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White Palace Spa

Peace. Beauty. Tranquility. All mere words in today’s busy world. That is, until you approach our doors. From the time you enter our warm and inviting surroundings, all of those words become a reality. Walk into a world of complete sensory heaven where time is left at the door and a new journey begins.


At White Palace SPA, we offer a rejuvenate retreat from the sensory overload of today’s hectic lifestyle and transport yourself to a more tranquil world. Our relaxing, full-service day and night spa offers a wide array of healing services to suit your every need. Whether you come with a large group of friends, with your loved one, or for a day just for you; and whether you need a body massage, body scrub, foot reflex, or pedicure or foot spa, our highly trained professionals are here to give you some thing undeniably special. Our soothing environment encourages both men and women to unwind, restore balance and invigorate body, mind and spirit.
Spa Name: White Palace Spa
Operational Status:
Address: Branch 1: Unit 6, RF Lopez Bldg., Lopez Drive, Brgy. San Isidro, Paranaque City
Branch 2: 2F GRAM 2 Bldg., Dr. A. Santos Avenue, San Dionisio, Paranaque City
Branch 3: G/F Royale Regent Bldg., Filmore St. cor. Einthoven St., Brgy. Palanan, Makati City
Branch 4: 2F, 323 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City
Branch 5: Unit A, Taft Business Center, Quirino Avenue, Manila
Branch 6: 4F Airport Global Palaza, MIA Road corner Roxas Boulevard, Paranaque City
Landmarks: Branch 1: Along Lopez Drive, near Lopez Village and BF Homes Gate, Paranaque
Branch 2: In front of SM Sucat between Virra Mall and Avida
Branch 4: Near Acacia Lane, across Mang Inasal and Jollibee
Branch 5: Near STI, across Apostolic Nunciature
Branch 6: Across Uniwide Coastal Mall, beside KFC
Operating Hours: Mondays thru Sundays, 1:00PM to 7:00AM
Landline Phone(s): Branch 1: (02)799-8728
Branch 2: (02)508-9127
Branch 3: (02)576-2975
Branch 4: (02)505-2693
Branch 5: (02)503-0277
Branch 6: (02)987-0691
Mobile Number(s): Branch 1: (0927)297-2924, (0947)937-5584
Branch 2: (0927)297-2925, (0999)852-8938
Branch 3: (0999)497-8571, (0905)285-8317
Branch 4: (0927)858-4767, (0929)549-3617
Branch 5:(0905)539-5307, (0920)455-7406
Branch 6: (0929)851-1745, (0915)201-1353
Membership Type: No Membership
Therapist(s): Male and Female therapists available.Male and Female therapists available.
Service Specialty: White Palace Signature Massage
Treatment Area: Cubicles with Common & Couples' Rooms
Price Range: P250.00 – P800.00
Shower Area: With Shower
Parking Space: With Parking Space
Home / Hotel Services: Offers Home and Hotel Service Massage
Additional Features: Free Wi-Fi access, Secluded area for Body Wash & Body Scrub
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Overall Service
Rating: 3.7/5 (17 votes cast)

558 thoughts on “White Palace Spa

  1. jae

    I complained once about jeff who incidentally trandferred to alabang spa later but no longer there too.

  2. Chris

    Good afternoon. My brother and I just came from WPS Sucat branch. It was my brother’s first time. I was looking for Kees to attend to my brother but he wasn’t around. So they assigned James. According to my brother, James was pleasant and accommodating, and he liked the massage that he gave. He told me he felt light afterwards.
    I was attended to by Elwin. I give him a thumbs up for a good body scrub and a good massage too. I have tried Kees and Melody before and I would say that the massage that I got from Elwin was consistent with my expectations. Elwin even aplogized at the end because he wasn’t able to give his all because he had a slightly injured hand. Its just too bad that on my next visit he might be assigned to your Lopez branch.

    I’m happy that you’ve gained a new customer. I’m definitely coming back again, this time with my brother tagging along.

  3. White Palace SPA

    I love you Mom!

    White Palace SPA is offering 20% off on all services tomorrow, May 10, from 1PM-7AM in celebration of Mother’s Day. This promo is open for all female clients of the spa.

    For spa appointments, please contact:

    Taft-Quirino Branch: 503-0277 (Landline) / 0920-4557406 (Smart) / 0905-5395307 (Globe)

    Makati Branch: 576-2975 (Landline) / 0999-4978571 (Smart) / 0905-2858317 (Globe);

    Shaw Blvd. (Mandaluyong) Branch:0927-858-4767 (Globe) / 0929-549-3617 (Smart);

    Sucat Paranaque Branch: 508-9127 (Landline) / 0999-852-8938 (Smart) / 0927-297-2925 / (Globe);

    Lopez Paranaque Branch: 799-8728 (Landline) /0947-937-5584 (Smart) / 0916-714-0315 (Globe).

  4. lester briones

    To the management of WPS,

    It’s good to know that many of your therapists are already DOH certified. That will surely give prospective clients/guests the assurance that they will get their money’s worth and allay the fears of it being raided by police while having a massage or any of your services. Also, the fact that your establishment is being recognized by some reputable groups is a plus. Congratulations.

    My friend and I have visited one of your branches recently. It was clean and staff accommodating. The massage was as expected : good. The therapist was polite and friendly. However, towards the end of the session came the ES offer. The offer was 5K! And then went down to 1.5k for a hj! I declined. I can almost hear you say that you have a zero tolerance policy about this side of the business. But am sure you are very much aware that IT does exist!
    Ano po kaya ang maaaring gawin para hindi matukso ang mga therapists to resort to such acts? Pera po ba kaya ang dahilan? Ito po ba ay tanggap na talagang kasama na sa ganitong business?
    I hope the management doesn’t simply look the other way and ignore this issue but in fact do something to address it.
    I look forward to hear from you. Maraming salamat po.


    1. White Palace SPA

      Hi Lester,

      Thanks for sharing your comment. The only way we can make a change is for us to know the identity of the therapist/s in question. Such allegations are serious enough and we intend to mete out appropriate action as we deem necessary.

      We offer very good commission, incentive scheme and benefits packages which are above what the market offers spa therapists. We are also investing heavily to professionalize the image of our spa therapists by having them go through different training programs from technical to soft skills learning interventions. Our aim is to have 100% DOH certified therapists across all of our branches as well.Some of these things we hope will avoid our therapists from resorting to inappropriate and unacceptable actions as you claim to be the case.

      Please share the specific details (identitiy of the therapist/s, date and time of your visit, WPS branch, etc.) of your concern by sending us an e-mail at customerservice@whitepalacespa.com or send us a message via our Facebook page.

      Thanks again!

  5. Mark

    It is really offending when your male therapist whisper for ES. (Tried Eric, Joross, Elwin)

    1. White Palace SPA

      Hello Mark,

      We have carried out remedial measures as soon as we have learned about your comment.

      Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jay

    Great great great massage from Dave at Shaw branch! Very polite and professional. His strokes are spot on and took time to really give you a good deserving massage. I frequent WPS for a year now and I think he’s the best I’ve got. I’ll never go for another masseur again. Good job, Dave!!

    1. White Palace SPA

      Thank you Jay for your very positive comment about Dave. We are happy to know that you have been visiting our spa for over a year now. This is truly appreciated. :-)

  7. White Palace SPA

    More reason for you to allow us to take care of your relaxation needs!!!

    Congratulations to our spa therapists who have passed the March 2015 DOH Licensure Examination!!!


    MJ Buenaventura
    Harlene Cebeda
    Jonah Cortez
    Melody Miranda


    Angelo Peralta
    Anton Caluducan
    Philip Samillano
    George Conda
    Carlo Ayawan
    DonDon Sumera
    Danny Santiago
    Nixon Caido

    For spa appointments, please contact:

    Taft-Quirino Branch: 503-0277 (Landline) / 0920-4557406 (Smart) / 0905-5395307 (Globe)

    Makati Branch: 576-2975 (Landline) / 0999-4978571 (Smart) / 0905-2858317 (Globe);

    Shaw Blvd. (Mandaluyong) Branch:0927-858-4767 (Globe) / 0929-549-3617 (Smart);

    Sucat Paranaque Branch: 508-9127 (Landline) / 0999-852-8938 (Smart) / 0927-297-2925 / (Globe);

    Lopez Paranaque Branch: 799-8728 (Landline) /0947-937-5584 (Smart) / 0916-714-0315 (Globe).

    #whitepalacespa #wedidit #DOHLicensedMassageTherapists

  8. White Palace SPA

    Great News!!!

    White Palace SPA’s Lopez Paranaque Branch is now open from 10AM to 7AM starting May 1, 2015. We offer a discount of PHP50.00 on all massage services between 10AM to 5PM daily.

    Our Lopez Paranaque Branch is loczated at Unit 6 RF Lopez Building, Lopez Drive, Brgy. San Isidro Paranaque City. It is near SM Hypermarket, the BF Homes Gate and the Lopez Village.

    For appointments, please contact:

    799-8728/ 0947-937-5584

    At White Palace SPA, our passion is your ultimate relaxation…

  9. James

    Harris is still on Leave, sadly… Who is the next best professional masseur in your Makati branch?…


    1. White Palace SPA

      Hello James,

      Harris is scheduled to be back on Monday, May 4. Please contact our Makati branch at 576-2975 / 0999-497-8571 / 0905-285-8317.

      Thank you,

      White Palace SPA

  10. Hans

    The quality of service in White Palace Lopez (near BF entrance) has gone really bad. Massuers do not care of applying correct pressure, would constantly check on the time and would not really consume 1 hour of massage. They’d offer ES at the onset and if you refuse, expect really really bad massage.

    1. White Palace SPA

      Hi James,

      Thank you for sharing your feedback.

      We would like to ensure that your concern is given preferential attention. Can you please share with us the name of the therapist/s in question or a description of his/their physical attributes as well as the date and time of your visit/s so we can investigate the matter further? We would greatly appreciate if you can send the details to our official e-mail account at customerservice@whitepalacespa.com or via our Facebook Page (White Palace Spa).

      Thank you,

      White Palace SPA

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