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South Bay City Spa In Paranaque

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Spa Name: South Bay City Spa
Operational Status:
Address: 4F Airport Global Plaza, Mia Road cor. Roxas Blvd., Tambo, Paranaque City
Landmarks: Near KFC Mia Road, Across Uniwide Coastal Mall
Operating Hours: Mondays thru Sundays, 1:00PM to 12:00MN
Landline Phone(s): (02)851-0332
Mobile Number(s): (0917)793-2447
Membership Type: Required
Therapist Type: Male TherapistsFemale Therapists
Service Specialty: Shiatsu Massage
Treatment Area: Private & Couple Rooms
Price Range: P400.00 - P1,200.00
Shower Room: With Shower
Parking Space: With Parking
Home / Hotel Services: Services On Establishment Only
Additional Features: Unknown

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Overall Service
Rating: 3.5/5 (1 vote cast)

1,485 thoughts on “South Bay City Spa In Paranaque

  1. Spa Hunter

    I just discovered a spa n pwede lipatan once sbcs close. Sa may New World Hotel SM Kenko spa its promising. Sobra maganda facilities a bit pricey though pero pwede pwede mag aksyon dami pa japanese at korean na game. May shower, may steam room, dry sauna at sobra laki ng jacuzzi try it

  2. japinoy

    I had fun. Even though here’s no light inside dry sauna! And the light in massage area was too bright! I had met a new and good friend! After we did naughty stuff this night 02/19/15

  3. Bulilit

    Panalo si locker 15,16 at yung 22 ata …na ka Eksena ni 15 sa dry sauna si 22. Na chupa sila pareho ng maputi na guy. Sabi ni white guy biggie si 22 si 15 Jutay! Worker dating ni 22 at Ganda body at butt. Si 15 at 16 fez ang panglaban. Then nag kulong sa shower si 15 at 22. May white vios pala si 15 pero si 22 di nag pa massage wet floor lang walang pera ata hahaha. Nung una ka ekesana ni 15 sa steam yung maitim na chubby na Dakota nota. Pero Naiwanan si negro Nung dumating si 22 sa Eksena…. Holiday CNY!

    1. jc

      i was there also. di ako maka aura kay locker 16. protective masyado sa kanya si locker 15 at 22. then i saw the three nagku kwentuhan na sa labas ng kotse ni 16 na puting oto.

  4. hot_knight

    hi! since magsasara na ang South Bay, may spa ba dito sa South area na tulad ng Southbay?

    1. enchong_dy

      New York Spa in Timog may action sa wet area and ok ang crowd, sobrang professional ng massage na binabalik balikan ko dito.

    2. Migz

      Sadly, wala nang ibang spa like this sa south. Hopefully, they find a place to transfer to soon. What we need to do is maybe find another cruising place in the south. A discreet one for PLU’s to meet. Anu na pala nangyari dun sa meetup group?

  5. Kiko

    Kiko Here. Magsasara na nga ang South Bay. Anyway, cant give an email. HIndi na aapprove yung comment pag may email e. Anu kaya pwede natin gawin.

    1. first

      how about you place the email in a place/venue where we can find it (hidden of course to be discreet)? just tell us the time, day and place

    2. Anoymous

      There was a group already made before just back read we can use that to organize the meet up outside the spa

    1. hot_knight

      yes, magsasara. I was told na, magtataas ng renta. at may magti take over ng tenant sa iiwan pwesto ng Southbay. tapos na rin daw yun 10 year leased contract.

  6. hot_knight

    last tuesday night was a blast. grabe. ang mga vakla inantay yun cute na magdyowa, inabangan sa wet area kahit mag aalas dose na ng hatinggabi. once nasa dry sauna na yun couple, pinagtulungan nun apat na bading hahahaha grabe, ang mga eksena, halikan, supsupan, dilaan, tsupaan. nun una, ayaw ipasubo ni kuya yun burat nya sa mga bading, yun cute na dyowa ni kuya muna ang sumubo. at yun burat ni dyowa ayaw ipasubo ni kuya. pero nun tsinutsupa na si kuya nun dyowa nya, yun isang bading tsinupa na si cute na isang bading nakatayo habang nilalaro ang sarili. a basta, orgy ang nangyari.

  7. paulo

    sira na ang pintuan ng steam nila nung last akong pumunta, parang wala ng silang balak ayusin ang mga facilities nila, sayang….

    1. hot_knight

      naayos na yun pintuan ng steam room at nun pintuan papasok sa wet area.dapat linisin nila yun wet area mismo, yun pintuan ng toilet nila ayusin nila, yun shower curtain palitan na, yun dry sauna, pabanguhin nila. yun mga tiles, pautiin nila at yun kisame linisin.para naman maging kaaya aya.

  8. Paul

    I think we shout start bkycotting this spa till they fix the facilities. Sobrang kadiri at dumi na ng wet area! Wag na tayo pumunta until they repair the place.

  9. Kiko

    Made a group. Send me an email so I can invite you to the private group. Medyo mabagal dito yung updating e. At least there we can communicate faster.

  10. jeje

    mr chinito. monday around 1400H – 1900H. thank you for that moment. sorry kung mukha along tanga sunod ng sunod sayo. naiinis kana ata sa akin.. Ingat sa flight mu ng 2100H.. bye bye

  11. Kiko

    Hey guys! Tagal na nabring up dito yung meetup outside of the spa. We suggest a clean wholesome get together somewhere. We can all meet and in a friendly atmosphere, converse and find friends. Discreetly, pwede na rin dun mag usap yung mga magkakagustuhan. Then they can take it where ever they plan to. At least, we can save money from having to go to the spa at iwas kikil na rin from the therapists.

    I suggest we meet somewhere discreet like a coffee shop or restaurant. Then everyone from this forum should agree on a sign. a piece of clothing or a gesture so we all know who’s from here.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Kiko

      Let’s agree on a venue first. Or organize a committee to organize it. THat way, we can lay down the rules of the meetup, agree on a venue and get this going.

  12. Dot

    Last saturday may nakita akong type ko. Nakasalamin and necklace na red string at bilog na pendant. Wala lang nacucutan lang ako kaso mukhang suplado. Kaunting papayat at gym pa, pwedeng pwede na. Hihi.

  13. Dan

    Gwapong therapist ang mga nasa seven senses sa Sumulong near Marquinton. Sext at matatangkad. Sulit 600. May jacuzzi, steam at sauna. Action pati sa fire escape. May nakita na din ako dung Tuesday club goers…he he he

  14. Skinhead

    The massage i got was really good, even gave the therapist a generous tip, i intentionally asked for a female therapist kasi i didn’t want to be asked kung gusto ko ng ES (had it been a male therapist)

    the sightings on the other hand was none. Nagkakahiyaan ata mga tao or maybe baka likas lang tayong choosy, there weren’t any good looking guys when i went there, there were old guys, chubs and average looking guys but nothing outstanding. Didn’t get any action, i didn’t even see one so i guess i’m a bit dissapointed. Will definitely come back to give it another try. Who knows baka likas na weekday lang talaga nung bumisita ako kaya walang masyadong ganap. So looking forward po ako towards my next visit, nawa’y may maabutan nakong kahindik-hindik na kaganapan sa wet area, otherwise pupunta nalang ako sa Club Bath sa may Pasay.


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