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Las Pinas

Las Pinas Spa Directory — For the past 2 years, this is definitely one of the cities that have reached a huge amount of spa growth. Now check out the definitive list of where to relax in the home of the Bamboo Organ, Las Pinas City!



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Las Pinas Spa Directory

Lush Wellness Spa
20-01 URCI Townhomes, Pamplona Tres, Las Pinas City
(02)808-9355 , (0922)812-3368, (0906)566-7093

Body Pamper Home & Hotel Massage Services
N/A (Home Service only)
(02)893-6062, (0947)607-4543, (0915)307-2269

Zain Spa
Home / Hotel services only
None, (0916)506-8728

Uzzi’s Spa Services
G/F San Lorenzo Ruiz Bldg. Gloria Diaz St., BF Resort Village, Las Pinas City
(02)478-7460, (0916)792-5528 / (0908)286-2207

Veann Spa
45-B, Dandelion Street, Rainbow Village 3, Las Pinas
(02)553-4684, (0920)534-1065

Nuat Thai
2/F Golden Kiwi Bldg. Lot 8 Zapote Road Pamplona 3, Las Piñas City
None, (0916)525-2568

Spa To Go
107 Aguirre Avenue, Pilar Village, Las Pinas City
(02)400-4433, (0917)847-2772

Isla de Vida Spa
San Esteban Bldg, J.B Tan St., BF Resort Village, Las Pinas City
(02)514-4752 , (0927)981-2606

Bliss Hand Body & Nail Spa
#143 Gloria Diaz St., BF Resort Village, Las Piñas City
(02)478-9168, (0917)478-6285

Red Oak Wellness Spa

Orange Bloom Day Spa
4R Bldg Gloria Diaz St., BFRV, Las Pinas City
(02)579-7685, (02)881-4648, (02)788-3194

Aegean Blue Massage and Spa
Unit 2E, Pamplona Lumber Building, Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City
(0917)850-0855, (0999)-575-4799

Black Stone Spa
KPH Building 2nd Floor, Fronting CitiMotors, Las Pinas City
(02)828-8084, (0906)339-0978

Remedi Spa
B1 L2 St. Benedict cor St. James Street, St. Joseph Park Subd, Pulanglupa II, Las Piñas City
(02)230-4103, (0916)247-3231

King Jetas Spa
21-C1 URCI Townhomes, Alabang Zapote Road, Pamplona 3, Las Pinas City
(02)556-2313, (0921)773-1913

Touch of Heaven Home Service Massage
Offers home service massage in Alabang & Las Pinas.
(02)831-0549, (0998)485-3983, (0927)846-4638, (0932)766-7619

Courant Spa
Unit 12 Star Arcade Building, CV Starr Avenue, Philamlife Village, Pamplona Dos, Las Pinas City
(02)577-4427, (0917)207-3403, (0922)831-0503

Zenses Home Massage
N/A (Home Service Only)
(0916)780-7359, (0999)331-8860, (0943)541-7620

Banahaw Heals Spa
2nd Floor, 24C-1 URCI Townhomes, Alabang Zapote Road, Las Pinas City
(02)861-4980, (0922)849-4653

Hidden Spa
467 Real St. Almanza I, Las Pinas City
(02)496-0105, (02)802-2244, (0916)469-0734, (0918)500-9503, (0916)692-6301

Cabana Spa
573 Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City

Spada Wellness Center
Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City
(02)524-1323, (02)487-6416, (0917)456-0655

Phaen Boran Spa
Unit 107 Civic Prime Condominium, Civic Drive corner Market Drive, Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa
(02)510-6912, (0915)324-8595

Bamboo City Spa
077 P. Diego Cera Avenue Manuyo, Las Pinas City
(02)408-9836, (0927)783-6895, (0920)442-5948

Alabang Spa
Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City
(02)348-5932, (0922)823-3247, (0908)122-1851

Trivium Spa
Unit C, Dictum Bldg., Crispina Avenue, Las Pinas City
(02)346-1208, (0927)941-4409, (0999)336-6652, (0922)875-5387

MassaaJi Spa
298 FR Real St., Alabang-Zapote Road, Talon II, Las Pinas City
(02)697-1617, (0915)967-5611

Blu Zen Massage & Spa
Alabang Zapote Road, Las Piñas City
(02)846-4550, (0915)497-5479, (0949)338-7756

Allure Spa
209 Unit 6, Real St., Pamplona Uno, Las Pinas City
(0999)151-4273, (0915)267-2148

Ren-Eu Spa
G/F RFC Shoppers Plaza, Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City
(02)407-3543, (02)208-8444, (0932)843-1628

The Attic Spa
Alabang Zapote Rd, Pamplona I, Las Piñas City
(0915)351-2345, (0927)993-5596, (0947)522-2290