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Verde Spa In Pasay

Check out this hottest entry today. Pasay City's Verde De Ciudad Spa.


Spa Name: Verde De Ciudad Spa
Operational Status:
Address: 1991 Wardley Bldg. Taft Ave Cor. San Juan St., Pasay City
Landmarks: Along Nirvana Bar, beside Spada Spa
Operating Hours: Mondays thru Sundays, 5:00PM to 5:00AM
Landline Phone(s): None
Mobile Number(s): (0927)507-1583
Membership Type: No Membership
Therapist(s): Male and Female therapists available.Male and Female therapists available.
Service Specialty: Unknown
Treatment Area: Cubicles Only
Price Range: P250.00 - P500.00
Shower Area: With Shower
Parking Space: With Parking Space
Home / Hotel Services: Treatment on Location Only
Additional Features: Scrub Room, Coffee Shop
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Overall Service
Rating: 2.0/5 (7 votes cast)

346 thoughts on “Verde Spa In Pasay

  1. anthony

    I’m looking for female with extra service, Only outside at a hotel. I have car I can pick you up. This my number 09103210859

  2. Kim

    I thought this spa was clean. I was having a shower ofcourse the shower was a shock because you have to pay for it. When i finished here it is i saw a big rat going downstairs and made me goosebumps. While the feeling butterfly coackroaches are flying in massage area and in locker area. It’s disgusting that the management do nothing about it. Anyway, there’s no reason for me to come back for this shitty spa.

  3. Boris

    nakakatawa at nakakaawa lang yung baklang skyler sa comments below na sobrang TH at KSP sa paghahanap ng away. wag na lang kayo mag-stoop down sa level niya kasi sobrang waste of time lang ang imulat ang mata ng taong nagpupumilit paniwalaan ang sariling opinion at pinipilit pang ipinagdidiinan sa iba kahit wagas sa pagiging stupid at delusional ng wala namang capability at resources to back up his words. may i deny pa siyang hindi taga-verde spa pero sobrang affected ang bruhang beki. tutal the fact na malapit nang magsara ang e-spa dahil nga nilalayuan na ng customers ay more than enough proof na merong katotohanan ang comment na pilit sinisiraan ng pathetic skyler na yan.

  4. Benjo

    Natauhan na rin at binalik na ng E-Spa management sa dating rate na P350 ang private rooms. Kasi naman sobrang minahalan dati by charging P600 for private rooms and P400 for the common room – eh wala naman silang wet floor facilities na jacuzzi, sauna and steam room para pantayan ang rates ng the likes of Senses and New York Spa as well as the now defunct Southbay City Spa. Masyadong naging ambitious ang management by assuming that a fresh coat of wall paint and the slightly new layout of the ground floor will pull in the clients despite the ridiculous new rates. Eh nag-migrate ang mga beks sa better yet cheaper competitors na spa kaya hayun lugi pa more ang E-Spa. Last I heard is the tried and tested old-timer therapists have already left due to sagging income and understandably transferred to greener pastures elsewhere. Won’t be surprised if it will close shop soon. Oh well, that’s how the cookie crumbles.

  5. bishounen07

    Soon that spa will close! Stupid in all aspect specially that bald trying hard pathetic “manager”!

  6. Christian Grey

    I’m looking for female with extra service, Only outside at a hotel. I have car I can pick you up. This my number 09204955434/09420668280. Evening.

  7. noni

    dito pa rin ba si terrence? kung wala na siya dito san na kaya siya? may number po kayo niya?

  8. rhon

    Galing ako dyan kanina.Ok namann 3 over 5, professional nakuha ko si ellie,sobrang di namimilit

  9. Terrence

    ATTENTION: The Management Of E-Spa Pasay Formerly Verde Spa
    SUBJECT: Bad Attitude Of Your Receptionist Dianne

    Before anything else, let me point out that I have been more or less a regular customer and even a member of your so-called spa when it used to be known as Verde Spa under its former management. And I am not affiliated in any way whatsoever to the former owner/s Victor or even his estranged business partner Jojo so do not entertain any suspicion whatsoever that I have a hidden agenda in posting this comment.

    Last May 19, 2015 at around past 1:00 A.M. I went to your so-called spa and parked my car in front of the gym next door. Be informed that this is only my second time to go there since the place changed management and was renovated. I opted to call up your reception first before going out of the car so I can inquire as to new rates and the availability of my preferred therapist/s. Dianne answered my call in a seemingly sleepy voice. I didn’t tell her that I was just outside. I asked her if my regular therapist/s with their previous pseudonyms are still available there. She answered gruffly, “Marami nang bago dito. Wala na yung mga hinahanap mo pwera lang kay __________ at __________ pero meron silang gawa ngayon. Subukan mo na lang yung mga bago para malaman mo kung okay sila.”

    I told her, “Kaya nga ako nagtatanong sa yo para hindi trial and error ang pagkuha ko ng therapist. Sino ba ang mairerekomenda mo?”

    She answered curtly, “Wala akong mairerekomenda kasi hindi ko naman alam kung paano sila magmasahe. Siyempre kanya-kanya sila ng style sa pagmasahe. Kaya nga subukan mo na lang para malaman mo.”

    “Paanong hindi mo alam kung paano sila magmasahe eh hindi ba dapat familiar ka sa kakayahan ng mga therapist diyan para masagot mo ng maayos yung mga inquiry ng customers na kagaya ko? Lalo na ngayon na nagtaas kayo ng rates. Ang massage nyo sa private cubicle P600 na samantalang P350 lang dati nung Verde pa kayo. Kapareho nyo na ng presyo yung mga spa na merong jacuzzi at sauna samantalang kayo wala. Kaya dapat lang na mabigyan mo ako ng therapist na siguradong hindi hit and miss ang service. Saka di ba policy nyo na gawing uniform ang quality ng pagmamasahe ng mga therapist nyo kaya nga lahat ngayon dapat licensed na? Yun ang sabi mo sa akin on my last visit. Kaya dapat alam mo kung gaano kagaling ang bawat isa sa mga therapist mo diyan ngayon. Paanong nangyari na hindi mo alam kung paano sila magtrabaho sa customer?”

    Dianne answered in an obviously more irritated tone, “Eh hindi naman ako nagpapamasahe sa kanila kaya paano ko malalaman? Hindi naman ako manghuhula!”

    Feeling disrespected, I told her, “Dianne, bakit para kang galit eh tama lang naman na magtanong ako bilang customer nyo. For your info dati nyo na akong regular customer diyan. Dati yung receptionist nyong si Rose sinasabi sa akin kung sino ang mairerekomenda niya na magaling sa hard massage o marunong sa deep tissue massage o kung sino ang hindi siya confident na i-recommend sa akin dahil hindi niya pa nababalitaan kung marunong ng hard massage. Ganun ang nakasanayan kong customer service nyo. Pero ngayong sinasabi nyong tinaasan na ang standard ng spa nyo eh para namang bumagsak sa customer service. Tinatanong kita ng maayos tungkol sa services nyo pero parang ikaw pa ang galit sa customer.”

    She replied, “Ay naku sorry pero wala na si Rose dito dahil corporation na ito. Sandali lang ha sir meron akong client na kakausapin. Tawag ka na lang ulit mamaya.” Then she abruptly hanged up. And from where I was parked I can see that there is no customer talking to her at the reception area. She just wanted to end her heated conversation with a potential customer for that night. Period.

    Needless to say I didn’t bother to go in anymore to tell her to her face that she was disrespectful and even lying to me, and that I find her attitude so lacking in customer-oriented skills. I didn’t want to stoop down to her level any further.

    But you just lost a regular customer because of this sorry excuse of a front of the house staff of yours. I’m most certain that I’m not the only one. Mark my words.

    I most sincerely hope you can do something drastic to improve this extremely poor aspect of your service after my rather lengthy narration of that incident.

    1. skyler

      parang tama naman ang receptionist. she doesn’t know and she’s just being honest. kesa naman mag recommend sya tapos mali naman pala ang end result. eh di sya pa rin ang mali at sisisihin. eh di trial and error din ang ending… you’re like ordering jollibee when the establishment is already an inasal restaurant.
      also, no one would ever know if a poor performing therapist has already improved kung hindi masusubukan… besides, the phone conversation has been taking too long, other more precious incoming inquiry could have been received. ma-drama, maarte or bitter lang yata ang terrence na ito.

    2. skyler

      this comment is simply RIDICULOUS!!! you spent some gas money and valuable time to drive, nasa labas ka na ng establishment and inside your car, tatawag ka pa? a normal occurrence is you would go out of your car after parking and inquire inside. why call??? common sense dictates that this is a baseless fabricated story.
      paki ayos ang paninira para more believable…

      1. Ken

        Skyler, sa tingin ko you don’t own a car nor a wireless landline phone. A lot of times I call up people I have a meeting or appointment with even if I just drove up outside the meeting venue – in other words, that is a “normal occurrence” for me. Whether the comment of Terrence is valid or otherwise is not my point. It’s the way you harshly judge people and doubt the veracity of their statements based on behavioral patterns which are uncommon or unknown to you. For you to say that the comment you are reacting to is a baseless fabricated story just because hindi mo gawain yung nakaugalian na ng nag-comment is sorely lacking in logic and puts doubt on your being objective as a mere commenter in this thread. Sa madaling sabi, malamang insider ka ng E-Spa kaya ganyan ka maka-react. Masyado kang pa-obvious.

        1. skyler

          ooops… a business meeting is totally different from availing a simple massage. having a body massage is like eating in a restaurant. ikaw ba kapag kakain sa restaurant, naka park ka na sa parking area ng resto eh tatawag ka pa sa resto para itanong kung magkano ang oorderin mong food or kung tuloy ang reservation mo or hinde?

          a business meeting is a totally different circumstance. hellooooo! of course you would call your appointment kasi ayaw mo maghintay too long sa meeting place because your schedule may be too tight or you simply wish to know if your appointment has arrived or wish to remind him/her about the meeting. ang nakakalungkot, wala kang secretary to call for you. kawawa ka naman,

          this simple logic by the way has nothing to do with owning the most expensive car or a stupid wireless landline phone. kuha mo? peace…

          1. Boris

            blablabla. bakit ba masyado kang affected? di nga, bakit ba? meron ka pang nalalamang simple logic ek-ek diyan. nawalisan mo na ba ang nagkalat na buhok sa parlor? tama na ang kakasingit sa computer ni ma’am habang tulog siya. kaloka ka. seriously.

    3. skyler

      eto pa… according to terrence its his second visit when the establishment has changed management. eh bakit ka tatawag to inquire about the new rates? why? during your first visit you never asked? paano ka nagbayad? magkano binayaran mo nung unang punta mo? baka di ka nagbayad when you first visited? labo mo teng… paki ayos…

      1. Lara

        Ateng, defensive much? Affected pa more, baklang epal? Obvious na obvious namang defender ka ng E(pal) Spa kaya masyadong desperate at assumingera ang mga argument mo. O baka ikaw mismo ang salaring receptionist? Kaya ikaw lang ang nag-react. Kaloka ka kumuda. Nyweiz dahil at the end of the day warning pa rin for spa customers ang post ni Terrence eh di wow.

        1. skyler

          Comments were based on the letter terrence himself made. so be cool about it. read it again so that you be enlightened. it needs a simple doze of analysis Lara… sad to say terrence’s “warning” therefore is so lame.

          1. Benjo

            Madame Skyler, yang analytical thinking mo ang ayusin mo. Seriously. Wag padadala sa emotions. It needs a simple dose of impartial and objective understanding lang. Sad to say several commenters here already expressed their disagreement with your views but you just plain refuse to acknowledge that. However, if you’re the bald manager of E-Spa posting under a pseudonym or a minion of his then that explains everything. Instead of attacking the commenter who happens to be a disgruntled customer, why don’t you try taking it constructively instead as what any mature customer-oriented individual would do by looking at the situation and see if there are indeed any improvements to your service which should be implemented?

          2. skyler

            to BENJO: eh kasi naman…. ayusin ang pag-puna nung terrence… it’s a lame story that is so full of loopholes kasi. AGAIN, read it and assess it.

            advise ko kay terrence, sa susunod basahin muna nya ang make-up story nya para COHESIVE and believable naman.

            di mo na kasi mabura yung sulat ni terrence noh? hahaha! kaya kung ano ano sinasabi mo ngayon. pa-iba-iba ka pa ng “comment-er’s name” LOL

            and honestly, i am not part of that establishment at all. i am simply a body massage enthusiast of various spas in the metro. peace…

  10. jae tenorio

    Try nyo sa The We’re house bath house , May spa dun reasonable ang price all with turkish bath ar ok sa ES. Look for Edwin o Carl. Minsan may Ewin massage sila therapists. Panalo. After kung gusto mo pa panhik ka sa taas at ikot o stay sa sauna. Dyan lang yan sa morse st.,buendia.

  11. Ramz

    Kagagaling ko lang d’yan weeks before.

    Mukhang kailangan din ng education sa customer service ng receptionist na si Jackie. Hindi knowledgeable at kulang sa PR at communication skills.

    Hindi approachable ang receptionist. Napakaarte pa kapag tinatanong mo sa line-up.

    Bukod sa pricey/expensive ng massage nila ngayon dahil P400 na at common room pa yun meaning pwedeng may kasabay ka. P600 sa private room. Kasing mahal na nila ang New York Spa na legit spa na may steam, sauna, wet floor area at free fruits and cofee pa. Ayaw pa Niyang magbigay ng info sa mga names ng dating masseur na regular na. Kesyo di daw sila nagsusuggest kesyo sumusunod daw sila sa bawal.

    Gone are the days na matino at OK ang spa. Hindi rin totoo na matino at maayos ang mga natira. Parang di na sila after sa customer satisfaction and keeping regular clients.

    1. marinong dubai

      mga dating therapist lumipat na sa BLUEBERRYSEEDS SPA
      Dayap Street near cash and Carry
      Mas cozy and good service

      1. ONGguy

        Naku…cozy ba yun? Nagsisi nga aq n nagpnta aq Jan s blueberry seed n yan…sobrang Liit ng receiving area…then d cubicle omg halos d n mkagalaw ang mga therapist…sobrang ingay..halatang pinili n mging marame ang cubicle…d n inisip ung relaxation ng client…I don’t recommend d blueberry seed …

  12. seph

    san po makikita yung mga pictures ng mga therapist nyo??
    meron bang lingam massage jan??
    how much?

    1. jae

      500 pataas ang Es. Qala na si CJ nag-freelance !k sa sogo lahat na yun kasma na massage at hotel 09147443504

  13. jake

    I had Aries and he is very disrespectful. Pinipilit na mag extra service ako maski daw 500.. you dont look that good bro. Im sorry

  14. mike

    To too po ba na lilipat n yung mga therapist sa bagong spa nung dating owner ng Verde spa? San po located nung new spa at open na po ba?


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