Best Spa and Masseur Recommendations in Manila 2017

It’s time for another debate for this year!

Spa lovers, thank you for your continued support! With over a whooping 10,000+ spagoers checking out our page DAILY last 2016, regardless of every up and coming competitor sites, we are still indeed the number one spa listing and directory in the Philippines! We can’t thank you enough!

And as this year opens, more spas have opened and even more spa addicts are more than willing to try them out. As we were strolling around the Metro, we’ve seen a lot of spas closed, but even more spas opened! So with that, we would like to open a new thread for this year! Comment on your best spas for 2017!

Spa Management 101: Loudmouthed Guests

Do guests ever unwittingly disturb the peace and quiet at your oasis?


This is a common problem in almost every spa around the Philippines that I’ve ever been. When a group of friends come in to your serene, silent environment, and they’re having fun and constantly talking about different laughing topics, it’s bound to get loud obviously. You normally end up hearing other customers frustrated with their massage experience due to these disturbance.

This even happens a lot more when a client is already having a massage and constantly asking his/her therapist questions. Noise like this usually go overboard and is probably cracking up a relaxing environment other clients are already having.

Now, now do you handle situations like this?

But we of course you need to be mindful of all of our clients and handle it properly.

“We’ll approach loud guests and say, ‘You guys are having so much fun, but we have clients in other room—can you have fun at a whisper?’,” Julie Puccio of Bella Nova Day Spa shares. “You don’t want to tell people they’re too loud—that can offend them. Be fun, lighthearted and positive, and engage them in a friendly way. I find if I talk to them softly, and keep going softer and softer with my voice, they too will come down to that soft level. It’s a good trick.”

How about you? What would you have done in this popular situation? Shout it out!

Best Spa & Masseur Recommendations in Manila 2013

It’s time for another debate for this year!

Spa lovers, thank you for your continued support! With over 2000+ spagoers checking out our page DAILY last 2012, we are still indeed the number one spa listing and directory in the Philippines! We can’t thank you enough actually.

And as March opens, we are sure for the past 2 months, more spas have opened and even more spa addicts are more than willing to try them out. As we were strolling around the Metro, we’ve seen a lot of spas closed, but even more spas opened! So with that, we would like to open a new thread for this year!


Let us know where you’ve been and how your experience went, good or bad. If you missed the post for the previous years:

Let the conversation begin! Oh, and please watch your words okay? Or else we won’t let that comment posted here.

Site Update: Reversed Comment Thread

Hello Manila Touch readers, especially to those who are into commenting and discussing your impressions, reviews, and criticisms on spas on this site.

We are very happy to announce that starting today, July 25, 2012, comments will be ordered in REVERSE. That means the newest comments about a spa will be put on top of the thread. The older ones will then be put below. This improvement will help more spa searchers by seeing the latest feedback right after knowing their basic info.

We would like to hear your feedback on this. Let us know if you think this is okay by commenting. Share your thoughts, spagoers!

Thank you for your continued support in Manila Touch, we are still the one and only spa directory in the Philippines!

An Open Letter From The Management


To Our Valued Readers, was founded to fulfill the following purposes:

  1. To provide a comprehensive directory that will aid spa-loving netizens in choosing where to spend their hard-earned money.
  2. To provide spa owners with an opportunity to promote their business online.

In 2011, we introduced the comments feature to provide an open forum for customer-to-customer and customer-to-business owner discussion.

We believe that this sort of interaction is mutually beneficial to customers and spa owners for the following reasons:

  1. The personal experience of others makes for a better-informed customer.
  2. Customer feedback is critical towards the success of ANY business.

Positive feedback should encourage business owners to maintain their quality of service.

Negative feedback is equally important, if not MORE important, as it allows business owners to improve their quality of service.

It has been our practice to allow comments to be posted with very little moderation or censorship because we value free-flowing discussion and open participation in the comments section.

However, a recent review of the comments section has caused us to reconsider.

Effective immediately, we are implementing a zero-tolerance policy with regards to the following:

  1. Comments containing sexual innuendo and activities including, but not limited to, “extra service”. does not and never will condone nor endorse the solicitation of payment for sexual favors
  2. Comments containing personal and/or hateful attacks against fellow posters, massage therapists, spa establishments, and spa owners.

While we at wholeheartedly believe in every person’s right to self-expression, we take this opportunity to gently remind our readers that these rights are not absolute.

We must recognize that as we exercise “self-expression” and “freedom of speech”, this does not give us license to trample upon the rights of others.

Please be mindful of the following when using the comments feature:

  1. Always be civil and respectful when posting comments to or about fellow posters, massage therapists, and spa establishments/owners.
    It is alright to be funny or sarcastic when posting
    .  Being insulting or condescending is another matter and should be avoided at all times.
  2. Comments about a massage therapist’s performance or physical appearance are allowed as long as they are non-sexual in nature.
  3. Comments about a spa establishment, whether positive or negative are allowed.  However, negative comments must always be kept civil and respectful.

We have received requests from spa owners/management to remove negative comments about their establishments.  Unfortunately, we cannot grant these requests because it goes against the principles of transparency and fairness.

We urge spa owners/management to address these negative comments personally in a civil and respectful manner.  This is an opportunity to improve your services and attract more customers to your establishment.

Should this be unacceptable, please inform the webmaster and we will delete ALL comments about your establishment. will only air ALL sides of the story or NONE at all.

It saddens us to take these extreme measures but we are left with no recourse.

Previous postings that have violated the abovementioned will be deleted.

Making sure that is an informative, fun, friendly, and wholesome environment for spa-goers and spa owners to interact will always be our number one priority.

Thank you.

Philippine Spa Directory, Now On V2.0

As you may have observed the past few days, Manila Touch is experiencing several downtimes. Ranging from PHP errors, layout errors, to total site downtime.

This was due to a major upgrade being done on the site. And as of now we are very proud to say that…

Your number 1 Philippine Spa Directory, Manila Touch, is now on V2.0!

Here’s the complete list of enhancements and repairs done with our site to make it look better!

Facebook Comments
Now you don’t have to fill in the Name and E-Mail fields using our traditional comment box. Comment up using our newly-integrated Facebook comment box and let your friends know about the spa you’re commenting about!

Rate This Spa!
Before, only the administration team of Manila Touch were the only ones able to rate a spa. But we want to be as transparent as possible. So from this year on, we’re letting you, our readers to rate the featured spas yourself! Simply click on stars for each category and click “Submit” button once you’re done! This will compile all the user ratings and will help new visitors/readers to get a glimpse of the spa they’re planning to go to.

Facebook Like Button
Now not only “Recommend” button is available down below, we’re putting the official Like button of Facebook on top of each article! Spread the word just by liking!

Doodle Background
While we were only “doodling” our logo the past few months, now we can finally customize the head background too. This will also be available for advertisements soon. So watch out spa owners!

Enhanced Spa Submission Form
The new form is already updated, and proud to say this is more user-friendly. A lot of spa owners tend to misuse the previous form because they have to edit the text field. Unlike this, which is more spoon-fed. Check the updated Spa Submission Form now.

Comment Rating
You can now rate commenters! Simply like or dislike their remark.. (and see how they react lol)

Better Comment Thread
Unlike the previous misformatted comment thread, the new version is simple: If the comment is on white background, it’s a standalone comment, while gray background means it is a reply from the comment on top of it. Pretty much simple right?

You feedback is important to us especially in terms of site navigation and interaction. If you have any suggestions or comments, do not hesitate to comment.

And oh, there’s nothing we can do if you’ll say it’s “Panget, Madumi”. Details please.

Enjoy the new Manila Touch!

Best Spa & Masseur Recommendations In Manila 2012

Happy new year readers!

It’s been such a wonderful year for Manila Touch, as we’re now the number one spa directory in the Philippines! So thank you everyone who contributed a lot last 2011. We’ve seen the shortest and longest stories of spa experience, some being the meanest. Some comments seemed too much of “marketing” that we’ve observed it’s actually the owners of the spa, some promoting themselves.

Overall, the heat was intense. We’re not closing the 2011 thread so you can continue with what you’ve started there.

But for those who have the latest reviews for this year, bid goodbye to 2011 Best Masseur Recommendations in Manila… the debate has begun for the best spa and masseur recommendations in Manila for 2012!

Spa lovers, commence!

Message For Readers Regarding Personal Attacks

Here in Manila Touch, we love to see comments on our directory and its threads, nothing better than going to my ‘Dashboard’ page and seeing that comment button lit up. However, as the moderator of this site, I’ve refrained from posting some comments. The problem is that these comments resort to personal attacks, against other commentors, other individuals, and groups of people in general.

Starting today, May 12, 2011, you may question or argue any ideas but comments that include personal attacks will be removed.

Comment authors are ultimately responsible for the content of their own contributions. We aim for fact based discussion. Conjecture, nonsense, and conspiracy theories may be modified or deleted.

Making personal attacks in place of valid criticism is lazy, mean-spirited and ultimately counterproductive.  I would like this space to be one of personal respect.  Hope you’re OK with this.

If you leave a comment on this site and it does not appear in a reasonable time period, and you know that it does not violate this policy, contact the editors.

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