Bring A New Friend Promo At Spa Manoli

Spa Manoli, located in Quezon City, is giving you a treat! That is, if you can bring a newbie friend.

Bring a ‘New’ Friend Promo at SPA Manoli

Bring a ‘new’ male friend to Spa Manoli and get a 15% discount on your full body massage. A total of 5 ‘new’ male friends that you
bring gives you 1 full body massage at Spa Manoli’s expense.

Bring a ‘new’ female friend to Spa Manoli and get a 20% discount on your full body massage. A total of 4 ‘new’ female friends that
you bring gives you 1 full body massage at Spa Manoli’s expense.

‘New’ Friend should never have experienced Spa Manoli as of yet. Promo begins May 1, 2011

So what are you waiting for? Come to Spa Manoli and treat yourself just by bringing your friends in!

Jobs: Now In Manila Touch

Few weeks ago, we’ve observed a bunch of commentors and emails asking if WE, as Manila Touch, is hiring therapists for our SPA?

Manila Touch is a Spa Directory and not a spa establishment. But then, since we’ve been getting a lot of these misinterpretations anyway, we are officially opening the JOBS category here in our site!

What Is Jobs?

Jobs is the official Manila Touch category for masseur and masseuse jobs! So if you’re a therapists looking for a spa job, this is the category you need to surf on! Who knows, the perfect spa for you is right here!

Spa Establishments Needing Staff

Needing staff and therapists? If you want to post vacancies for your Spa business, contact us and we’llsend you the details on how to avail this exciting new feature of Manila Touch!

So readers, if you want to become a spa therapist, check out this category soon as we post vacancies here! And for spa businesses, we hope you will find this interesting and beneficial for your staffing needs.

Message For Readers Regarding Personal Attacks

Here in Manila Touch, we love to see comments on our directory and its threads, nothing better than going to my ‘Dashboard’ page and seeing that comment button lit up. However, as the moderator of this site, I’ve refrained from posting some comments. The problem is that these comments resort to personal attacks, against other commentors, other individuals, and groups of people in general.

Starting today, May 12, 2011, you may question or argue any ideas but comments that include personal attacks will be removed.

Comment authors are ultimately responsible for the content of their own contributions. We aim for fact based discussion. Conjecture, nonsense, and conspiracy theories may be modified or deleted.

Making personal attacks in place of valid criticism is lazy, mean-spirited and ultimately counterproductive.  I would like this space to be one of personal respect.  Hope you’re OK with this.

If you leave a comment on this site and it does not appear in a reasonable time period, and you know that it does not violate this policy, contact the editors.

Image credits: Lolcats