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Quezon City

Quezon City Spa Directory — The home to the spa central district is here. Check out all the spas featured in your number 1 spa directory that is located at the city of the stars!



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77 thoughts on “Quezon City

  1. Medz

    Hi everyone I’m a male looking for a spa with strong massage then extra services at the end, and the one who does it should be a female not a male any suggestions I’m living in qc.

  2. Mama Bear

    Im a girl, wanted to have a good massage with a good sensual touch.. I hope there is a legit spa who caters that. Not anyone who poses for home or hotel service then just ends up kinky without any massage at all. Message me at lordjen27@gmail.com
    Oh hy the im single, so I wont be cheating anyone if ever.

  3. john

    kung cno po gusto mag pa massage pwede po nyo itry sa akin mag pa massage.khit po magkno lng kung maggusthan nyo pwede nyo po dagdagan ang bayad .pro pang male lng po .txt nyo lng po ako or pm lng po eto po facebook acount ko .promise po hndi kyo maluluge sa ibabayad nyo sidelne ko lng po ito

  4. Martian

    Looking for a spa with sauna within qc only. Please recommend or kung sino punta ngayon sama ako hehe..

  5. Doc_Mon

    There is a new spa along Mother Ignacia called Hashtag City. It’s a new complex with a bar, just beside where Moomba used to be.

    The spa is new, clean, spacious and huge. The wet area is decent as well. There is a steam room and a pool. Ive been there several times and I am the only customer so you are guaranteed of peace and relaxation. Then again, they’re on soft opening.

    Their therapists are professional as well. No private rooms but the layout is just right to give you some privacy from other guests.

    1. Kenney

      I’m looking for a male therapist around quezon city area…


      Kindly text me you’re rate and facebook account

      Thank you.

    1. habagat

      ako po…. e yoni kita.. pero walang ES 300 lang po rate ko.. 0927-3393501
      text me pakilala ka lang po… qc area ko.

    2. ely

      i can give you a legit massage + yoni .. where in QC. for the rate 300 pesos lang if you get satisfied pwede ka mag additional tip… hehehe- ely try to pm sa fb ko ely_Malib

  6. surrr

    s mga home service massage baka po hiring kayu for f. therapist and motorcycle rider ? :)) 09334686904 pm nlang po ako thanks ..

    1. Allura

      Allura Spa and Aesthetic Care Located at unit 201-202 LOCB IV Bldg. East Avenue Quezon city beside LTO EAST AVE. BAOVE CHOWKING

  7. John Duncan

    Anyone wants to get relax and meditation in a very solemn place, try the 427 Spa with our newest female and male therapist that will give you total satisfaction to release your stress and feel the comfort. clean massage only! Call 09164951820 – 09475830216 home and hotel service book now now!

    1. Blue

      @john duncan. Pls investigate dr_ke, ur newly hired masseur. He offered ES. 2hrs ang massage n in avail ko. 1 hr lang ginawa nya, tapos nag offer n ng ES. At pag hinde mo tinanggap ang ES na offer nya, gud luck n sa quality ng massage nya. Sayang naman un ibang male therapist u n mabait at magaling mag masahe, nadadamay ng bad image ni dr_ke.

    2. Blue

      If you are tolerating this (ES offered by ur masseur), pls delete “clean massage” in your ad. Thanks

    1. lamp

      If you’Re referring to M Spa, it’s in the ground floor of the bldg in Dahlia ave. cor. Fairlane st.

  8. lamp

    Check out ‘M Spa’ in Fairview, QC. Worth adding to your list of spas in QC. 🙂
    Try their MST massage. 👍

      1. pao pao

        Meron MSpa sa ,ay Dahlia banda sa harap ng Lolo’s Crispy pata… ok na yung MST service nila I recommend Sabrina.. she will go beyond the spa’s policy basta ang kunin niyong service is the M2… thats body scrub with massage.. sila mag scrub sa buong katawan niyo in a shower room, na may bed with locked doors,,,

  9. Al

    Finally went to New York SPA last night. 🙂

    The Massage:
    It was very good, male therapist very polite and very good technique. At start the massage he notice that I was no com portable with the shorts they gave (very lose on the waist and very tight on the legs, so he ask me if I wanted to have the massage with out shorts (totally naked) then I agree, he cover me with towels and after he remove my shorts but he didn’t try to touch me in any suggesting way. Massage was really good and very professional. 🙂

    The Wet Area:
    I had a great time there!!! There are something to improve and is the smell, sometimes smells like canal. Really bad, also the towels are very small but this is sometimes uncomfortable and is also good and that’s why a had good time there..:)

    This is what happened:
    I went to the Sauna with the towel around my waist but when I was seated, my lower part can be seeing and some other guys star to look at my lower part and my lower part started to get tense.
    People went in & out and in a moment was only me and other 3 guys. The 3 guys start to touch each other and start to Stroke too, so I start to stroke my self too. 🙂
    Then I went for the massage around 12 midnight.
    After a great massage I went back to the sauna with the small towel around again and guy a bit fat was there in the sauna too (I don’t get hot by guys so I don’t care the looks, I just want release tension from my lower part) and he start to look a bit to my lower part and he start to touch his massage shorts, he was seated near the door and I was in the opposite corner, that he went out for a bit then I move near the door then he went inside again and he was standing I front of me and touching his lower part a bit on top of his shorts also looking a bit to my lower part….
    I start touching my 7 inch slowly and showing it more and more to him until he moved closer and tart stroking me then I ask him if he wanted to blow the candle so he did, after few minutes I finish and released the tension and he had a mouth full of happiness. 🙂

    Maybe I will go tonight again or tomorrow!!!! 😉

    Thank you ManilaTouch.com for this great page.. 🙂

  10. meg

    try drew. a dreelance masseur
    relaxing massage and the Es. OMG.. di kau mag sisisi.
    09364292897 yan number nya.
    ewan ko lang kung nag bago na

  11. Ryanne Taruc

    Bali Palace (located in 107 D. Tuazon Avenue, Sta. Mesa Heights, Barangay Lourdes, Quezon City and here’s their number, 3536182) was recommended by my girl friend’s aunt because they often go there to get a massage and relax themselves. So I went there a few months ago with my girl friend. The place was okay. The ambiance was relaxing. They washed our feet 1st while we waited for our turn. We both had the Balinese Massage with oil for 1 hour. They gave us 2 hot towels eachs after the massage and hot tea as well. It was okay and I liked it, we both liked it. I told myself this is the place I want to go back to for relaxation. I was even planning to take my mom and dad there for a massage. However, I was disappointed with my 2nd (and maybe last) visit last March 15, 2014. It was a tiring Saturday so I decided to get a massage with my girl friend. Of course the only place I thought of was Bali Palace since the 1st experience was okay. We had a 10:30pm reservation. When we got there they did the usual, washed our feet while waiting for our turn. We had the same Balinese Massage with oil for an hour but plus a 30-minute foot reflexology since we enjoyed the 1st time we were there together. My girl friend enjoyed her massage. Her therapist was “Rain”. She said the massage was very soothing and the reflexology was good. The pressure was just right for her. Sadly, I DID NOT ENJOY my massage. My therapist was “Fame/Fane”. I was not given a massage so to speak. Fame just oiled my body! There was no pressure. The massage points were everywhere. She even hurt my lower back. For lack of better term this is what I told my girl friend, her aunt, and everyone who asked, “Hinaplos lang nya ako buong session eh. Nde naman nya ako minasahe, nilagyan lang nya ako ng maraming oil at hinawakan kung saan-saan. Sayang lang ung binayad ko sa massage pati ung reflexology, wala naman nangyari kung saan-saan lang pinalo ung pamalo nya pati shins ko tinatamaan. Na-stress lang ako lalo sa panghihinayang.” After my “haplos” session and my girl friend’s massage session we were given 2 hot towels each and a cup of hot tea. This is when I kept ranting to my girl about what happened. She even said, “Yeah I saw her doing nothing, akala ko nag-iisip si ate.” I even gave a tip which I really regret because again I did not get a massage. At least not the massage I was expecting. This was really a terrible experience in Bali Palace. I am writing this so that people will know and so that the management will be alarmed and do something about it. Again my therapist is called Fame/Fane and she was really terrible. What she did was not worth my money. Bali Palace is located in 107 D. Tuazon Avenue, Sta. Mesa Heights, Barangay Lourdes, Quezon City and their contact number is 3536182. I will never go back to this place because of their employee they call Fame/Fane.

  12. Md. Aminuzzaman FARUQUE MASTER

    I know MTO Reflexology Body & Foot Spa # 8, Lands Dale Arcade, Timong,Quezon City the best among the best in Spa Center. Their performance is professional and sound in behaviou. The owner of this spa center (Ms. Teresa ong) is so simple and honest that everybody in this business should follow. She is a nice lady. I support his initiatives with pleasure. May God bless her a long life to serve everybody. If y please pass her this comment let her be inspired would always honored.
    Aminuzzaman (FARUQ)
    emai. aminuzzamn@barc.gov.bd.

  13. benz

    Ngiyan spa in quezon city malapit save more at claret sikatuna. Try nyo nelson at von. Great massage.


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