doubt that I would want to share this with him because of his efforts just to make things easier for me and to make sure that I am safe. Looking forward to hear from you guys. More power and God bless!

Kaye won the Touch of Nippon:

Every day we wake up,
Go to work and do our job.
take the stairs to the top,
Morning workout is a must.

Field works and client calls,
meeting people I enjoy.
Taking the bus and crossing the streets,
Eating out I can’t resist.

Stress at work we all go through,
Bodily pains we all endure.
This is what my normal day goes,
Tension and pressures, in my face it shows.

Just one moment of pampering day,
to relax and take the stress away.
Together with my friends or my guy,
It’s like a perfect weekend getaway.

How I hope it will be so soon,
I truly wish to the stars and moon.
yes, we could relax in so many ways,
But there’s a difference to be Touched by Grace.

Hope I win! :)

and Ed Andre Alcazar won the Touch of Zhōnnguó:

As the term, grace, stands for blessing and thanksgiving. I would like to be a blessing to the one who stood by me when I was at my lowest moment, and when I’m up there in my proudest! That is none other than my girlfriend.

Ever since she transferred to a new role at work, stress has always been her partner.
Gone are the days of her cheery self that made me lay eyes at her, as she is constantly engulfed with work stress. It’s seldom that I see her alleviated from that feeling, even on weekends, not thinking about work for a day.

With the Touch of Grace Spa, I guarantee that her world will never be the same again. I could already see it: her glowing after a relaxing treatment and that cheerful, refreshing look that I love, will ever be present! As if awakening from a deep sleep, free from relief and can finally breathe again.

So please help me win a free treatment for my girlfriend, I pray that she will be blessed by the Touch of Grace. Both of us will forever be thankful for this blessing.

You will be contacted within the week on how to claim your prize. And for those who didn’t win, this contest is running as long as Manila Touch is up! So get ready for another exciting contest as the April 2011 Spa Of The Month is revealed next week!


Directory Update: Better Spa Browsing

Hello Manila Touch readers! We are currently upgrading our directory page!

Recently, we’ve noticed that there’s a lot of people searching for the complete list of spa in their city. So we’ve come up with something to make searching better for you! Here’s what you can expect in this update:

  • The “Directory” page will now have a submenu. This will contain at menu of all the cities in NCR. Meaning we have separated the directory list based on cities in the metro, and not the usual consolidated list.
  • Each directory entry will not only contain the spa’s phone numbers, but also their full address! Navigation made easy huh? If you want to read the reviews, you will only need to click the spa name’s link to navigate to the spa’s entry listing page.

We will have more updates to come (Google Map integration, Definitive Spa Search, and more). But for now, we hope you find this upgrade beneficial to your spa cruising activities. Keep on reading Manila Touch, your number one directory for the hottest spas in the metro!

Poseidon Sauna Las Pinas, Bad Customer Service

Bad customer service is everywhere these days — unmanned front desks, clueless staff, employees talking on the phone, and managers who refuse to acknowledge a customer. It’s no longer an exception … poor service has become the norm… or has it?

Last night and my partner decided to visit this newly-opened spa near Ohana Place in Las Pinas, walking distance from T.S. Cruz. My friends were actually excited to try out this spa. But not after what happened to us…

When we entered the premises, the receptionist stands smiling after us.

We came here for two reasons: one, to get some info about the spa so I can update their spa’s entry here in Manila Touch; two, to check out their facilities and possibly try out their services.

I was looking around, checking their super fluorescent-lighted waiting area / lounge when their receptionist, looking worried, asked me… “Sir ano po’ng kailangan nila?”. I started introducing myself. I don’t usually let spas identify me, but in this case I needed to, because apparently, these keywords:

  • poseidon sauna
  • poseidon spa alabang
  • poseidon spa las pinas
  • poseidon sauna las pinas

… are one of the most-searched keywords on the site lately. We rank on PAGE 1 when you search for these keywords on Google. We wanted our readers to be updated, especially for those who are in the south and looking for information about this sauna & spa establishment.

Anyway, so I keep introducing Manila Touch, our services, and our readership. God, this receptionist isn’t even listening! Wow… Wanna know her response?

Sir sumali na po si boss dyan.

May ari na rin ang boss mo ng Manila Touch? o.O”

Lolwut? This isn’t a subscription or a membership site. We only wanted them to fill up the form we asked them to fill-up. She asked if we can just return within a week so that their “boss” can read up and review our letter. Of course that leaves us with no choice but to say sure. Hence, we’re done with the Manila Touch part.

And so the two of us transformed into what I think they don’t know how to cater… customers.

We started asking about their price, list of service, and types of masseur. Suddenly, this receptionist became totally hostile, as if she has something to hide.

Para kang nakakita ng imbestigador. May dapat bang ika-raid ang spang hinahawakan mo? Wag mo kaming sungitan.

When my partner asked “Can I have your menu of services?”…

Dead air, around 5-7 seconds. She won’t talk. She won’t even bother looking at you.

Pipi ka ba ate? Menu ng restaurant lang ba alam mo?

Oh wait, she can finally talk…


Wow… wow… ay hindi ate, masahista kami. Magpapamasahe po ba kayo?

Masahihin ko kaya yang utak mo? Wala ata sa kondisyon.

Good thing the other receptionist tried to patch it up.. “Sir 690 pesos po ang full body massage“, with free unlimited use of facilities, although the sauna isn’t working just yet.

Oh god thank you for answering our question, unlike this panicky girl that looks like she’s being interrogated by a police. I lost my temper already and so do my partner. So we left frustrated, vowing to never return.

So, POSEIDON SAUNA & SPA, you up to something? Because in terms of customer service, you are failing bigtime already. Don’t expect your business to last long with those kind of people as your front. Remember, we have more than 15 choices around Las Pinas to choose from, and personally… I’m hating yours already. I’d rather spend more money getting a good massage and service at Wensha, kesa sungitan ako ng receptionist nyo.

And my final word for the ignorant receptionist: If you don’t love what you do, get the heck out!

For the rest of my readers who still want to try this one out, Poseidon Sauna and Spa is open 24/7 near Ohana Place and T.S. Cruz Village in Zapote Alabang Road, Las Pinas City.

Poseidon Spa In Las Pinas Opens Today

2 days ago, I wrote a directory entry about Poseidon Sauna & Spa in Las Pinas. The place was a dead area… no operations, no contructions whatsoever. Until last night when I saw some coloful trimmings.. banderitas, and flowers. POSEIDON finally opens today!

We’ll keep you updated and within the week hopefully I’ll update their entry so you’ll get their contact numbers too!

Happy SPAing Manila Touchers!

March 2011 Spa of the Month: Touch of Grace Spa & Wellness Center

Congratulations to the winners of last month’s contest! Samaya Spa has given away 3 prizes. And we’re not stopping just! Because this March, the Spa of the Month is giving away 3 FULL BODY MASSAGE!

First things first, let’s check out this March’s Spa of the Month…

A multi-faceted word, grace can be defined in many ways. It can mean divine love and mercy, bestowed by God. It also implies beauty, elegance and perfection of form. In addition, it also stands for blessing and thanksgiving.

All of these aspects are part of a new, one-of-a-kind sanctuary for those seeking total bliss: Touch of Grace Spa & Wellness Center. Situated in the heart of Quezon City, Touch of Grace offers a wide array of first-rate and cost-effective beautifying, relaxing and rejuvenating treatments for men and women.

Fitness buffs, wellness enthusiasts and anyone who want to look and feel good are certainly thankful for Touch of Grace’s different services and treatments. First and foremost are its slimming body treatments that include Body Contouring, Ultra Cellulite Treatment and Skin Tightening Treatment. These safe, non-surgical and highly effective treatments utilize proven and advanced technology, with state-of-the-art LPG Cellu M6 and TriPollar by Pollogen machines imported from Europe and the US.

The spa also features its own signature massage treatments that bring relief from stress, stiffness and burnt-out feeling—Touch of Swede, Touch of Nippon and Touch of Zhōnnguó. These unique touch therapies eliminate muscle tension and fatigue, as well as improve one’s quality of sleep and well-being.

Furthermore, Touch of Grace offers a medley of facial treatments, body scrubs, hand and foot treatments—each treatment personalized to suit the individual needs of guests. All of these services are handled by experienced and well-trained therapists and wellness consultants who extend outstanding, professional service to ensure the satisfaction of each guest.

Aside from its excellent menu of services, what sets Touch of Grace apart from other spas is its chic and plush interiors, while still maintaining a comfortable ambiance. A juice bar-cum-lounge that features healthy and delicious snacks, juices and shakes is integrated into the spa. The spa’s refreshing color scheme complements the quirky yet elegant furnishings, all elements fusing to create a welcoming haven perfect for wellness and relaxation.

Beyond its in-house services, Touch of Grace offers a mobile spa service for guests who want to enjoy treatments in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Those who want to share the magic touch and be pampered with their family and friends can also request Touch of Grace to organize a fun yet soothing “spa-rty”.

Located at 146 Scout Gandia St., Bgy. Sacred Heart, Kamuning, Quezon City (near Tomas Morato and Timog Avenue), Touch of Grace Spa & Wellness Center can be contacted for inquiries and reservations at (02) 380.3177 or (0927) 220.9070.

Touch of Grace Spa & Wellness Center is giving away three signature massage treatments! There will be a winner for each, meaning 3 of you will have a chance to try out this exciting massage from Touch of Grace!

  • Touch of Swede
  • Touch of Nippon
  • Touch of Zhōnnguó

Here’s what you need to do to join this promo:

1. Like Manila Touch on Facebook by clicking “Like” on the sidebar of this site (if you haven’t yet).


2. Like the official Touch of Grace Spa & Wellness Center Facebook fan page too.


3. Comment only using the COMMENT BOX on this article, say why you want to win a free treatment to TOUCH OF GRACE  SPA.

4. “Recommend” this article! (Click recommend button below this article)

Good luck!